You’re on the parking lot and Doc just sent Einstein back in time.

Talk to Doc and ask him about the car and the dog. At some point the Doc realizes he needs his notebook and you need to get it from the van.  Walk over to the van on the left and use the toolbox next to the van to retrieve the notebook.  You’ll bring it to Doc and while he’s reading he realizes he made a terrible mistake. Then he vanishes.

Inside Doc’s house walk to the right and look at the model he made of the town square. But just as you discover Doc’s notebook, Bill takes the town hall and finds the notebook as well. Walk back to the left to see your father trying to sell your guitar. Take the guitar from the box and go to the amplifier.

Use the controls of the amplifier to turn up the volume and use the guitar from your inventory on the amplifier to make some noise. Biff will interfere again and this time your father’s here to help. Talk to your father and tell him you can handle Biff. Leave the conversation and pick up your guitar again.

Again, just as you want to start playing, Biff interferes again and this time he screws up. You can take the notebook from the town hall model. Then there’s a noise outside.

Walk over to the Delorean and use the car to look inside. You’ll find Einstein. Pick up the shoe and the hand held recorder. After listening to the tape, you need to get to Doc but when? Leave the car and walk north to the gate where Einstein is resting. Give the shoe to Einstein and he’ll follow the scent.

Use the buzzer next to the gate where Einstein is waiting. E. Strickland will ‘answer’. Tell her you’ve got something for her. Show her the shoe and you can get in. As reward you’re offered some tea. Talk to Edna about the shoe and she’ll tell you when she lost it. It was when the speakeasy burnt down. Ask more about the speakeasy and where it was. It’s in the video store on town square.

Leave Edna and look at the binoculars on the desk. You’ll look through them to the other side of the street and can see that the video store was rebuild in februari 1932. You need to look in the papers around that time but Edna won’t let you touch them. Walk to the left and use the radiator. It’ll make a sound as if the kettle is ready so Edna will leave to the kitchen.

Use the stack of newspapers on the right to find the article about the speakeasy and the murder on Doc. You need to save him!

Tell your dad anything about your outfit and jump in the car. Use the time circuit switch to turn on the circuit and use the time circuit display  on the dashboard to travel back in time. Tell the lady that you’re supporting her story and that you’re going after them. When asked for a name, tell her you’re Harry Callahan.

Walk to the left, then to the right to cross the street and left again until you reach the police station.Use the window next to the entrance to meet Doc again. When a plan needs to be made to save Doc, tell him to go back in time.  Tell him you could break him out of jail and he’ll tell you about the rocket powered drill he needs to make. Ask him where to find him and he’ll give you the details of the soup kitchen. They know how to contact his younger self.

Walk to the right and enter the soup kitchen. See the conversation between your grandpa and Biff and once they’re gone walk to the phone hanging on the wall on the left. Use the phone to call the Brown residence and learn that Doc is at the courthouse at the moment. Walk south and to the right and leave the soup kitchen.

Since you can’t go straight through the park, walk to the left to cross the street, north (and to the right) towards the courthouse. At the Eastern Auto Sale walk south to get to the courthouse. Climb the steps and use the door of the courthouse to enter. But as you want to go in, Doc comes out. Talk to him and ask him about the rocket drill.He’ll run off but just try to follow him until you can continue the conversation. Try to talk about the drill again and try every option to keep the conversation going. But Doc just won’t listen. So you need to think of a trick.

Every time Doc walks off, he’s mumbling. Use the tape recorder from your inventory on him to record the mumbling. When you have it on tape, walk south to the police station and use the recorder on the window left of the front door to let ‘old’ Doc listen to it. Once you’ve got the answer, walk back to the right and try to catch Doc between the courthouse and the office. When you caught up, tell him the answer to his problem.

It doesn’t matter what you tell him where you’re from, he won’t listen. Tell him you need the drill. When you tell him you need it tonight, he’ll tell you about the missing ingredient: alcohol. And he needs to deliver the subpoena… to your granddad. Offer him to do that so he can work on the drill. Walk to the soup kitchen on the left and go inside. Doc will follow you.

