You want to become a barbarian. Talk to the recruiting officer. So you need to find 50 gold and a dragons egg. Pfff. Piece of cake.

On the counter is a GLASS. Take it and leave the bar. We can use some tools with our quest so enter the shop next door and talk to the wizard. Ask him about the sale. It’s an invisibility potion but he ran out of it. You need to get the ingredients. Now the feather and the water, OK. But what flower? The wizard suggests an encyclopedia. Good.

In your room were a lot of book. Leave the shop and walk to the right, past the bar and there’s your house. Enter it and use the door on the left. It’s your room. Take the BOOK that’s about plants. Use your inventory and look at the book to find out which plant it is. It’s a yellow dandelion. I saw one outside your house.

Use your pillow to get a FEATHER out. Leave your room and talk to mum. She’s found your NECKLACE. Leave the house and walk to the left. At the corner of your house you can take the yellow DANDELION. Walk to the right untill you reach a lake. Use the glass on the lake to take some WATER.


Walk back to the left until you reach the shop again and enter. Give the wizard the feather, the dandelion and the water and he’ll give you the POTION. In your inventory use the potion on the necklace like the wizard told you.

Leave the shop and walk to the right until you reach the cave. You can now enter because you have the magic necklace. Inside the cave read the note. The dragon isn’t there. Good! Take the EGG and from the empty nest take the GOLD. Then leave the cave and walk to the left back to the bar. Give the gold and the egg to the recruiting officer. Welcome to the club of barbarians.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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