You just heard a sound from the engine room.

Use the hatch to go inside and use the hatch on the right to enter the engine room. Use the next hatch on the right and see how the power core gets stolen. You need to get the emergency generator running quickly.

Pick up the DATAPOUCH from the ground next to you and Crispin, Data and a Map will be added to your inventory. Use the exit on the right to find the emergency generator in front of the Unniic. On the right is a CABLE you can pick up, next to the pool of grease is a CONDUIT you need. Use the generator and the spark plug in it which isn’t a spark plug but conductive PUTTY.

Leave the generator for now, you need more components first. Use the ladder to climb inside the Unniic and pick up another CONDUIT from the floor. Take Crispin from your inventory and use him on the halogen LANTERN on the shelf above you to grab it. Enter the exit on the left to reach a large telescope and use the lantern on the hatch under the chair to enter the bedroom but still be able to see.


Use the bed to find a PLASMA TORCH underneath and take the GOSPEL of men from the bookshelf next to the bed. Use the console with the flashing light and you’ll lower a ladder to climb back out of the bedroom. In your inventory select the map and fast travel to the junk pile.

Look at the tube on the right to find a piece of conduit in there but you can’t reach. Use Crispin on the tube to fetch the CONDUIT for you. On the floor next to the tube are three more CONDUITS you need to take with you (two actually). Use the plasma torch from your inventory on the lock box on the floor and find a SPARK PLUG in it. Back in your inventory, use the plasma torch on the five conduits to fuse them together (5). Use the map to travel back to the Unniic.

Use the generator to have a closer look and use the spark plug on the gap where the putty was before. Use the conduits on the round socket on the left and flip the switch on the right to get the generator started (18). Once inside you realize you need an energy sensor so use the hatch on the right to enter the engineering room.

Use the radio at the bottom and take the PLUG from it. Next to it on the table is an LCD SCREEN that you can use and on the floor is a plan of the energy sensor. You’ll take the NOTES from it into your Data screen. Look at the data to find out which components you need. Use the hatch on the left to return to the library and use the hatch on the left again to enter your bedroom.

Near the floor there’s a CRYSTAL glistening. Pick it up and in your inventory use the plasma torch on the cable to cut a piece off. Use the short piece of cable on the plug, then add the putty to the cable/plug. Finally add the crystal to the cable/plug/putty to finish the contraption. Leave the room through the hatch on the right and in the library use the hatch on the right to enter the engineering room.

Use the interface on the right next to the breach in the hull and put the cable/plug/putty/crystal in the socket to get the machine going. You’ll see a bunch of coordinates pop up. Use the buttons to scroll though them all. Then you realize you need to visit these coordinates. Look at the interface again and take the ENERGY SENSOR from the socket. Then leave the interface.

Walk through the doorway on the lower right to go outside and try to pick up the rag. Watch it fly away. Walk back inside and use the hatch on the north wall to go outside and use the ladder to climb down. Use the exit on the left and take the RAG from the branch. Use the exit on the right and the ladder to climb back into the Unniic. Use the hatch on the left into the library and the hatch left again into your bedroom. Use the console to lower the ladder and climb up to the telescope.

Look at the Data in your inventory and use the buttons to the left/right until you see the geo coordinates (1). Push the power button on the telescope and key in the coordinates followed by the power button to learn what the locations hold. Once you’ve checked them all, you should have a robot and a device added to the map.

Use the map and select the device on it. Talk to the robot on the right and ask all the questions. When you tell him you’re looking for a robot, you’ll get the location of a dome. When you tell the robot you’re getting three questions you need to answer right:

– Why are we here? Because Man created us. (3)
– Who is Man? The perfect machine (2)
– With what duty did Man charge us? To maintain the world (1)

(2) You’re asked a fourth question as well but you’ll never get the answer right. Use the Map and travel to the dome.

Use the giant AA gun on the right to find a working CPU unit in there. In  your inventory use the cpu on the cable/plug/putty/crystal and then the combination on the LCD screen to create a MOBILE SENSOR. Use the map to travel back to the Unniic.

