You’re standing next to a waterfall.

TAKE DEVICE that’s lying next to you (10/10).  Walk SOUTH to the riverside and follow the footpath SOUTH to a broken fence. Go SOUTH again to the white square. Go WEST to a one-lane bridge and WEST again to cross the bridge and reach Gateman Place where then entrance of the temple is. WEST again to meet the priest of the Temple of Syrinx.

TALK to the priest and he’ll ask you to hand over the device and return to your duties at the Production Zone. Return EAST to the one-lane bridge and to the EAST again to the white square. Walk SOUTH into a dark alley and SOUTH again to your project where you’ll fall asleep and have a dream.

After the dream, walk NORTH to the dark alley and NORTH again to the white square. From there walk EAST into a white street and EAST again to the red square. Go NORTH into a small street and NORTH to the prison camp. You see a man signing at you from the east so go EAST.

The man that called you tells you what to do to stay alive. TAKE SHOVEL and walk to the WEST. Walk SOUTH from the prison camp and SOUTH again onto the red square. Then WEST into white street and WEST again to white square. Go NORTH to the broken fence and NORTH again to the river side. USE SHOVEL to dig a large hole leading to tunnel.

Go DOWN into the tunnel and DOWN further until you reach a trashed room. TAKE CASE standing here to find a MAC-10 inside. Walk SOUTH into a back room and apart from the dead bodies, you also find a survey charge. TAKE CHARGE and walk back NORTH into the trashed room. Climb UP to the entrance of the tunnel and UP again to return to the riverside.

Go SOUTH to the broken fence and SOUTH again to the white square.  Walk WEST to the one-lane bridge and go WEST again to find the gateman. Walk further WEST to the entrance of the temple and USE MAC 10 to shoot the priests (25/25). You can now walk further WEST into a computer room. There are computers here and you find a guitar. TAKE GUITAR and USE CHARGE to set a bomb in the room.

Walk EAST to leave the room and EAST again to Gateman Place. USE MAC 10 to shoot the gateman and he’ll explode. Walk NORTH to go beyond the gate and NORTH again along the path to your freedom.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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