You find yourself in Serenia in the middle of the desert.

Go NORTH to find a large snake. Go EAST (4) four times, then NORTH again. From here go EAST once more, NORTH again and then WEST. There’s a stone so TAKE STONE and go NORTH, then WEST and NORTH (2) twice. You’re back at the snake. THROW STONE at the snake and kill it. Now the threat is gone you can go NORTH and when you get the warning about being thirsty DRINK WATER from your flask.

Walk EAST and TAKE STICK from the sand. Return WEST and go NORTH from here. There’s a dangerous rattlesnake here but when you USE STICK you hit it on the head and scare it away (repeat this each time you meet a rattlesnake). Where the snake was is now a hole and when you LOOK HOLE you’ll find a note. TAKE NOTE and READ NOTE but you can’t make much of the text.

Go NORTH and WEST to find a snake again. Its tail is caught under a rock. TAKE ROCK and the snake will thank you with teaching you a word for ‘hiss’.  Go NORTH into the desert again and find another note. TAKE NOTE and  when you LOOK NOTE you can’t make much of this one either. Go EAST. In the sand you can see a locket. TAKE LOCKET and OPEN LOCKET. To see the contents LOOK LOCKET and see the ‘Lucy’ in it.

Go EAST, then SOUTH and WEST (2) twice. A rock with a hole in it. LOOK HOLE to find a cracker. TAKE CRACKER and go EAST and NORTH (2) twice. Go WEST, then NORTH and again WEST and NORTH. You’ll reach a chasm where you can see a cottage and woods on the other side. Now it gets tricky. Remember the notes? If you take the one that starts with the two vertical lines and put the other note underneath you can make the word ‘HOCUS’. SAY HOCUS and a bridge will appear.

Go NORTH across the bridge and go EAST into the cottage. There’s an apple on the table so TAKE APPLE and go WEST to leave the cottage. Go NORTH into the woods to find a gnome here. LOOK GNOME and he’ll steal some of your possessions. Go NORTH to find a babbling brook and FILL FLASK to replenish your water supply.

Go NORTH into the woods and find a large tree. Go UP into the tree to see the ocean in the distance. Go DOWN again and EAST into the woods to find a bank with a small crevice in it. SAY HISS to turn yourself into a snake and then ENTER CREVICE to enter a tunnel.

Go SOUTH (3) three times. Meanwhile you turned back to your old self. You find your stolen goods here so TAKE ALL. The door in the room is locked. UNLOCK DOOR to be able to OPEN DOOR.  Go SOUTH to the bottom of the stairs then UP the stairs to find yourself inside a tree with a hole leading outside. GO HOLE into the woods and EAST and NORTH further into the woods where you’ll find a parrot. GIVE CRACKER and the bird will leave a vial for you. TAKE VIAL and go SOUTH back into the woods.

Go WEST (3) three time to reach the ocean… and a lion.  GIVE BREAD to the lion to make it go away and go NORTH to the beach where there’s a boat and a rope. TAKE ROPE and ENTER BOAT. But there’s a massive hole in it. USE BLANKET to plug the hole and go NORTH (2) twice. You’ll be hot and thirsty by now so DRINK WATER and go NORTH once more. Go EAST (3) three times to reach the beach of an island.

LEAVE BOAT to enter the beach and go EAST into the jungle. Follow the path going NORTH (2) twice to reach the other side of the other island and find a anchor on the beach. TAKE ANCHOR and walk WEST to find a tree house. To get in, TIE ROPE and when asked what enter TO ANCHOR. Now THROW ROPE into the tree. Go UP into the tree house and TAKE SHOVEL.  Then climb DOWN again to terra firma.

Go SOUTH twice back to the beach where an X marks the spot. DIG into the sand. You’ll dig up a chest and when you OPEN CHEST a pirate will take the chest away from you. Go EAST into the jungle, then NORTH and WEST to reach a cave. A good hiding spot for a pirate.  ENTER CAVE to find the chest again. OPEN CHEST and LOOK CHEST to find a small harp inside.  TAKE HARP and go NORTH to leave the cave.  Go EAST into the jungle and NORTH to the beach. Time to leave… but how?

Remember the vial from the parrot? DRINK VIAL and your arms turn into wings. FLY NORTH to the other side of the beach. Go NORTH along the beach and find a sapphire ring. TAKE RING and WEAR RING then go NORTH once more to a peasant woman. Go WEST where it’ll start drizzling so you can see a rainbow. FOLLOW RAINBOW to the end and find a gold coin. TAKE COIN and go NORTH to a rickety bridge crossing a chasm. You’ll be too heavy when trying to cross it so SAY LUCY and all your possessions will be gone.

Go WEST across the bridge and go WEST again into the mountains. Go NORTH to find a cave and ENTER CAVE to find all your possessions again. TAKE ALL and EXIT CAVE again. Go SOUTH and WEST to meet a giant. GIVE HARP to please the giant and he’ll leave with the harp. Go NORTH (2) twice to find a salesman who sells items for a gold coin. BUY HORN and walk NORTH (2) twice to reach a castle.

BLOW HORN to have the drawbridge lowered and go NORTH into the castle. Go WEST into the assembly room and go WEST again to the throne room. LOOK THRONE and you’ll be teleported to a courtyard with an angry boar. GIVE APPLE to the boar and he’ll die. Good thing you didn’t try the apple (or did you?).

Go NORTH into dining room and EAST into a kitchen. LOOK CUPBOARD and you’re teleported again, this time into a small room with a locked door. USE KNIFE to pick the lock and OPEN DOOR to be able to leave. Go EAST into the hallway and UP the stairs into the tower. Go DOWN the stairs and UP the stairs on the other end. In this tower you’ll find a bird. RUB RING which will turn you into a cat, catch the bird and kill it.

Go DOWN the stairs and EAST into a small hallway where you’ll find a frog. Of course as with fairy tales, KISS FROG and she’ll turn into a beautiful princess.  Go EAST into a hallway then EAST again to a room with a closet. OPEN CLOSET and LOOK CLOSET to find a pair of shoes. TAKE SHOES and LOOK SHOES to read the text on the sole. WEAR SHOES and SAY WHOOSH to be teleported back to the village of Serenia.  TALK PRINCESS to finish the game.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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