You don’t want to be a farmhand, you want to learn something.

Standing in front of the school, look at the trash on the right to find a SODA CAN. Walk into the school and overhear the  conversation. After Ben has left, look at the messages on the message board and take the STICKER from it. Use the door on the left to open it and walk into the basement.

In the back you can find a SCREWDRIVER. Look at all the pipes to learn what’s going through them. Pull the lever to reverse the flow direction. Leave the basement on the right and look at the note on the door on the right to see what’s happened to the professor.

Walk to the right and talk to the cleaning lady. Ask about her work and learn about the smelly brown water. Ask about the professor and she’ll tell you she doesn’t know. Walk through the double doors on the right to enter the toilets and fill your soda can on the sink on the far right.  It now contains BROWN WATER. Stick the coke sticker on the soda can.

Leave the toilets on the left and walk north into the cafeteria. Talk to Ben and learn more about the professor, the M.I.B. and the office. You need to investigate more. Give the coke can to Ben and see what happens.

After the cleaning lady has entered the toilets as well, push the cleaning cart to the left to reveal the grate. Use the screwdriver on the grate to open it and enter the ventilation shaft. You’ll overhear the conversation between the M.I.B. and need to get to the professors house as quick as possible to beat them there.

Talk to the tough guy in front of the house to learn that he’s not so tough after all. Learn from him that the professor left earlier that day. Use the door of the apartment to see if anyone’s home. When you get no answer, use the mail slot to get access to the property.

Open the door and go inside. Have a look around and look at the pictures. Look at the photo of the boat next to the fridge to get an idea of where the professor might be now. Open the fridge and take the plate with STEAK from it. Walk south to leave the house. Close the door and walk into the street on the right.

Walk to the lady selling lures on the right and talk to her. Ask her what’s so special about the lures and then ask about her boy. Keep talking about him until she leaves to find him. Take a LURE from the table and enter T-Mart. Walk to the left and talk to the customer in the back. Find out that she’s looking for weenies.

Leave the shop on the lower right and in the street walk to the left back to your car. See how the tough boy is being told off by his mum and throws the knife away. Pick up the KNIFE and use your car to drive to the docks on the lower left.

Open the door of The Salty Sea and go inside. Talk to the bartender and ask about the drinks. Then ask about the professor but he hasn’t seen him. Talk to the rugged sailor at the table and ask him about the drinks, his mate and the professor. He actually has seen him by the boats. Take the PROPELLER from the fish on the wall and leave the bar on the left.

Walk left onto the pier and further to the left until you reach the boat. Walk over the plank onto the boat and left into the cabin. There’s the professor! Talk to him and learn that he wants to go to Cuba. He’ll also tell you what he needs to get his boat running again. So what he needs is a propeller, gasoline and some tools.

Leave the cabin on the right and go back to the pier. Walk to the right and enter The Salty Sea again. There’s a depressed man sitting at the table. Talk to him and learn about the Clan, black people and his friends. He’ll also tell you about Ben and where they are taking him.  You have to go to Benslow Park.

Leave the bar and walk to the lower right to see the map. Go to Winslow Park in the centre. Walk to the right and talk to the fat clan member and ask what’s going on. Talk to him about the burning and he’ll bring up the weenies. Give him the steak and you’ll get the WEENIES. In the heap of wood there’s a blue thingie. Take it out to find out that it’s a SKI. Walk to the left twice to leave the park and on the map go to Peacock Avenue.

Walk into the street on the right and enter T-Mart again. Pick up a TOOLBOX from the shelf in the back and use the toolbox on the shopping bag of the customer on the left to hide it. Give the weenies to the customer and she’ll leave the shop, paying for your tools. Leave the shop as well and find the customer waiting outside.

Use your knife on her shopping bag to cut the bottom and talk to the lady until she leaves.  From the groceries get the TOOLBOX back and the WEENIES. Walk to the left and use the car to see the map. Drive back to the dock. Walk left onto the pier and to the end to see the cat playing with some string. You can use that!

Use your ski on the end of the pier, under the cat. Pick up the BUCKET and drop the bucket on the ski. Once the cat is removed, pick up the ball of TWINE. Walk to the right twice the see the map again and decide to go back to Winslow Park.

In your inventory use the lure on the twine to get a ROPE-N-HOOK. Swing the grapple hook at the blanket in the  tree to get it down and then pick up the BLANKET. In your inventory use your knife on the blanket to create a KKK-DISGUISE. Walk to the right and use the robe on yourself to disguise yourself. See the effect that the robe has on the other KKK-members.

Use the knife on the ropes around Ben to cut him loose and you’ll end up with the fuel on the boat. Give the propeller to the professor and after that the toolbox. He can now fix the ship and leave for Cuba.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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