Use the rag from your inventory on the GREASE next to the generator. Exit on the left and use the mobile sensor on the ground to search for an energy source. Once found, you’ll have a hidden TAPE DECK (15). Use the map again and travel to the giant robot. Walk to the right to discover the giant hand and use your plasma cutter on it to take a FINGERTIP off. Take a closer look at the vents above the mouth and when Crispin investigates he feels air coming out. Use the greasy rag on Crispin to ask him to insert it into the nose. Then its stuck. Use the fingertip on Crispin to ask him to clog up the other side and then the mouth opens. Use the mouth to enter the robot.

Meet Alpha and Beta and talk to them to learn about Gamma. You’ll also learn that Gamma is below. Use the elevator and the pad next to it to learn it’s not working. Talk to Alpha and Beta again to find out the code for the elevator (9876). But the pad is still deactivated.

Use the long cable from your inventory on Crispin to let him attach it to the hatch in the ceiling. You can now use the cable to climb up to the brain of the robot. There’s a droid floating around. When you use the droid you’ll see a binary number: 001011010.  Use the panel you’re standing next to to find a row of buttons. Push the ones according to the code the droid gave you where 0 is off, 1 is on, starting from the bottom. On the left small lights will indicate which buttons were pressed. When done correct, after pressing the red button, the sparks will disappear and the brain will switch on.

Use the hatch on the left to climb down again to Alpha and Beta. Tell them you fixed the brain. Use the pad next to the elevator on which you can now enter the code Alpha gave you. Enter 9876 and the elevator will take you down into the stomach. Use the servitor to find Gamma but Gamma doesn’t do much. When you use monitor 3 on the wall you can interact with Gamma and when you ask for help, you need to play a game of hide and seek first. Use the mobile detector from your inventory on the screens on the wall to detect the ones that have energy. Then use the plasma torch to destroy a monitor that doesn’t. Repeat the process until Gamma has no place to hide anymore (4). If you happen to destroy the monitor Gamma is hiding in all is not lost but you’ll shut down Goliath (3)

Use the platform on the right to return to Alpha and Beta and tell them Gamma is trapped. Leave the robot on the right and you’ll get a DECRYPTION MODULE as thanks. Use the map and return to the device, now shrine. Talk to Ever-Faithful and tell him you know your name: Horus. Since you’re carrying the gospel, he’ll let you get to the huge bomb and let you take one item from it. There’s not much choice, the B-734 is missing, so take the B-325 BOMBLET.

Use the map to travel to the Unniic. Climb the ladder and use the hatch to go inside. Put the bomblet in the cradle to see it can power the Unniic. Apparently not completely. Use the hatch to leave the room and climb down the ladder. Use bomblet on the puddle of grease to make it a STICKY BOMB. Use the map and travel to the junk pile in the center.

Take the mobile scanner from your inventory and use it on the junk piles to detect a power source (the tube just above the train)(19). Use Crispin on the pile to let him collect the BATTERY. Use the map and travel to the dome. Have a closer look at the endoskeleton next to the dome and  use the pocket on there to find a SIGNAL TRANSMITTER.  Use the sticky bomb on the door of the dome. In your inventory put the battery in the transmitter and then use the transmitter on the door as well. To activate it, you’ll need to enter a code. Now…. Alpha mentioned a prefix of 6. So enter 6 and the model number of the bomb, in this case 325. Use the dial and the buttons to enter the code 6325 and push the yellow button to set off the blast.

Enter the dome to find a barrier and a control panel. Use the machine with the sign above it to be redirected to the scanning port next to it. Use the scanner and take the TICKET from the machine. Use the ticket on the control panel next to the barrier to open the gate. On the platform use the train to travel to Metropol. Leave the platform on the right and in the main hall use Crispin on the clock above the arch to see the time. It’s stuck at five to two. Exit under the clock and you’ll use your scanner to find an energy source but it’s so strong it’ll fry the scanner.  You’ll be greeted by a robot. He’ll take your gospel and let you enter the city. You need to get to the tower.

