Now that you’re locked up, you need to find a way to get out.

Feel on the shelfs on the left and take the BAG OF POWDER. Next to it you can feel a SANDER. Take this as well.  In front of the shelves on the floor is a body. You can feel something in the back pocket. Use the back pocket to take the KNIFE out.

Feeling on the floor, right behind the shelves you can feel a handle. When you pick it up you can feel it’s a SLEDGEHAMMER. Feeling further to the right you notice a vent that’s turning on and off at times.

Feel furter and you notice the door but using it you find it locked. Next to the door is a panel that you can use. See if you can figure out the code. Use the panel to feel it in close up.


Feel the base of the panel to figure out the basics of the unit. Numbers 1 to 0 and enter and cancel.

[Since the code is random, here are only the techniques to find the code]

Use the first button three times follows by enter (the wide one on the left under the display). You’ll hear a confirming beep, either or not followed by several shorter beeps. These shorter beeps are the indication that that number is in the code. Repeat this for the other buttons until you know which buttons are in the code.

Brute force the code with the buttons you found to try them in different orders. There are 6 possible different orders: 123, 132, 213, 231, 312 and 321. One of these orders with the buttons that provided the shorter beeps must result in opening the door. Multiple beeps on one button means multiple occurences of that number in the code and thus even simplifying the solution.

With the right code … the unit explodes thus leaving the door useless as exit. But something fell to the ground. Feel what’s there and notice the WIRES. Pick them up. Feel at the desk on the left. There’s only one drawer unlocked. Use the drawer and take the TOOLBOX out.

Look at the toolbox in your inventory. Use the box to have a closer look at the lock.

[Since the code is random, here are only the techniques to find the code]

Turn the lock to the right until you hear a rattle instead of a click. This means you got the first position right. Turn the lock left until you hear the rattle again. Then turn the lock left again until you hear the third rattle. The turn the lock to the right until you hear the fourth rattle. Pull the lock down and the toolbox is open. Use the toolbox to open the lid and feeling inside you take the SCREWDRIVER. Return to the main room.

Look at the window on the left.  You feel no wind coming through when you feel. Use your cane on the window to find a weak spot. But waht to use to get through this?

In your inventory use the knife on the bag of powder. Taste the open bag to find it’s basic FLOWER. Feel the sander. It’s cold. Smelling it you don’t smell fumes and using it, it rattles thus you conclude it’s broken. Use the screwdriver on the sander to open it and find the wires messed up.

Use the spare wires on the sander and use the screwdriver again to close the machine. Look at the wall again above the desk. There’s a pipe and it has condensation. Listen to the pipe and find there’s water running through. Use the sledgehammer on the pipe to make a hole. Now there’s water coming out.

Use the bag of flour on the water to create a glue. Use your knife on the glue to stick it on the handle. Use the glued knife on the sander. Use the sander with knife on the vent when it’s blowing to dry and harden the glue. Use the sander with knife on the weak spot on the window to break it. Use the open window to escape.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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