You want to be your normal self again.

Use the door of the tower on the right and headbutt it to get the witches attention. Talk to the witch and learn why she isn’t answering the door. Ask her for help to return to normal again and she’ll agree as soon as you get her hair back.

Walk to the hatch on the left and use the kite attached to it. Try to untie the knot and when that doesn’t work, bite the string and take the KITE. In your inventory look at the kite to realize it’s actually a note. Read the note to see a spell.

Walk to the headstone in the middle and try to take it. When you realize it’s stuck, headbutt the stone and the crow on top will loose a feather. Take the FEATHER and walk to the vampire on the right. Whatever you try to do with it, it won’t respond. Remember the note? It held a spell. Cast the spell on the hat (Leporidae Actus Apparoir Hottr) and all of a sudden you’re a rabbit in a hat. Use the feather to tickle the vampire and now you’ve got his attention.

Talk to the vampire and keep him saying funny things until he’s had enough and leaves. He’ll leave behind a ROSE and a RECORD (Happy Leg Jamboree). Take them both and walk over to the door of the witch. To the left of her window is a little piggy. Try to take piggy and she’ll move a bit. Repeat twice more until she falls down. A coin will drop out after the smash.

Take the COIN and walk over to the headstone. Use the rose on the headstone and a ghost will appear. Talk to the ghost and learn about his quest for money. Try to give the coin and learn that the ghost can’t accept the money. Try to take the cart with the flower and then headbutt the cart. A record will fall off. Pick up the RECORD (You can bank on it) and walk over to the gramophone.

Stop the gramophone and remove the RECORD (Heartbreak Toast). Put the record from the cart (You can bank on it) on the gramophone and then wind the gramophone to listen to the new music. A note will appear under the headstone. Talk to the note and learn about banking. Then ask to open an account. You can’t since you’re not a citizen but you can make an investment.

You five cents disappears in no-time and all that’s left is a RECEIPT. Give the receipt to the ghost and he’ll help you out by dropping a key. The key will float on a balloon and is out of reach. Walk to the right of the headstone. Talk to the balloon and then shout at it. It’ll float to the left, exactly over the headstone.

Headbutt the headstone and the bird will fly up again, hitting the key which makes it drop a little. Walk to the cart and shout at the balloon again, this time four times until the balloon is next to the hat. If you shout too many times, just walk all the way to the right and shout to the balloon whilst stood to the right of it. Then it’ll float back to the left. Once the balloon is next to the hat, cast the spell again and inside the hat, you can take the KEY.

Leave the hat and walk to the trapdoor on the left. Use the key to unlock and open the trapdoor and find two RECORDS (June Tripping  and Stuck in 3 ruts). Take them. Walk to the gramophone and stop it. Take the RECORD (You can bank on it) and put the “Stuck in 3 ruts” record on the player. Wind the machine and it’ll stuck.

Keep trying to wind the machine until the HANDLE comes off. Use the handle on the box and Jack will pop out. Talk to Jack and learn about his impersonation. Ask for an impersonation of Lady Asphalt and notice that Jack has the witches’ wig. When Jack asks what you thought of the performance, tell him it was the worst ever. After the impersonation, ask about the hair. Since he doesn’t want to do Lady Asphalt anymore, you can have the HAIR.

Now you need to see that the witch gets her hair back. In your inventory, tie the hair to the balloon and give the combination to the witch. She’ll turn you back to your normal self.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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