Leave on the left and enter Main Street. Walk over to the robot on the far left shouting at you (Tyro?). Talk to the robot and ask him what he has for sale. From the box select the CROWBAR but the bot wants something shiny in return. In your inventory look at the scanner to salvage the CRYSTAL and the PLUG. Give the crystal to the bot to keep the crowbar.

Use the crowbar on the metal plate just below Leopold. Then exit through the hole to the junkyard beneath.  Look at the bottom vehicle on the left to discover the hatch. Use the hatch to find it shut but with your crowbar you can open it. Take the large ENGINE out and take the FAN BELT.  Leave south to find your road blocked by an open bridge. Use Crispin on the keypad next to it to discover you’ll need some sort of code.

From your inventory use the decryption module on Crispin to let him use it to figure out the code (137). The bridge will lower and you can cross. Walk to the crane and meet Clarity (16). Talk to her until she gives you her KEYCARD. Walk south and to the right across the bridge back to the scrapheap and climb the ladder back to the streets.

Talk to Leopold again and select the motor from his selection of parts. In return he wants a larger one so give him the car engine. He’ll give you the MOTOR but you’ll notice that some copper wiring is missing.  Walk further to the left and use the terminal of the information kiosk.

You have to familiarize yourself with the law so type LAW into the terminal and it’ll print a piece of paper. You can also check these subjects: arbiter, cdep, central station, clarity, courthouse, cycles, efficiency initiative, factor, goliath, help, history, horus, humanism, humans, landmarks, law, main street, memorious, metromind, metropol, other cities, power, primer, primordium, progress, refuge rule, robot  council, scraper, shell, steeple, sturnweiler, underworks, war (9).

Take the PRINTOUT from the terminal and in your inventory read the piece of paper to see who wrote the law. Leave the streets north from Leopold to reach the tower. Look at the door to see the superficial damage.

Walk south back into main street and exit on the left. A bus has crashed here and there’s a sparking cable blocking your way. Use Crispin on the cable to move it to the side and use Crispin on the floating lamp. But Crispin is too shy to talk to the lamp so he’ll need some practice. Walk back to the right and in front of the information kiosk use your lamp on Crispin to let him practice (6). Once he’s got the confidence, walk back to the left and let Crispin talk to the floating lamp again. The lamp gives Crispin a piece of COPPER WIRE.  Use the copper wire on the motor in your inventory to fix it.

Now comes the tricky part. You need to connect the colored nodes with each other without them crossing. To do that, connect the red ones in a straight line. With the orange one, from the bottom, go around the red one and under the yellow node on the left, then up to the other orange. With the yellow one you can now follow the orange one to the other yellow node without touching it. One motor fixed.

Walk further to the left to find the court house. Walk to the waiting area and talk to the tall robot with the hat. His name’s Oswald and Cornelius will interrupt as well. Learn all about the building  and the dispute they are having. Ask them if some one else could judge their case and they’ll explain the situation. If you suggest you can solve their dispute you’ll be tested, otherwise you can suggest some one else. If you suggest some one else, the data gets uploaded to your data pouch.

If you decide to take the case on yourself: it’s going rather quick so here goes:  The statements are:

  • — There are 7 robots, all built by Factor or Sturnweiler.
  • — The robots have a quad-core, a linear-type or a multiplex processor architecture.
  • — Factor built more robots than Sturnweiler.
  • — All robots with a quad-core were built by Factor.
  • — Sturnweiler never built a linear-type robot.

Question 1: Which statement cannot be true? -> 4: Because Factor built more robots than Sturnweiler so Sturnweiler could not have made more than 3.
Question 2: Which statement is true? -> 3: Because statements 4 & 5 dictate that linear types and quad cores were built by Factor. Since Factor made 4, Sturnweiler made 3.
Question 3: Which processor in a Sturnweiler? -> 1: Because statements 4 & 5 dictate that linear types and quad cores were built by Factor. So Sturnweiler could only have made a multiplex.

