The station in Sirkeci:

You need to speak to Mr. Poirot. Try to talk to him and he’ll walk away. The salesman at the cutlery stand is blocking your path and wants to know from you which knife is better: the on ein his left or the one is his right hand. Tell him it’s in his left hand and they’ll step aside.

Talk to Mr. Poirot again and he’ll walk away again. Each time try to follow him. Again two men are in your path. This time it’s an arguement about potterie. Talk to the men to hear what they are talking about. They insist you get two tiles: one Kythya and one Iznik tile. Walk back to where you saw the goats and on the lower left corner is a ceramic stand. When you walk to it, you’ll see a large vase in the center of the screen. Select that to get a close up of the stand. Take the BOWL from the stand and walk back to the two men arguing. Give them the bowl and they’ll step aside. You can continue to chase Mr. Poirot.

Again, your path is blocked, this time by two ladies. One of them has lost her parasol and suffers from the sun. Leave the ladies and walk back to where the two men were discussing the tiles. There’s a cart with sacks of GRAIN. Take some of it and walk further back to the goats. Take a closer look at the one near the barrels. Right click to open the inventory and select the grain from it. The click on the ‘return’ icon in the lower right corner and when holding the grain over the goat, you can feed him. The goat will step aside revealing the parasol. Take it and walk back to the two ladies. Give them the parasol and you can pass again.

Walk further to the south and try to catch up with Mr. Poirot again. Again someone in need. It’s Greta Ohlsson. She needs to go to the station but is lost. Tell her you can take her. She’ll follow you. Walk further and again some people in a discussion. They want to know if you’ll also be on the train and they want to get to know you better. Mr. Ratchett keeps talking and won’t let you pass until you threaten him never to let him on the train again. He’ll step aside.

Select the doors of Sirkeci Station and enter. Inside, walk to the left and keep walking until you bump into Mr. Poirot. You’ll hear a bit of conversation between a man and a Mary… Walk to the right and follow the red rope of the queue line. At the end is the ticket inspector and you’ll give him your ticket. Greta can’t find her ticket and stays behind. Walk to the train platform.

Walk to the left and find Mr. Poirot again. Walk towards him and you can overhear them talking about the train being full. Seems there’s no place for Mr. Poirot. Talk to Pierre and tell him create a solution. He’ll give you the manifest to show there’s no room left. 

Talk to Mr. Poirot and tell him you’re at his service. Then talk to Pierre again and tell him to give your room to Mr. Poirot. You’ll use the Salon Car. Mr. Poirot suggests you take the extra bed with Mrs. Ohlsson and you’re ready to leave.

The start of the journey:

Talk to Mr. Poirot and discuss all the tables and people sitting there. He’ll test you to see what you can tell about the characters. It doesn’t matter what you answer, all is correct.

Mr. Poirot will have a conversation with Mr. Ratchett and when you’re in Belgrade and want to leave the train for a while, the chef will pass by complaining about the absence of bacon.

On the platform walk to the left and see how someone hurries to get on the train. Walk further to the left and then to the two men standing next to the fountain. It’s Colonel Arbuthnot and Mr. MacQueen. Talk to them a bit and ask if there are any others on the station. The two men will leave again. Walk further to the right until you see a woman sitting on a bench. The hooded woman will stand up and walk away. Look at the bench where she was behind the tree. She was seeing the man off who boarded earlier. Walk to the south of the screen and you’ll reach the front of the train. Two men are talking.

It’s Tayyib and Pierre. Talk to Pierre and ask him about the bacon and how many people boarded. Then ask for the weather report. Talk to the technician and ask him if the weather isn’t a problem. It isn’t. Walk over to the crates behind the men, on the cart. Look closer at the boxes and conclude that you can’t read the labels. It’s Serbian. Walk back to Pierre and aks him to translate for you. Take him to the boxes and look at every box until you’ve found the box with bacon for Klaus.

