After hours in the store your car got vandalized.

Stephen arrives and suggests to go to the club to find a girlfriend. He enters the club while you should drive back to your car. But first you pick up the TRASHCAN in front of the club. Use the doorbell of the club and when the guard arrives talk to him.

You need a club card that cost €5,-. But you don’t have the money. Use the doorbell of the neighbours and keep pushing it until a lady comes out and throws the iron through the car. Pick up the MIRROR from the ground. Walk to the right until you reach the St. Croche.

Talk to the dude and learn that he wants to buy grass. Talk to the bongo player. Not the friendly type. Talk to the tourists and they’ll make a PICTURE of you. Walk to the south to return to the Scribe Theatre. Use the car to find the iron but you only strip the WIRE. Then you’ll get in the car and drive to your own car.


On the wall to the right of your car is IVY hanging on the wall. Use the mirror on the plant to cut it and use the oil on the plant to make it greasy. Then use the mirror again on the grease plant to make it look like grass.  Talk to the Chinese girl and try to buy the flashlight. Too expensive. Try to give her something and she’ll tell you she needs something to support the tray.

Use the blue car again to get back to the club. Walk to the right and give the grass to the dude. He’ll give you SOME MONEY. Walk to the south to return to the club and use the doorbell of the club. The guard will ask again for the clubcard and this time you can give him the money. He’ll give you the CLUBCARD. You’re in the club.

Inside Bastox will start talking to you and won’t stop. Talk to him and he’ll give you an IRON SAMPLE. Show him the trashcan and he’ll suggests it’s an instrument. Talk to the bartender, ask her name and order a RUM. Talk to the gorilla next to the door. His name is Roberto. Ask him where you can find the restroom.

Walk to the left and enter the hall. You meet Steven. Talk to him and ask him if he remembers his car. You have to return the keys and you’ll end outside. Steven is in shock. Use the mirror with the cord of the iron to unravel it. Use the copper wire on the iron sample to make a coil and use that on the bare wires near the front door. You have the KEYS back.

Talk to Bastox and tell him what Steven did. That’ll keep them busy for a while. Use the doorbell of the club to go inside again and talk to Pussy. She doesn’t like a joke. Walk to the left and in the hall talk to the slut. No luck with the ladies tonight.

Walk to the right and look at the toilet door. There’s something running from the gap at the bottom. Use the door to find the toilet occupied. Use the oil in your inventory on your own picture. You look like Conan now. Use the greased picture on the gap under the door and the toilet’s free. Use the toilet to enter.

Take the TOILET PAPER and the TOILET SEAT. Take the CHAIN from the reservoir and use the toilet paper on the toilet to make a mess. Leave the toilet on the south and use your money on the vending machine to get the CONDOM out. Walk to the south two more times and talk to the chubby girl at the bar. Then talk to the gorilla. Tell him the toilet is clogged. He’ll walk away and you have a moment to take the KEG with beer on the left. But be quick otherwise you have to clog the toilet again.

Walk to the right to exit the club. Walk to the right and on the square give the trashcan to the bongoplayer. You’ll get the BONGO in return. Walk back to the south and  use the Clio to get to your own car. Give the chain to the Chinese girl and you’ll get the FLASHLIGHT. Time to fix the car.

Use the bongo on the car and there’s your seat. Use the keg on the car as a new wheel. Use the toilet seat as a steering wheel. Use the flashlight as a headlight. Use the oil and the rum together and you have diesel. Use it on the car and you’re ready to go.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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