[Note: I played the single player version on a Windows Laptop. Getting to grips with the controls was a puzzle in itself. Start your selected game by holding the left mouse button until the square is filled. ]

You decide to go to Mars but need a map first. Select the cupboard on the ground floor and then hold the left mouse button on the detailed cupboard until it’s fully filled. You’ll now see a blank map with an upside-down text. Navigate the paw onto the text (with either the cursor keys or A,W,S,D. Once on top of the text, use the hand on the text and use the space bar and the left mouse button to rotate the text. Once the right way up, drag the text to the placeholder on the upper left and a number of puzzle pieces will appear.

The Map:

Again, to rotate a piece, put the paw on top of the piece, use the hand, the space bar and the left mouse and once the right way up, drag the piece to the right location. When correct, they’ll snap together. Start with the wind rose in the upper left corner. The triangle with the pins goes underneath. The piece with the folder corner under there.  To the right of the wind rose is the piece with the small planet, underneath there, the piece with the large planet.

To the right of the small planet goes the long triangular piece with the most curved track on it (there are two long  triangular pieces, both with tracks), underneath this triangle goes the trapezoid with the track, underneath that (and underneath the big planet) the other triangular piece with the track. To the right of this piece, the piece with the track and rocks which becomes the lower right corner. On top of this goes the three equal sided triangle with tracks and on top of that the piece with the octopus. Finally the last piece on top of that in the upper right corner. Click on the DONE button to return to the house.

Up the stairs on the left there’s a fishing rod. Hold the left mouse until you’ve collected it and then go all the way up the stairs and to the balcony on the right.

The key:

Rotate the gear at the end of the fishing rod to lower the hook all the way down and rotate the gear at the handle of the fishing rod to move the hook over to the key. Raise the hook a bit to pick up the key and raise until under the moving block. Use the gear at the handle to move the key to the left until you reach the pole and then use the gear at the end of the fishing rod to raise the key until under the platform but to the left of the moving block. Now comes the tricky part (when playing alone…). You need to move the key to the right and then up when the moving block is to the far right and have it past that point before the block returns.

Put the paw on the gear at the end and your hand on the gear at the handle. hold the left mouse button and the space bar and as soon as the block moves to the right, move your hand to the right, keeping hold of the button and the space bar. Once past the platform, quickly press the left arrow (or A) to raise the key past the platform.

Use the gear at the handle to move the key to the left just past the platform and use the gear at the end of the fishing rod to lower the key just to the left of the platform. If the key drops, don’t worry, you need to pick it up anyway. Use the gear at the handle to drag the key to the left, between the rotor blade and the ‘pendulum’. Now it’s a matter of timing when raising the key with the gear at the end of the fishing pole. I’d use the paw and space bar because then you only have to press the left arrow (or A) to raise the key.

As soon as the pendulum swings to the right and the rotor blade is horizontal, quickly pull up the key and once at the top, move the key to the left with the gear at the handle.

Walk to the front door and hold the left mouse to unlock the door.

Top Hat:

Go to the top floor on the left where there’s a tea chest. Use it to see it’s locked with switches. You need to flip the switch and use a padlock to hold it there. Flip the correct switches to make the power bar reach the keyhole. Then you can use the gear in the middle above the switches to remove the lid. To flip the switches, easiest is to put the paw on the switch, hold the space bar and move the switch down. Once there you only need to hold the space bar and can use the hand to apply the padlock. I needed to flip and lock switch 1, 2 and 4.

Leave the chest and walk to the pole with the light bulb left of the tree and use it to switch on the helioscopic password generator on the first floor. Go back inside and climb the stairs to the first floor and use the password generator.

The password:

The object is to put all nodes on the corresponding points on the map. Unfold the construction first: there’s a square with an extension to a single node. That single node goes on the far right. Then there’s an extension with two nodes, these go to the top. There’s also an extension with a T-node, this goes to the bottom with the longest extension to the point the furthest left.  You should now see four boxes filled with characters and the numbers I to IV next to them. Write these characters down.

Walk outside again. To the left of the tree a newspaper dropped. Use it to read it and learn about the specimen you need to collect.  Walk further to the right, this time past the power switch, past the fire hydrant to the front gate. Use the gate to see you need a code: the four symbols you’ve found in the generator. Enter the correct combination and click ACCEPT to unlock the gate.