When Greta leaves for the toilet, you are outside in the hallway. Move your mouse to the top of the screen and select the Salon Car. Walk to the south of the screen and then to the small corridor. Right after that is the bar. Go there and look around. Since you have to listen at the doors you’re going to need some equipment to do so. Take the ICE TONG from the top rail and you can take 5 GLASSES (the ones on the left) from the lower rail.

Open the drawer and take the TAPE and NAPKINS out. Leave the bar the same route you came: start to the north, then throught the little corridor and then to the south. Go to the north and enter the Calais Coach. Walk to the south and use the class on every coupe door you can:

1-2: Masterman & Foscarelli
3-4: MacQueen
5-6: Schmidt & Debenham
7-8: Ohlsen & yourself
9: Poirot
10: Ratchett
11: Hubbard
12: The Countess
13:The Count
14: The Princess
15: Arbuthnot
16: Hardman

Once you’re at the last compartment, Michel will ask you what you’re doing. You make up a story and he’ll believe you. When he walks away use the black silhouette cursor on him to follow him. He’ll notice you and then you’ll follow at a bit bigger distance. You’ll end up in the baggage car and Michel will ask you if you were following him. Tell him you found the door unlocked and you’ll both leave the baggage car. Michel will lock up and you can return to your own cabin. Select the Calais Coach from the train at the top of the screen and once in that train, walk to the south to your own room (#7). Enter and find Greta back. Time to get some sleep.

During the night, the train has to stop for an avelanche. At one point you hear someone screen from the cabins. Greta will ask if it was a cry. Tell her it’s probably nothing. You’ll check it out. Walk to the south and leave the room. You can see Michel answering one of the doors.  Leabe the room again and then y you’ll hear Michel talking to the lady in coupe 11. Once you hear a thud you check it out again. This time you can see a woman in a red dress walking away. Once again you leave the room and check if Michel is there. He’s not. Walk to the south and talk to Michel. Ask him about the woman in the scarlet kimono. He didn’t see her. Ask everything you can and also about the noise. He can’t help you. Return to your own room.

Murder on the Orient:

During the conversations Michel will ask you to go to Poirots cabin. Talk to him once you get there. He’ll tell you about the murder of Mr. Ratchett. Appeal to Mr. Poirot to investigate. Tell him you fear for your job and he’ll ask you to investigate. Tell him you’ll gladly accept the challenge. Dr. Constantine will take you next door.

Look at everything and take all you can take: on the floor is a HANDKERCHIEF. Look outside the window and see the footsteps in the snow. Look at the window ledge and an even closer look at the handle.  That must how the killer got away. Look at the body. Take the blanket away and take the POCKET WATCH out. It stopped at 1:15. Look at the pillow and find a gun underneath. Take the GUN. Then take a closer look at the night stand. Take the FALSE TEETH, the GLASS, the STATUE and the CIGAR, including the two MATCHES and the burnt piece of PAPER. Then look at the luggage rail. In his suitcase were clothes. Under the clothes you find a bottle of SLEEPING DRAUGHT. Turn around and look at the coat. In the pocket you’ll find a MATCHBOX. Take the HAT from the peg. Below the hat, on the floor is a PIPECLEANER.

Examine the found objects in your inventory very closely. You should notice the code in the hat, the letter in the handkerchief, the smudge on the glass and the matches being different. The flat one didn’t come from the matchbox.

Turn back to the doctor and talk to him. Ask about the wounds, the type the characteristics of the wounds etc. Also the possibilitie of two murderers. When there’s nothing more to ask, talk to the doctor again to tell him you’ll update Mr. Poirot.

With Mr. Poirot you go over all clues again and he’ll add some pointers as well. To make the burnt paper readable, he wants some items. Move the mouse to the top of the screen and select the restaurant car. Walk all the way to the other end of the car and find a little SPIRIT STOVE on the table between the candles. Take it and select the Calais Train from the top of the screen again.