Look and listen when the soup is delivered. The ‘special’ soup goes to the basement so that’s where you need to be. Walk to the left and try to open the door to the kitchen. It’s blocked by tables. You need some help so talk to Doc and ask him to keep the door open. He’ll figure it out. Walk to the right to the front door and when the Doc shouts Eureka, it means he has the door opened. Now you need to distract the cook.

Talk to Cue Ball and ask him for some soup. When he wants to know how to spice up the soup, tell him any ingredient, as long as he attends his soup and moves the trolley. When Cue Ball is at the soup, use the pipe on the wall on the right to signal downstairs to get the trolley. The barrels will roll onto the table instead of going downstairs and then Mrs. Strickland enters the kitchen.

Edna takes a barrel of ‘special’ soup so follow her outside into the park and talk to her. Learn more about the Stay Sober Society and about the place they used to meet not being available. Tell her you know where they can go and offer her The Brown Residence.  Ask about the soup delivery, offer your services and tell Edna that the Stay Sober Society needs soup as well. She’ll drive off and Doc hears what you did.

Tell Doc that they will be sober and quiet and when he still won’t cooperate, tell him to forget it all. Edna will change his mind though. Walk to the right out of the park and north. Kid Tannen gets his shoes polished and he’s the only one who could know where Arthur is. When you approach, he wants you to shine his shoes so work along. Tell him you’re looking for Arthur McFly and ask him about the hat. Ask for some peanuts and when Kid holds the hat in front of you, distract him by saying: What’s that?

You grab the hat and run off. When the coast is clear, walk to the right into the park. Give the hat to Einstein and he’ll follow the trail to your father. Use the buzzer next to the door and Arthur will answer. But he won’t come down so you need to think of a trick. Walk to the right until you find Kid again. Walk further to the right until you confronted with Kid again and they’ll chase you into the park.

When on top of the gazebo, your the recorder from your inventory to record a piece of Kid’s voice. Then ask Einstein for help. Walk to the left out of the park and to the police station. Turn left there and keep walking until you reach Arthur’s place again. Ring the buzzer and play the recorded tape on Arthur.

Now that Arthur’s downstairs, give him the subpoena and you’re off to build a rocket drill. Talk to Doc about the procedure but he’s called by his father so needs to leave. It’s up to you now. Listen to Doc’s conversation and he’ll instruct you what to do. When you hear SHOCK or SPARK or LIGHTNING or SPINS, turn the electrical crank. When PRESSURING or RELEASE or BLADDER, release the gaseous pressure. FIRE or BURNING or FLAME means stoking the fire. EATING, FEED, SHAKE or BACTERIA is sprinkling the food.

NOTE: At some point, pop is also emphasizing but you need to ignore this. Also, moving with the arrow keys might make it a bit easier.

When you’ve completed the sequence four times, Doc wants to know when he can hear from the Patent Office again. Give him any answer, it will reveal the truth. Then it’s time to get old Doc out of jail. But the drill explodes, Edna arrives and tells you about the relocation of Doc. Pick up the pieces of the drill and use Edna’s bike to follow the police van.

Catching up and hanging on the back of the van, move to the right to the side of the car and use the toolbox to get the tire iron out. Also take the antenna from the top of the car. Move to the left side of the car and use the tire iron on the spare tire, removing it but keeping the hubcap. Walk further to the left and look at the front window to find out that Kid Tannen is driving the van. On the dashboard are the keys. Use the antenna on the keys. But they’re too far away.

Talk to Doc and tell him you need a distraction. The keys will slide to your side a bit so move to the front window again and use the antenna on the keys to get them this time… just. Walk to the back of the van and use the keys on the back door to unlock them. You’ll get noticed by Kid and he starts shooting at you. Take the hubcap from your inventory and frisbee it to Kid’s gun, making him to drop it.

Take the gun and shoot the shackles holding Doc. But all goes not as planned. Talk to Doc and tell him to hit the throttle. You’ll end up back at the DeLorean and it’s time to go back to 1986….

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