You must follow the lead.

Look around in the room. On the wall is a note. Take the NOTE and look at the note in your inventory. Use the door north to get to the next room and find Amber on the floor. Apparently it was a setup. Now that you’re trapped, you need to find a way out of the house.

Look around the hall again and read the sign on the wall. Use the door north to return to Amber and talk to her. Ask her how to get out and she’ll tell you about the secret passage. But the only thing she tells you is ‘William’. Then she stops responding.

Use the door on the right and in the hall use the stairs to go to the top floor. Use the door on the right to enter the library and look at all the books. There’s one on the second shelf from the bottom, third cabinet from the right. It’s the selected works of W. Shakespeare. That’s a William! Take the BOOK and look at it in your inventory.


While going through the book, a piece of PAPER falls out and looking at the paper, you see a map of some kind with a line and words written on it. Walk to the left to leave the library and back in the hall you’ll hear a scream from Amber. Walk to the lower right to go down the stairs. Go to the left to return to Amber. But she’s gone. Look at the blood on the floor and the text on the wall.

Walk south and to the right into the dining room. There are statues of Greek gods on the desk on the left. Touch the statues to have a closer look. In front of the statues are buttons in the desk. You need to push them in the correct order.

Leave the statues and walk south to leave the dining room. Use the door north to return to where Amber was and go to the right to enter the hall. Use the stairs to go up and use the door on the right to return to the library. To the right and one shelf higher is a book about mythology. Take the BOOK and look at the book in your inventory. Read all about the Greek gods and learn their Roman equivalent names.

Walk to the left to leave the library and in the corridor walk to the lower right to go down the stairs. Walk left into the living room, south to the hall and use the door on the right into the dining room. Use the small statues again. Use the text you saw earlier on the wall: damn v to determine the order. d=diana=artemis,  a=apollo=apollo, m=mercury=hermes, n=neptune=poseidon and v=venus=aphrodite. So number the statues from left to right from 1 to five and press the order 3, 4, 2, 5 and 1. You won’t see any buttons move but after the right sequence you’ll hear a rattling sound.

Use the cabinet under the figurines to find a KEY and take it out. Walk south to leave the dining room and to the left into the hall. Another sound. Use the door north to the lounge and go to the right to the staircase. Climb the stairs and use the key on the first door on the left to unlock it. Use the door to enter the bedroom.

Now quickly take the BABY OIL from the cabinet on the left and use the oil on the latch of the door you just entered. Quickly slide the latch to bolt the door. The Stranger is not able to enter the room now. Pick up the DIARY from the bedside cabinet and read it.  After reading, use the door to leave the room. Find a shard of GLASS on the floor. Pick it up and  use the door next to the bedroom on the left and look around the room.

On the wall is a colorful tapestry. Use the glass to cut the tapestry and reveal a safe behind it. Use the safe to find that you need a six digit code. The only numbers we know are from the diary. One entry was about Amber’s mothers birthday the next day. So calculate the birthday and enter 061644. You take the LOCKET and a piece of PAPER out. In your inventory combine the two pieces of paper and look at them. It’s a map. Take the pen from your inventory and use it on the map to make the lines meet.

The lines point to the dining room. Walk to the right to enter the corridor and go to the lower right to go down the stairs. Walk left into the dining room, south to the hall and use the door on the right to enter the dining room. Look at the head of the moose. Use the head to make the eye pop out. Look at the head again to find the mechanism. Now only to find something that fits in there.

In your inventory look at the locket to see the amethyst at the front. Use the glass shard to pry to STONE from the locket. Use the amethyst on the mechanism in the head of the moose and open the secret passage. You’re free.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

1. Get the note pinned to the wall.
2. Read the note, and go North.
3. Watch the cutscene.
4. Look at the writing on the wall. Go back north.
5. Talk to Amber. Ask her what is going on, and then tell her the doors are locked. She’ll mention that there is a secret passage. She also says “William”. After this you won’t be able to talk to Amber anymore.
6. Go east. Climb up the stairs.
7. In the corridor, take the door on your right.
8. You are inside the library. Search the bookshelves by examining each book.
9. When you find the book called “Selected Works of W. Shakespeare”, take it. This is the William Amber is talking about.
10. Examine the book, you’ll find one piece of a map. Examine it and you’ll notice some writing there which says DAMN V. Who is V?
11. Leave the library. You’ll hear a scream, so head downstairs.
12. Go back to Amber. You’ll discover that she has disappeared.
13. Go back to the front room, and then head west towards the dining room.
14. Inside the dining room, examine the five figurines on the desk to the left. You will notice that they are greek gods. There are five buttons corresponding to each Greek God, you need to click them in the correct sequence, so now you’ve got to find out what that sequence is.
15. Go back to the library. Get the book on Mythology. Take note of the Roman names for the Greek Gods:

Aphrodite = Venus
Hermes = Mercury
Artemis = Diana
Apollo = Appollo
Poseidon = Neptune

15. Back at the dining room. Remember “DAMN V”? Well, that’s the sequence of the buttons to push according to the ROMAN names of the Greek Gods. Therefore, click the buttons in this order: Artemis, Apollo, Hermes, Poseidon,Aphrodite). If you click any thing out of order you have to start again.
16. You’ll hear a mechanism unlocking. You can now open the cabinet below the figurines. Pick up the key inside.
17. Go up the staircase and back to the corridor. Pick up the glass shard. Unlock the bedroom door (first door on your left) and go inside.
18. The following needs to be done quickly. If you’re too slow, The Stranger will break into the room and kill you. If you try locking the door you’ll realise that the key suddenly won’t turn. Try to use the bolt on the door.
19. Pick up the baby oil at the end of the room.
20. Use the baby oil on the bolt. Use the bolt.
21. Once The Stranger has gone, pick up the journal by the bedside. Read it. Take note of the third entry where Amber talks about her mother’s sixtieth birthday.
22. Go outside and into the study (second door on the left).
23. Examine the tapestry. Use the glass shard on it to cut it open and reveal a safe.
24. Open the safe. You’ll be asked for a six digit passcode. Remember the journal entry dated 06.15.04? It says that her mother’s 60th birthday is the next day. The passcode is Amber’s mother’s date of birth – which is, doing some simple math – 061644.
25. Once you have opened the safe, get the locket and the other half of the map.
26. Combine the two halves of the map.
27. Use the pen on the new map.
28. Examine the map. You’ll discover that the lines intersect in the dining room, so you’ve got to head downstairs again.
29. Go to the dining room. Examine the moose head.
30. Touch the moose’s head and you’ll pop out his eye accidentally to reveal a mechanism in the socket.
31. Examine the locket in your inventory. Use the glass shard to remove the jewel.
32. Use the jewel on the moose’s head.

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  1. Music stolen from various sources… the one playing in the 2nd room is ripped from Descent’s credits. Also, pathetic graphics, poor story, really bad interface. GTFO with this, thief.

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