Go to the room of Schmidt & Debenham (#5/6), the others as closed. This one is not locked and you can look through the items here. On the luggage rail is a hat frame but it’s not of the wire mesh. In Schmidt’s suitcase you find a BOX. Closer inspection tells you these are recipe cards. In Debenhams suitcase you find a HANDKERCHIEF but with another inscription. Below the luggage rail next to the table you find another hat box. This one is also not the right type.

Leave the room and go to your own room (#7/8). Walk inside and look at the hat box next to the table. Open it and find the correct mesh. Take the HAT FRAME. Leave the room and go to the cabin of Hubbard. Look at the luggage rail and go through the suitcase. You’ll find a LETTER and store it for later. Look at the hatbox and find it is the wrong type. On the floor below the luggage is a BUTTON. Take it and look at it. It appears to be of an uniform. Leave the room and try the other coaches. The one left is the one of the Princess (#14). On the couch next to the door is a hatbox. Open it and take this HAT FRAME as well.

Open the suitcase on the luggage rail and find a box under the clothes. It’s a puzzlebox.

The solution to the puzzlebox:

Small side bottom –> left 
Small side top –> right
Long side –> up
Small side top –> left
Small side bottom –> right
Long side –> up
Small side top –> left
Small side bottom –> right
Small side top –> down
Top panel –> left

Take the LOCKET out and close the suitcase again. Use the door between the compartments to go to the other room (#15).

Look at the luggage rail and open the suitcase. In there you find a packet of PIPECLEANERS. Leave the room and try the last one, #16. It’s the cabin of Mr. Hardman. Browse through his luggage on the rail and under his clothes you find a leather SACK. On the couch is a small wooden box. Inside you find typewriter RIBBONS. Take one out. Leave the room again and go to the cabin of Mr. Poirot. Let’s see if we can read the burnt paper.

Walk to cabin #9 and enter it. We must create the device Mr. Poirot described. On his desk are curling TONGS. Take these and open the inventory.

In your inventory, several items need to be combined. Click on the bag-icon and select the tong. Then click on the gear-icon and place the tong in one of the four squares on the left. The select the bag-icon again and select the burnt paper from the list. Select the gear-icon again and put the burnt paper in one of the three remaining squares on the left. Then click the gears in the middle and your combined object will be in the square on the right.

Do the same for both hat frames and the just created tong/paper combination. Now the paper will be between the two hat frames.

Combine the spirit lamp and the matchbox to light the lamp.  

Leave the inventory and talk to Mr. Poirot to tell him you’ve got everything you need. You’ll be given a worktable on which you can put the items. Start with the hat frames. Then put the lamp next to it…

Part two: The evidence: 

The coal tender is damaged by the avalanche and must be repaired quickly to prevent everybody from freezing to death. Enter room #10 again and walk towards the window. Follow the man standing outside in the snow. It’s Mr. Hartman. When you see Mateo and ask him if he has seen anything, he hasn’t. Use the door to the exterior of the train. Walk towards the front of the train and inspect every coach. When you come to the coal tender and look underneath, you can see the missing piece of pipe.

Go to the loc and climb in. Talk to the man sitting there and he is obviously in pain. He’s hungry. But he can’t eat because he’s missing his teeth. You offer him the teeth of Mr. Ratchett. He can eat again. You want the hammer but the man wants a proper replacement in return. Take the leather sack from your inventory and give it to the man. Now you can have the HAMMER. When turning back, also take a piece of CHOAL from the tender.

Leave the loc and tender and walk back towards the end of the train. Enter the Paris-Athens coach again and work your way towards the front of the train, this time checking each room. Start at #16, an empty one. Walking towards the window you can see a radio but it has no power. Leave the cabin for now. Enter #15 (Matteo) and find a BOOK on morse code on the bench. On the table is a PASSPORT.

