You’re locked in your cell for quite some time now. And you want to get out before you’re getting crazy. At least you can then stop talking to that stain, a stain you named Lily.

Take the PLATE from the floor. Under it is a FORK. Take that too. Time to leave. The only problem is that you’re in a strap-jacket so barely can move. Use the board on the jacket to pop one arm out of place and you can unstrap yourself. Then you can use the fork on the hatch to see if you can open it. The hatch opens but is still to small for you to get through. Kill yourself then?

Suddenly someone talks to you. At first you think it’s Lily, but then you realize it’s someone from the other side of the hatch. He’s willing to help and gives you. He’ll give you a GADGET that can make things bigger, a SUIT to change your clothes. You’re then told about your power to ‘feel’ your surroundings.

‘Feel’ the wall with your power icon. On the right side, two tiles from the bottom row, you can suddenly feel a crack in the wall. Use the fork on that spot to remove the grout and tiles. A crack is revealed. Not big enough to go through, but that’s where the device comes in. Use the gadget on the crack and it will grow. Now there’s a hole to climb through.


Take a look around and look at the dead scientist. He has a notepad in his hand with the first page missing. Look at the broken wire and broken light at the ceiling. Use your ‘power’ to repair the wire and do the same with the light. Then use the ladder to go down.

You’re in some sort of service area. The pipe that was used to throw the front page in doesn’t show anything except for that crack. Use the device to make it bigger and a NOTE is revealed. Then you have to cross that blue goo and it seems that you can only use the teleporter pads. But the computer doesn’t work. Use your ‘power’ again to repair it and then use the teleporter pad to go to the other side.

On the ceiling is a broken wire that you can repair with your ‘power’ again and you’re now able to open the door. Again a new room to break out of.

Look at the spinning orb. Use it to get another symbol. It’s a good thing you had the directions from the note. Look further around. Use the bloodstains on the wall and use your ‘power’ to read the symbol in the center of the wall. Look at the yellow panel next to the door.

Look at panel 1 and use it to place the symbol you learned from the orb. Look at panel 2 and use the symbol you got from the dead scientist’s note. Look at panel 3 and use the symbol you learned from the bloody wall. For panel 4 you need to use your power to see if you can sense what the last person used as a symbol. Use panel 4 to fill it with the right symbol.

Exit the panel again and a zombie will walk towards you. At the last minute you walk through the door and close it behind you. Talk to the scientist and learn… not much more. Open the red door to the closet and hang the black suit from your inventory on the hanger. You’ll try on the suit, it’s too small but you find a chip in one of the pockets. Use the scanner at the door on the right and it appears to be an iris-scanner. Your eye doesn’t work. Use the gadget on the scientist to make his brain grow. The skull will crack open and you have an EYE. Use the eye on the scanner and another door is opened!

Welcome to your new freedom. It’s meatloaf tonight… is it?

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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