You are bored. Maybe read a book?

Look at your desk. Look at the paper. Read about the missing man. Go over to the bookcase. At the bottom shelf on the right is a box. Take the box with your LOCKPICKING TOOLS.

Look at the books. Take a book. Nah… you’ll prefer watching the rain. Then there’s the note under the door. Pickup the NOTE and read it. You’re wanted in the park Baldie. Use the door to leave the office.

Walk to the street on the left and you’ll reach a map. Select the park on the lower middle. Walk to the right to enter the park and when you’re almost there you’ll hear gunshots. Walk further to the right to check it out and find Baldie on the ground.


Talk to Baldie and you find out that the killer was a man in black with sunglasses and he’s called The Don. He went into the park. Use Baldie to search his pockets and find a MEMBERSHIP CARD for the Blue Parrot. Below the streetlamp is a book of MATCHES. Pick them up also. Look at the matches and they are also from the Blue Parrot. Better check it out there.

Walk to the left until you reach the map again. Select the Blue Parrot club just across the street of the park. As you arrive there you can just see a man in a black suit enter the club. Use the membership card on the front door of the club to enter.

The bar is very empty. Walk up the stairs and use the door to reach the hallway. At the end is another door where you can hear voices.

After your close escape examine the bookcase. On the right side are a few little statues. When you use the left one, a secret room will be revealed. Use the secret room.

Look at the metal box on the left. It’s a safe. To the right of the metal box, almost at floor level is a little hole. Use the lockpicking tools on the hole to open the safe. Look inside and take some of the DIAMONDS out to show The Don as evidence.

Leave the safe and leave the secret room. Use the door on the left to pay The Don a visit.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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