Turn around and use the door in between the rooms. You’re in room #14 (empty), viewing from the top. Under the bed you can see a pair of SNOW SHOES. They are broken however but maybe you can find some use for it. Looking close up you can see a smear on one of them. Leave the room through the door on the north, back to the hall. Enter room #13 ( and look at the coat behind the door. You can read the label in it. Open the suitcase in the luggage rail above it and from under the clothes you take an ANNOUNCEMENT for a speech. Looking closer at it you see it’s about medicine. On the table is a PASSPORT.

Use the door separating the rooms #13 and #12 and again you see a top view. On the floor near the window is a LETTER torn to pieces. You must first puzzle it together. When done you place the letter in your scrapbook. Leave the room, walk to the left and enter room #10, since #11 is locked. On the table is the PASSPORT of Tayyip. That’s all you can find in #10. Leave the room and enter next door, #9 where Klaus is located. Browse through his suitcase in the luggage rail and find his PASSPORT. You can look further but there’s nothing else of interest.

Move one cabin to the south, room #7/8, which should be empty. Walk towards the window and look at the railing on the left. There are some prints on it. Also look at the flowervase. Interesting too. Turn around and open the door on the right to the bathroom and look around there. When you’re standing in front of the washbasin you can look down into a cupboard and when you open the door you find a pair of PLIERS. Take these. Use the door on the right to enter cabin #5/6. Nothing to find here. Leave the cabin and go back to the hallway.

Walk to the north and check out room #3/4, where the fireman should stay. On the couch is a pair of GLOVES and on the table is a PASSPORT. Other than that there’s nothing. Use the door on the right to check the bathroom but you’ll find nothing and when you use the door on the right to go to room #1/2, you won’t find anything either. Leave the room again.

Since we’ve searched all cabins, in the hallway move to the top of the screen and select the Calais coach. Since you could only get out through the window, you’re in Mr. Ratchett’s room. Leave the room and go to the hallway. Walk to the north and talk to Michael. Ask him the key of the baggage car. You’ll receive the spare KEY. Also ask for the key of the Paris-Athens coach and you’ll get Michael’s KEY.

Select the restaurant car from the top of the screen and walk to the south through the restaurant car until the end. Walk past the buffet and use the key to unlock the door to the baggage car. Open the door and enter the car. Step forward and directly on your right (viewers left) are containers with food. On top of the crate with the green items is another crate. Looking at them is quite interesting. In front of the crate with green items is another large box on a pallet. It’s closed with four nails. Use the hammer from your inventory to remove them and notice that they were quite loose. Open the crate to find a pair of SNOWSHOES. Looking at the label shows another quite interesting detail.

Walk further to the south and look at the clipboard on your left. It’s the cargo manifest and shows what was loaded where. Look at the other side and find some barrels. One with vinegar, one with olive oil and one with honey. Leave them and walk further. There’s a large door with a handle that is quite interesting according to Mr. Poirot. Try to open it and find the door locked. Select the Calais coach from the top of the screen and go back to room #10, Mr. Ratchett’s room.

Look through the window and step outside. Follow the footsteps and then walk to the left, all the way to the back of the train. Eventually the path will lead into the woods. Keep following the path and at the first intersection with a rock formation in the middle, keep to the right. Poirot will warn you that you need snowshoes. Open the inventory and select the snowshoes. Then click on the gear icon, put the snowshoes on the right and click on the gear again. This will separate the wire from the shoes. Select the shoes again and close the inventory. Then click the shoes on yourself. You can now move further to the right.

You encounter a wolf. Don’t be affraid, use your gun from the inventory to scare him off. No need to kill it. Walk further to the right. On the next screen you find a SPOUT on a tree. Take it with you and turn back since this is a dead end. Walk back to the left until you reach the intersection with the rock again. Go to the north here. You’re at a new intersection but keep walking to the left. At the wall turn left again and find another SPOUT. Take it. Walk back to the right and keep walking to the right until you find another wolf. Scare it with your gun as well. Walk further to the right and you’re at an intersection with a tree in front of you and a path leading left and right. Still you can look in front of you, left of the tree. When you’re looking in close up, you can see something in the snow. Pick it up and discover a KNIFE. Be careful for falling parts though!

