You’re in prison and need to get out.

Talk to the other prisoner. He’s an Arab but thinks that you’re a spy so won’t tell you very much. Talk to the guard to find out that he’s afraid of snakes. Use the window on the right to get out of the prison. You need to get back for the others later.

Walk into the tent on the right and pick up the HEDGE CUTTERS. Leave the tent again and use the cutters on the fence on the right to cut yourself to freedom. Walk to the right to leave camp. Walk to the village at the south point of the island. Talk to the carpenter to learn about the ferry and the archaeological site. Pick up the CHISEL AND MALLET and walk to the beach on the right.

In the sand, left of the boy and his float, is a thing in the sand. Pick it up to see it’s a GLASS JAR. Talk to the girl reading and learn what she’s reading and what she likes most. Walk to the left to leave the beach and left through town to see the map again. Walk to the mountain pass and follow the path to the lower left. Once past the mountains, walk to the archaeological site.


Talk to the archaeologist, ehh… palaeontologist and find out he’s not willing to help. You’re on your own again.  Take the NOTE from the table and look at it in your inventory. It’s a recipe for making a bomb. All the ingredients you need are listed there. Pick up a piece of CHARCOAL from the table.  Look at the big pile of dirt to see something shiny and use the pile of dirt to get the MAGNIFYING GLASS.

Look at the top of the green hill to the right of the three mountains to realize there’s a house up there. Take some TERMITES from the tree on the right and walk further to the right to leave the excavation site. On the map go to the hill and find a house. So there are people living here.

Look at the vegetables and at the long leafed plants. Take some of the CANNABIS from the path and take the air freshening  WUNDERBAUM from the wall. Enter the hut and meet Clifford. You’ll talk to him and he doesn’t believe your story. Eventually you’ll get a plate of FOOD. When you’re outside again, go inside and see that Clifford’s playing darts.

When he’s not throwing, talk to him and ask him for the dart. You can’t have it otherwise he’d get bored. Leave the hut again and walk to the left to see the map. Walk to the mountain pass and try to enter the cave. The smell is terrible so use the wunderbaum on the cave entrance and go inside.

There’s a pink creature in the cave. You can’t pick it up. In your inventory put the food in the jar and put the jar on the ground in front of the hole. Put some of the food on the ground as well and wait for the creature to start eating. Once it’s trapped in the jar, you can pick up the PINK CREATURE. Take some of the SULPHUR from the cave wall and leave the cave.

Walk north into the pass and on the map walk to the village. Walk to the beach on the right and give the pink creature to the girl. She’ll give you her BOOK. Walk to the left twice to leave the beach and the village and on the map go back to the mountain pass. Walk through the pass to the right and go to the mountain hill. Walk left of the house to the back. In front of the tree is a IRON ROD. Pick it up and look at the coconut-man. Walk back to the front of the house and walk into the house. Give the book to Clifford. Convince him that he wants to read it and he’ll give it a try. Talk to him again and ask for the DART. This time he’ll give it to you.Ask him about the coconut-man. So he’s not that sane after all.

Take some of the FIREWOOD from the fireplace. In your inventory use the canabis with the termites to make them less energetic and then use the termites on the firewood to let them eat it to SAWDUST. Leave the house and walk to the back again. Use the charcoal on the coconut-man to draw Clifford’s attention. When he’s after you, quickly walk to the front of the house at the top of the screen and see Clifford walking to the back at the bottom of the screen. Walk into the house and take the bottle of OIL from the fireplace. Clifford will return and kick you out of the house.

You have everything you need for the bomb except the potassium so walk left to the map and go to the archaeological site. Use the bowl on the table and make a nice BOMB. Leave the site and walk to the mountain pass. Take the TAPE from the mountain wall next to the cave entrance… oops.

Put the bomb in the debris and use the magnifying glass to light the fuse. This will clear your path again. Walk north to the map of the island and go to the village at the south. Cross the village to the right to reach the beach. Use the dart on the snake-float the boy is in and he’ll sink.

Walk to the village on the left and immediately return to the beach. Pick up the INFLATABLE SNAKE. It’s got a hole in it though. Use the tape on the snake to fix it and walk to the left twice to return to the map. Go to the military camp and use the window to climb back into the cell. Use the snake on the guard to scare him and he’ll run off. Use the chisel and mallet on the cell door to break the lock and you can open the door.

After you’ve seen the plane and the professor found out what’s wrong, you need to get a new spark plug. Walk to the left to leave the plane and see the map and walk to the village on the south. You’ll find Sam and Max here. Max drops the key into the well but fortunately Sam has a spare one. Then you’ll follow them to the mountains.

When you’ve decided to sneak into the mountains as well, walk to the left to see the map and go to the airplane. Inside the engine compartment are two buttons. Press the green one to get the starter motor running. Use the iron rod from your inventory on the coil of the starter motor to magnetize the rod. Walk to the left to see the map and go to the village in the south.

Use the pulley on the well to raise the rope, then tie the magnetized iron rod to the rope. Use the pulley again to lower the rope and use the pulley once more to lift the rod. Take the iron rod from the rope and you’ll have the KEY. Walk left to see the map and travel to the mountain pass. Go to the right through the pass and walk to the archaeological site.

[NOTE: If you get stuck being diverted back to the pass again and not able to get to the archaeological site, enter the cave and leave it again, then try to reach the site again.]

Pick up the FOSSILIZED BONE and leave the site again. Walk through the mountain pass to the left and go to the secret door in the mountain wall. Give the bone to the dog and use the key with the keyhole to open the door and enter the mountains.

You get caught and end up in the torture chamber. Ask Max not to hurt you. Then ask Max not to hurt Ben. He’ll be the first then. When Max is concentrating on the console, use the valve next to you to kick open the water flow. The floor will flood but Max is not impressed. Talk to Max again and tell him to just go ahead and that he’s a coward.

Dare him to juggle with his chainsaw and he’ll prove you he’s no coward. He’ll end up dead and you’ll be free. Search Max’ body to find two SECURITY CARDS. Pick up the chainsaw to find a SPARK PLUG inside. Use the door to open it and walk through to get in the corridor. Walk north towards the elevator and see that you’re on level 4. Use the elevator and go to level 2. Walk south and to the right. Behind the glass you can see a strange machine. Look at the components.

Look at the grate in front of it. The one on the right is loose. Use the grid to lift it and pick up the SECURITY CARD from underneath. Walk back to the left and north to the elevator. Use the elevator to go to level 6. The engineer thinks you’re the expected inspectors  so you play along. On the corner of the console is a BROCHURE. Pick it up and look at the brochure in your inventory to find the CHEWING GUM. Walk back to the elevator on the left and use it to return to level 2.

Walk north to find the emergency exit. You can try any of your cards with the card reader, none of them will work. Take the chewing gum from your inventory and use it on yourself to chew it. Once soft, stick it in the card reader. Wait for a cleaning bot to appear (you can speed up the process by leaving the scene and return again) and see how the reader is cleaned. The doors are opened and you can leave the building. Back at the plane you’re ready to leave the island.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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