Climb the construction to the right and step into the elevator. Now you need to hoist yourself up: with the left mouse button hold and drag the chain and pull it down. With the space bar hold the chain and release the left mouse button. Now you can grab the top of the chain again and repeat the process. A bit awkward but eventually you’ll end up on the platform. Walk to the right and the rope ladder will drop. Climb the rope ladder all the way up into the spaceship. At the last section of the rope, you’ll see a knot. Use it to untie it and you’re off to Mars!

[Note: There are different versions of spaceships, depending on the solo- or coop mode. The solution to the puzzles are still the same though.]

On your journey, a lot of things go wrong with the spaceship and each problem will need it’s own random solution. Each time before solving the problem you need to make a cup of recurring tea.

Making tea:

Since you’ve got your priorities right, you can’t do anything without a cup of tea first. Go to the teapot on the stove on the top deck under the sail. Use the teapot to find a cold empty cup. On the left you’ll see your assignment (random list) so follow the instructions: grab a tea bag and put it in the cup. With the paw, grab the top of the kettle and hold it over the cup. With the hand, tilt the kettle to pour the water in the cup. You now have a cup of hot salty tea. To make the tea less salty, add sugar to the cup, if you need milk, just add it. If you take too long, the tea will be cold and you can add hot water again, until you’ve got the right recipe. Once you’re done, use the cup to drink the tea.

Getting coal:

Use the Penny Farthing on the far right to go into space. Use the white arrow for direction (with the mouse) and once near a large rock, use the arrows to extend the grabber and the space bar to pulverize it. Once you see a small black piece, use and hold the space bar to grab it and use the mouse and left button to navigate home. Sounds easier said than done but once you’ve got a piece of coal back to the spaceship you won’t loose it anymore so eventually you’ll get there.  Once you’ve collected three pieces, the journey continues.

Connecting water:

Pieces of pipe will be churned out and the goal is to make a connection between the left indicator and the right before the water in the pipe on the left runs out. Not much to help or suggest, just try to create as much distance as possible.

Controlling the controls:

Use the controls to move the gauges to the symbol indicated on the left. The switches are best done with the paw so you mainly need the space, the dials are best done with the hand to rotate easier. Other than that, not much help. You need the correct symbol four times before the controls are fixed.

Catching the squid:

Use the net to catch all the white squid. Once you’ve caught one, walk back to the holding tank and hold the left mouse button to put the squid in. When all the squid are back in the holding tank it’s time to clean their mess. Take the Squid-Ink-B-Gone from the other side of the holding tank and walk around the ship until all ink is dissolved. Then put the Squid-Ink-B-Gone back on the table left of the holding tank.

The gravity generator:

Use the plug on the wire hanging from the ceiling and put it in the top slot on the left. You’ll see a symbol. Take the same plug and use it on the slots on the right until you’ve found the same symbol. Now take a cable from the bottom and put one end into the left you’ve checked and the other end of the cable in the slot on the right with the same symbol. Once you’ve connected all five correctly, the generator is fixed.

The kraken:

The last obstacle will be the kraken. Use the stand next to the balcony to get a piece of rope and take the umbrella next to it. Now you can fight the kraken. You need to close the umbrella to hit the black points of the tentacles and open the umbrella as soon as the kraken releases ink. There are two outcomes:

If you remove all the tentacles:

You can descend in the evacuation dinghy at the bottom of the space ship. You need to avoid the rocks by thrusting and rotating left and right until you’re on the surface and if not careful you’ll crash but either way, you’ll end up on Mars.

If you don’t remove all the tentacles:

You end up in the stomach of the kraken. Wait a bit till you’re accustomed to the darkness and walk around the stomachs to find leather, a spring, a rock and some gunk. Use it to plug the holes and you’re able to leave the kraken. Then you’ll drop down in evacuation dinghy. You need to avoid the rocks by thrusting and rotating left and right until you’re on the surface and if not careful you’ll crash but either way, you’ll end up on Mars.

On Mars:

Time for a picnic. Walk to the right to pick up the picnic blanket, then to the left of the spaceship to get the teapot. Once back at the picnic blanket it’s time to make a final cup.




Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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