Walk to the right again and you’ll reach a hut. Walk to the hut and use the door. Look at the bars on the window. One of them, the middle one seems loose. Use the hammer on the nails again and you have a metal BAR. Use the bar on the padlock and the door can be opened.

Inside the hut look around. On the bench is an UNIFORM. Take it and take a good look at it in your inventory. The uniform is small, there’s a button missing and it has a KEY in the back pocket. Go south in the hut to find a KNIFE on the chair. The stove has metal pipes that might be used to repair the train. Use the pliers on the PIPE to loosen them and take them. Walk back to the south and leave the hut again.

Outside use your snowshoes again and to get back to the train go south twice, at the tree south again, then south on the left part, south at the intersection, right at the deer, right at the intersection and at the intersection thereafter go south twice to reach the train again. Walk all the way to the front of the train and at the tender look under it. Take the pipe from the inventory, use it on the broken part of the train and the heat source is restored.

From the top of the screen select the Restaurant car and once there, walk to the other side of the car, to the buffet table. Look at all the items there and take the MENUCARDS and BUTTERKNIFE. Use the small corridor at the right of the buffet table and open the door on the left to the kitchen. The chef will stop you, irritated because there’s not enough vinegar and olive oil.

It’s a good thing the baggage car isn’t far away. Walk to the north and open the door to the baggage car. Walk all the way to the other end of the coach and use one of the spouts you found in the woods on the barrel of vinegar. The take one of the glasses from your inventory and use it on the spout. Now you have teh VINEGAR. Do the same with the OLIVE OIL.

Return to the south and return to the restaurant car to go back to the chef. Tell him you got the oil and vinegar and he’ll tell you he needs more vinegar. He’ll get it himself thus leaving his kitchen. Enter the kitchen and take the CLEAVER from the wooden worktop. In the drawer under the loaves of bread you can find a TURKEY BASTER and in the fridge is a carafe of ORANGE JUICE. Turn to the other side of the kitchen and take the bowl with BATTER. Leave the kitchen again.

In your inventory take the lump of coal and use the gear icon on the right. Place the coal in one of the four empty boxes on the left. Return to the inventory and take the hammer. Use the gear again and place the hammer in one of the three remaining boxes on the left. Then click on the gear in the middle and there will be COAL DUST in the box on the right. Take it and put it in one of the four empty ones on the left. Return to the inventory and take the turkey baster. Select the gear again, put the baster on one of the empty boxes on the left and use the gear in the middle again. The baster will be filled with powder now.

The Interrogations, passports and fingerprints:

Select the Calais car on the top of the screen and enter Room 1/2. Open the suitcase of Masterman and find a BOOK inside with love poems. Open Foscarelli’s suitcase to find a CHAUFFEURS LICENSE. Look at both in your inventory.

Talk to Mr. Masterman. Ask him everything you can, especially his FINGERPRINTS and his PASSPORT. After a lengthy interrogation, leave the room and move to the next through the door on the left, into the bathroom and to the left to room 3/4. On the couch is a briefcase. Take the PAPERS out and go further into the room. You won’t find anything in the suitcase on the baggage rail but question Mr. MacQueen to find out more. He talks an awfull lot! You’ll get his PASSPORT and FINGERPRINTS. When you’re done talking, leave the room and go to the next, room 5/6.

Walk further into the room and take the PASSPORT of Mrs. Debenham from the table. Then talk to Mrs. Schmidt. You’ll also get her PASSPORT and FINGERPRINTS. Listen also to her answers carefully to learn more about everyones whereabouts and motives. Take the door on the left to the bathroom and again the door on the left to go to room 7/8. Take the BIBLE from the table and search the suitcase of Mrs. Ohlson on the baggage rail.  You’ll find a POSTCARD from America. Read the text on it. Then talk to her and ask a lot of questions. Her PASSPORT and FINGERPRINTS are also given.

