You, Felicia, must rescue Henry and stop Margaret from destroying the world. Walk to the right and you’ll see a log. Look at it and find an AXE. Take the axe and walk to the north where you reach a little village. There aren’t many houses you can visit. Only two.

Go to the one in the front on the left. Take the left door of the house. It’s the house of Reverend Allyson. In the living room isn’t much to see so use the door on the left. Find the Reverend… dead. You freak out and run off.

Follow the path to the north out of town and walk through the forrest to the right until you reach a pool of mud. Look at the mud and use your hands to remove some of it to reveal a KEY. Walk to the left again until you reach the villiage. Return to the house and to the room on the left and look at the man. Look at the light and take the LAMP. Leave the room and leave the house.

Go to the house on the end of the path on the right, near the smoke. When you see the back garden you can see where the smoke comes from. Look at the bot. Walk to the left to take the back door into the house.


It’s the Murray’s residence and when you look at the desk, you find the lid is locked. Use the key on the desk and open it. Inside you find a diary. Look at it and learn what’s inside. In the middle of the room is something hidden under a sheet. Take the sheet off and find the torso of a bot. Then walk to the cabinet on the right and slide the top door open. Take one of the VIALS filled with blood with you. Leave the room on the left again.

In the garden with the bot still smoking, walk to the south and follow the path to the north. Walk to the right, past the pool of mud till you can see a mansion. Then you’ll find Martin Safford on the grass, dying. Learn from his story and follow your way to the right. You’ll finally reach the mansion. Use the front door to enter.

Go up the stairs and to the right. Look at the doors and since the middle one looks like the only one used recently, use the middle one too. You’ll get into some kind of study. All the way to right is a bookcase with some books. Take the heavy JOURNAL out and have a look at it. Look at your journal in the inventory to find a metal PLATE inside the book. Leave the room on the left side and walk to the left back again to the hallway. Go down the stairs and up the stairs on the left side.

Use the door on the left to find Henry locked behind it. Talk to Henry and learn about the machine. You must stop it. Use the door on the right to enter Margaret’s study. Look at all cabinets. Either locked or empty. Go to the one on the upper right and use the metal plate you found in the book on the cabinet. So this is the machine!

Look at the machine and discover an empty slot for a third vial of blood. Use the vial you carry on the empty slot, press the green button and the machine is harmless. Leave the room through the door on the left and go back to the door with Henry behind it. Use the axe to break the lock open. Open the door and meet Hendry again.

But also Margaret. When you have only one chance to defeat her, use the heavy book and throw it at her. That’ll do it for now. Talk to Henry and follow him to your new life.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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