(8) They trust you now with their case so once you’ve heard their claims it’s up to you to decide. It doesn’t really matter what you decide. If you didn’t figure out the logic puzzle above, you can visit Clarity and give her the data from your pouch. She’ll decide Oswald so he’ll leave disappointed, leaving his HAT behind. Pick it up and talk to floating robot left behind. But he stays silent.

Use the transmitter from your inventory on the robot to translate the messages and learn its Gimbal. Talk some more and Gimbal will give you a RECORD. When you learn about the traded motor, give Gimbal the repaired one you have and Gimbal will leave. There’s one robot left in line. Talk to the bot and learn about the door he damaged. He wants to pay compensation for it. Since you’ve inspected the door yourself, you can tell 187th that it was only minor. But 187th wants to see the law about that. Give him the printout and he’ll return home. The whole queue is gone.

Before entering courthouse, walk all the way to the right back to Leopold. Talk to Leopold and ask to see his products. Take the MEMORY ACCESS DEVICE out and pay him with the hat. Walk all the way to the left to the front door of the courthouse.

Use the key card on the scanner next to the door and enter the courthouse (13). After trying to talk to Arbiter, you decide to investigate further. Approach Arbiter and walk past the door to the left. In the dark there’s a robot waiting. Use your lamp on it to find Charity with a hole in her head. Examine the hole to see that it gives access to the memory port. In your inventory, use the plug with the memory access device and use the combination on the data pouch. Use the data reader on the hole in Charity’s head.

You’ll be spotter by a scraper and he’ll be blocking your way. Use the signal transmitter on the reporter on the left to distract the scraper and you’ll be able to leave but the scraper is chasing you. Once outside, the scraper will halt in the doorway. Look at the object on the left: it’s a bomblet. Use the signal transmitter on the bomblet and enter the code of the model, preceded with a prefix. You only know one other model so enter 6734 and the scraper will be turned into a pile of metal.

Walk all the way to the right and look at the bar. On the bar is a note from the ‘arm’ stating the dangerous oil consumption by Oswald. You need to make him stop drinking. Talk to Oswald but he won’t listen. Enter the manhole next to Leopold to return to the Underworks. Walk all the way to the left to visit Clarity. You’ll find out what happened to Charity and Clarity decides to help you. She has part of the code (1) to enter the tower but you’ll need to find the three missing pieces. Leave south and walk all the way to the right to the pile of cars. Walk past them to the right and talk to the robot there. It’s Primer. Talk to him and find out about the medal. Exit at the lower right to find Factor.

Once Clarity made sure it’s safe, look at the sign in the water you’re standing next to. Look at the pile of floating junk next to it to recover your GOSPEL as leather junk. The metal junk on the right contains a GOLDEN CHAIN. Walk to the exit on the right under the red light.

Use the hatch to enter the building and use the crowbar on the panel to see what’s behind it. You’ll find two gears and a belt. Take the belt and it’ll parish, then  take the SMALL GEAR and the LARGE GEAR. They need cleaning. Use the ladder on the right and exit on the south, then walk back to the left to the pile of cars. On the far right, next to the walkway there are submersibles in the water. Use the small gear on the submersible and they’ll clean it for you.

Walk to the left and climb the ladder back to the main street. Talk to Oswald at the bar and ask him for the code. You’ll learn about Laurence, the golden chain and the monocle, especially it’s flaws (or abilities?). But you won’t get the monocle. After the conversation give the golden chain to Oswald and he’ll give you the MONOCLE in return. Look at the bar and give the large gear to the arm who will clean it for you (7).