Leave the room again and go three doors further, room 11 of Mrs. Hubbard. With a bit of hesitation you’ll get her PASSPORT. She’ll also give her FINGERPRINTS. During questioning she’ll wander off. Look at the door leading to the other room. There’s something interesting on the knob. Use the turkey baster from the inventory to spry some coal and use the sellotape from your inventory to lift the FINGERPRINT. Leave the room. Enter room 12. Look at the suitcase in the baggage rail. There’s nothing of interest in it but when you look at the label on the side, you can see some initials behind it. Since there’s no one here, leave the room again via the bathroom and go to the next door, to room 13. Nothing of interest here as well. Leave the room and go to the hallway.

Enter room 14. Take the BRACELET and PASSPORT from the table and when you’ve done so, the Princess returns and you can question her. Ask the usual, her whereabouts, activities, friends etc and her FINGERPRINTS. Then, when done, use the door on the left to go to the other room, room 15.

Talk to Colonel Arburthnot.  He’ll give his PASSPORT and answer your questions. Also the FINGERPRINTS can be collected. When the man leaves, so can you. Go back to the hallway and walk further to the left to enter room 16 of Hardman. Take the PASSPORT from the table and leave again. Walk further to the south and question Michel sitting in the corridor. Take his FINGERPRINTS and then the Calais coach is done.

Use the key to unlock the door to the Paris-Athens coach and enter. Go into room #1, Luciens, and take his PASSPORT. There won’t be anything else. Use the door on the left to go to the room next door, Room #3-4 but you won’t find anything here. Leave again, try Room #5-6 but also this one is empty. Use the door on the left to go to the next room, room #7-8, via the bathroom. In here you find the vase. Use the turkey baster with powder and use the sellotape to collect the FINGERPRINT. When you look at the left there are handlebars. Use the same technique to get a FINGERPRINT from there as well. Leave the room again.

Go to room #9 where Klaus sleeps, but nothing to be found. Room #10 of the engineer is also empty and when you use the connecting door on the left, you find Mr. Hardman with a KEY. He’ll hand it to you. Look inside the suitcase on the baggagerail and under the clothes you find Pierre Michels PASSPORT and a PHOTOGRAPH.  Make sure you take a good look at it. Talk to Mr. Hardman and ask him everything you can. You’ll also take his FINGERPRINTS. When done talking, leave the room and go to room #12 to find nothing and use the connecting door to go to the next. Look at the coat to see the label inside. We’ve seen that before. Ask Constantine for his FINGERPRINTS. He’ll refuse at first, then cooperate. Leave the room and go to room #14.

Nothing to find here so use the connecting door and you’ll find room #15, Matteo’s, empty as well. Leave the room and walk further down the corridor. Enter the last room, room #16 and it’s also empty except for the powerless radio. Leave the room and go south. Talk to Matteo and take his FINGERPRINTS.  

Move the mouse to the top of the screen and select the Salon car. There will be a lot of people here to question and print. Walk to the south and talk to the first one you see. He’s not in the mood. Walk further and go to Mr. Foscareli. He’s playing cards. Talk to him, take his PASSPORT and FINGERPRINTS and ask everything you can.

Walk further into the Salon car. To your left is a bowl of ICE. Take it. Also take the big BOWL from the bar. Then talk to the bartender and take his FINGERPRINTS. Leave the bar, walk further to the south and talk to Mrs. Hubbard. She asks you to come back later. Go over to the couple at the table. Talk to the count and countess. Ask the count for his PASSPORT and FINGERPRINTS and ask all you can. Then talk to the countess and ask her FINGERPRINTS.

Walk further to the south and talk to Mrs. Debenham. Ask her all and ask her FINGERPRINTS as well. Leave them when you’re finished talking to them and move the mouse to the train at the top of the screen again. Select the baggage car, since the restaurant car is empty.

