Act 1: Get off my back …

To free yourself from the barrel, look at the door. Then look at the barrel. The metal stripe is wearing and when you use your ring from the inventory on the barrel, the metal gets even sharper. Talk to the mirror to face that way and then use the rope on the barrel to make it grind agains the metal. The rope will snap and you are free.

Act 2: Shnigle, Shnigle

You need to find out what’s going on upstairs. Take the MIRROR PIECE next to the barrel, the GUM from under the table and the STICK against the wall right of the window. Use the mirror on the gum, use them both on the stick and use your ‘telescope’ on the window on the left.


You can see Shnigle on deck and now you know his pattern and timing. Go back inside again and take the ROPE against the barrel and the HOOK left of the table. Use both on the window again and you’re able to climb outside. While Shnigle is walking away from the applear you can take the APPLEAR. Use the window to go inside again.

When you take a good look at the ladder, there’s a knot halfway on the right side. Use the mirror to cut the know and this part of the ladder is sabotaged. Use the rope hanging out of the window to climb up again. Now wait untill Shnigle is almost out of sight on the right side then use the applear on Shnigle to make him come downstairs. He’d better mind his step.

As soon as Shnigle is unconcious, use the ladder to climb upperdecks and take the ROPE hanging overboard. Use the ladder again (under the mast) to go belowdecks and use the rope on Shnigle.

Use Shnigle to wake him up and then talk to him. Whatever you want to know, he doesn’t cooperate. Use the ladder to go upstairs and use the door on the left. You don’t open it since you can hear voices. Talk to the door (in this case listen) and you’ll hear some statements. One of them is “Shnigle password chest”. Use the ladder again and talk to Shnigle again. He must know more! Now he doesn’t want to talk.

Take a PIN from the table and use it on Shnigle. Now he’ll talk but still isn’t telling you all. Use the pin again for the ultimate torture and after a few stabs he’ll beg for mercy. Talk to him again and now the complete story will be told. You’ll learn about the chest, the murder of the sultan, the unborn messenger and your way out of there.

Talk to the chest to say the magic word and the chest will open. Use the chest and you’ll take a SCRAP OF PAPER out, a DRAGON’S EGG, a CRYSTAL BALL and you personal belongings.

Read the paper and learn how you can get to the Land of the Wicked Shrines. You must use the crystal ball on a location where a betrayal took place. That must be the barrel because you were betrayed there. Use the crystal ball on the barrel. When you read the note at the bottom of the paper, one of the conditions states that is must be waxed (under the blood stain). Take the CANDLE from the wall and use it on the crystal ball.

Another line in the paper sais a ray of light must shine through. The only light comes through the window so use the sticky mirror on the window to reflect a bit of light on the ball. Something happens…

Act 3: The wicked Shrines

Talk to the mermaid Ena and learn about the map there once was and a Steve Winter told her that. Leave the mermaid and walk to the right. Follow the narrow path to the left and you’ll be downstairs with the mermaid. Pick up the SHOVEL. Use the shovel on all possible graves. In the grave of Steve Winter you’ll find a DIARY and a FEATHER. The grave of Riggy Rig Suffer has a MAP!. Tom Ozanich’s grave also has a DIARY. Marilyn Monroe’s grave is empty but hot. Jimmy the Shnug’s grave (behind Ena) has … another MAP, different from the first you found so you put the first one back. Hmmm. That’s strange.

Read the diary from Steve Winter. That’s what Ena told you. The diary tells you about an explorer who has been to the Wicked Land. He had the initials of T.O. That must be Tom Ozanich. In his grave was also a diary so read that one.

You read about two of his friends, Jimmy and Riggy, who tried to make copies of his map. So…. the maps you found weren’t the original ones. But where then… It says: Where you can overview the place. That’s where you stood before, on the rock. Walk to the right and walk the narrow path until you reach the cliff again.

Use the shovel on the ground at the point nearest to Steve’s grave. Click around along the edges until you find the real MAP. Go to the right and follow the path downstairs again. Now we need to warn the sultan. Therefore we need a messenger. Now what did Shnigle say? The unborn messenger needs heat. The egg we carry is ‘unborn’ and the grave of Marilyn Monroe was hot so let’s put the egg in her grave.

Now you need to write to the sultan. You have a scrap of paper, you have a feather but no ink. The grave of Lucas Arse was open so might there be a fresh body? Use the pin on the corpse and there’s still blood. Use the feather on the grave to dip it in the blood and you have your ink. Use the feather on the scrap of paper to write your letter.

Now the letter is written we need to send it. Use the scrap of paper on the dragon. Don’t forget to send the map as well so use the map on the dragon. Now Shnigle mentioned of sending a trace of gold. The only thing we’ve got is a ring and when you look at it, it’s from the sultan! Put your ring on the dragon and he’ll take off. A few days later you’ll be saved.

[Note: when you don’t dig up Tom’s map but attach Riggy or Jimmy’s map you won’t be saved and see an alternative ending.]

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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