Walk to the information kiosk on the left and use the monocle on it. It appears to change it. Type MEMORIOUS into the terminal and you’ll get a new text. Only one word in capitals so enter OBLIQUE. In the following piece of text, there seems to be an odd word: REDLIEN. Type it in to find out more about it. It appears to be a haiku according to Crispin so enter ART as the next entry. In that text the only odd word is CREATED (in double quotes). Enter it and you’ll get a text about creating lies so LIES is the next entry. Then there’s a word hidden in numbers according to the text: 5:19:3:1:16:5. Use the alphabet to translate the numbers into letters (A=1 etc) and you’ll get the word ESCAPE. It’s the next entry and results in a hint. All capitals spell: first letters. But first letters of what? It appears to be the first letters of the words you entered. You can check in your data pouch the Odd Topics list. Enter ORACLE and you’ll have access to Memento Moribuilt (10).

Talk to Memento and you’ll learn more about the war. In the end you have no choice to destruct Memento but in return you’ll get a piece of code (2). Walk to the bar on the right and use the transmitter on Rex so he’ll shoot off. Oswald will follow him leaving his OIL behind. Take it and you’ll stop him from drinking.

Walk over to Leopold and ask him for the council code. You’re not getting the code. Give the gospel to him  (11) and he’ll give you the code (3). Climb down the manhole to the Underworks and walk all the way to the left to the crane. There are heads on spikes here and if you look at the one at the front left you’ll see the resemblance with Oswald. Take the robot HEAD and in your inventory use the memory reader (attached to your data pouch) on the head to discover a code (518), but it’s not part of the access code.

Walk all the way over to the right (or use the map to travel to Factor) and enter the building under the read light. Use the hatch to return to the elevator panel. Put the cleaned gears on the panel and add the fan belt to it. Leave the panel, push the button and the elevator will be summoned. There’s also a metal disc that drops and when you pick it up you’ll see that it’s a MEDAL.

The elevator dropped a radio tower. To get it working, use the radio transmitter on it and when asked for a code, enter 518(0) and push the yellow button. Factotum will be summoned and you can ask him for the code. At first he will not budge but when you give Laurence’s head to him (12), he’ll give you pieces of the code (4).

Now that you have all four pieces, you need to combine them into one code. You can go to Primer and give him the medal. He’ll then assemble the code for you. But you can also do it yourself:

Access Code:
440   03067   26
    4803  7510
  0248      102
 4024    675 02 

(14) On the map select the tower and use the console next to it to enter the code. The door will open and you can go inside. Push the button on the right to call the elevator and once inside, use the dial to move it.

Back outside again, use the map to return to the courthouse. Inside the rubble there’s an arm and when you use the crowbar on it you can take the ARM from the rubble. On your map select the station and exit on the right to the platform. Use the map next to the door to find Calliope Station (blue line in the middle). Select it, it appears to be a button and it’ll slide open a part of the opposite wall. Go through the opening onto the platform and follow the walkway to the left until you reach another door.

Use your plasma cutter on the cable to attach it to Scraper’s arm and melt the door. Then watch what happens next (17).

Pick up Crispin’s MATRIX and next to MetroMind is a DATA CHIP. Pick it up and in your inventory use the decryption module on the data chip to unlock the secret files. Use the data chip with your data pouch and reader to see the information on it. You’ll learn a lot about yourself. (25)

Leave on the right, walk the walkway back to the right and on the platform leave north through the arch. Walk to the left into the streets and north back to the tower. Enter through the door and push the button to call the elevator. Use the dial in the elevator to go upstairs. You’ll talk to MetroMind and can ask all kinds of questions but when he wants you to join him, tell him you need to think about it.

On the right is Clarities HEAD. Pick it up. In your inventory use the virus on the transmitter (it doesn’t work the other way around….) and use the transmitter on Scraper (20).

Other ways to end the game:

– Use the plasma torch on the power core and destroy it. (2: It must be destroyed) (21)
– Use the plasma torch on the power core and leave. (1: Very well then) (22)
– Exit the room on the right past Clarity and climb the girder to the rooftop. Use the transmitter with virus on the radio. (23)
– Exit the room on the right past Clarity and climb the girder to the rooftop. Walk to the ledge on the right and jump. (24)
– In the conversation with MetroMind, tell her you’ll join her. (26)
– In the conversation with MetroMind, tell her you’ll never join her. (27)


Game source: A demo of the game was found here on the internet.

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