Walk to the north and look at the large crate below the one with the green food. Look at the label and you’ll get a good view of the side of the crate. Take the turkey baster from the inventory to dust the side and use the sellotape to lift the FINGERPRINT. On top of the crate with green food is one that was locked once with a padlock. Take a close look and take the FINGERPRINT from it. Walk further to the south and find Klaus. Ask him for his FINGERPRINTS. Walk to the north and look at the big emergency door. Look at the handle and use the turkey baster again together with the sellotape to lift another FINGERPRINT. Now take the small key from your inventory, the one Mr. Hardman gave you and unlock the door. Use the handle again and you can go to another compartment.

To your right is big crate. It’s sealed. Use the bar you took from the shed in the snow on the crate to break it open. Inside you find a makeshift bed. To the right are some books. Look at them and take the FINGERPRINT from the cover with the baster and the cellotape. Then take the UNIFORM from the bed. Look at the uniform and the size. There isn’t a button missing but the size is also petite. Look on top of the crate to the latch and take the FINGERPRINT from here as well.

On the other side of the room is a safe. Look at it. Now what numbers did we encounter that could open a safe. All we’ve seen is the one in his hat from the passage in the bible. It’s a good thing we found one in Greta’s suitcase. Look at the bible and the passage will be copied to your scrapbook. Open it and look at the document. Now the last part of that passage contained numbers. It’s six hundred threescore (being 3*20) [and] six. So turn the dial to the left by clicking left of the white knob in the middle until it reaches 6. Then turn the dial all the way to the right by clicking to the right of the dial until it reaches 6 again (keeping it pushed makes it turn faster). Finally push on the left of the dial again until the arrow on top points at the 6 again. You’ll hear a click and you can turn the brass handle to open the safe. Take the LETTER from the safe and open your scrapbook to have a look at it. It’s Ratchett’s confession.

Leave the safe and at the top of the screen select the Calais coach. Walk to the south and go to room #10, Ratchett’s room. Look out of the window, see the footsteps and climb out. We need a mould of the footsteps. Look in the snow. There’s a deep imprint. Use the bowl of cake batter from your inventory and pour it into the imprint. Then use the ice tong from your inventory to pick it up, otherwise the warmth of your hands will melt the FOOTPRINT CAST. In your inventory select the mould and click on the gear icon on the right. Then put the mould in any of the four squares on the left. Select the inventory again and take the ice bucket. Click the gear again and place it one of the three squares left. Then combine the two by using the gear in the center. Your cast is now on ice and can be taken inside.

Leave the imprint. We still need two people’s fingerprints! Walk all the way to the right through the snow untill you reach the coal tender. Talk to the fireman standing outside and ask for his FINGERPRINT. Then enter the engine  and talk to the engineer and talk to him. Ask for his FINGERPRINTS as well. Now we should have all passports and all peoples prints.

We still have to take some prints of some objects we took earlier. Go to the inventory and take the turkey baster. Click on the gear icon and put the baster on the left in one of the four squares. Select the tumbler from your inventory, followed by the gear icon and then put it in one of the left ones. Use the gear icon in the middle to combine them. Then put the coal dusted tumbler on the left and select the sellotape from the inventory and select the gear on the right. Put the tape in a square on the left and use the gear icon in the middle to lift the FINGERPRINT. Do the same with the broken padlock, the broken snowshoe and the stiletto.

Leave the engineer and go to the left. Walk along the train back to the room of Mr. Ratchett and climb inside again. Look at the window again, actually, below it. Use the turkey baster on the window sill and the sellotape to lift a FINGERPRINT. Leave his room and in the hallway go to the south. The shoeprint was of a man so we need to check out rooms #3-4 and #1-2 first, we can skip #9, #7-8 and #5-6 since these are all ladies (except for Poirot of course). Go to the room and open the closet. Use the bucket with ice and cast from the inventory and use this on the shoes untill you find a match. You’ll find a pair of shoes at the top in the closet in the corner of room #1-2 that will match the cast. In order to rule out any other prints matching, we need to go to rooms #13, #15 and #16. Remember what Mr. Hardman said about his identity? Look at the table and take his rel PASSPORT from underneath. There’s also the CREDENTIAL CARD and the LETTER from Ratchett. Select the train from the top of the screen and click on the Athens-Paris train.

