You landed in a cavern and need to find a way out.

On the west side is an ill lit room so go WEST. You’re in a command center now. There’s a battered computer. OPEN COMPUTER to see what’s inside and reveal a motivator. GET MOTIVATOR (12/12). There’s another room to the NORTH that will take you to a kitchen.

Look around and OPEN FRIDGE. Inside you’ll find a turkey. TAKE TURKEY (5/17) and walk  NORTH into  a walkway. Now you can see a lift and barracks. Go WEST into the barracks and find the beds and a small desk next to it. EXAMINE DESK to examine the desk and see a small closed drawer. OPEN DRAWER to see what’s inside and finda clipping. TAKE CLIPPING (15/32) from the drawer and EXAMINE CLIPPING to see the danger you’re in.

Go EAST to the walkway and EAST again to reach the lift. Since the lift can only go one way, go DOWN. The lift crashes down and the only way is OUT into the hangar. Walk NORTH to the other hangar. In this hanger you find a bed with a plastic box on it. OPEN BOX to see there’s a sandwich inside. TAKE SANDWICH (5/37) and walk further NORTH. In this third hangar you find a spaceship and a launch tunnel. EXAMINE SPACESHIP to see that the socket for the motivator is empty.

PUT  MOTIVATOR IN SOCKET to fix the large ship and ENTER SPACESHIP. The control panel is pretty clear so PUSH BUTTON (23/60) to launch the ship and set course to another planet.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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  1. I can’t put the motivator in the socket. It keeps giving me an error message:

    [TADS-1026: wrong number of arguments to user function “.”]

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