Walk to the south and enter room #1-2 of Lucien. Open his closet to see if the shoes match the ice cast. Do the same for room #3-4, #9, #10, #11, #13 and #15.

Now that we know who the shoeprint belongs to, we need to do the same with the fingerprints. Go to the inventory and select the fingerprint icon. You now must match a fingerprint with each of the items. Work the bottom row from left to right and try to find a matching print in the top row. If you do, click on the magnifying glass in the middle. The matches you should make:

Stiletto – No match to any, but you still have to check each print
Flower Vase – Mary Debenham
Handle – Arbuthnot
Small Crate – Foscarelli
Doorknob – Ohlsson
Window Sill – Foscarelli
Security Room – Michel
Books – No match to any, but you still have to check each print
Empty Crate – Foscarelli
Ratchett’s Crate – MacQueen
Thick Tumbler – Masterman
Padlock – Matteo
Broken Snowshoes – Arbuthnot

Now that we’ve found all, we can return to Mr. Poirot and discuss the case with him. Select the Calais train from the top of the screen and go to room #9. Enter the room and talk to Mr. Poirot. Tell him everything you’ve found so far. He’ll be impressed and will tell you to question everyone again to use the evidence and find the murderer.

Part 3: Poirot sits back and think:

First let’s find every one. This coach is empty so let’s walk to the next: the Salon car. At the first table is Mr. MacQueen together with the Colonel. Talk to Mr. MacQueen. He’ll ask you out but you should refuse. Then talk to the Colonel. He’s not helpfull either.  Leave the table and walk to the other table where Mr. Foscarelli is (still) playing cards. Talk to him and confront him with the fact he’s the Armstrong driver. Ask him then more about the Armstrong family. Leave him and go to the north, to the other part of the Salon car.

On the couch is Ms. Hubbard. She has not much to add. The table next to her is Mr. Hardman. Talk to him and he’ll joke about you solving the case. Leave him and walk further south. The last one here is Ms. Debenham but she isn’t in the mood to talk.   Leave the Salon car and go to the Restaurant car. Walk south in the Restaurant car and find a man sitting alone at a table. Talk to the man, it’s Dr. Constantine. Ask him his whereabouts of last night. Leave him again and walk further to the south.

Walk to the table on the right where Mr. Masterman is sitting. He has some details to add to his previous story. Leave him and visit the table opposite of him, the count and countess. Talk to the count first, then to the countess. She can tell you quite a bit and has some revealing details. Leave them and walk further south.

On the right is the princess. Talk to her and learn more about the handkerchief. Turn to the other table and talk to Ms. Schmidt. Not much info from her. Walk further to the south and look on the left. Talk to Mrs. Ohlsson. She tells about her trip to America and the family she worked for. Leave her and finally talk to the waiter who doesn’t have time for you, just like Klaus when you talk to him in the kitchen.

Open your  scrapbook and look at the instructions from Poirot. One of the instructions is to use the ham radio to find out more. Select the Athens-Paris coach from the top of the screen and once there, go to room #16. When you want to look at the radio, there’s someone walking past the window. Leave the room, go to the south and use the door to exit the train. You’ll be kidnapped and brought to the shed you examined earlier. The shed will be locked with the broken padlock.

Look on the floor, under the bed. There’s the PARASOL of the princess. Use the door to find it locked. Walk to the south and use the window to open it and look outside. Look at the padlock. It’s out of reach. Use the parasol to push the padlock off. Open the front door and pick up the broken padlock. Use the wooden box to restore all you belongings. All? Not really. The small key to the security room is the only thing that’s missing.

Use the snowshoes to go through the high snow. Walk back to the train through the storm: go three times south, then left, south again (the deer is gone now), right, right (you’re at the rock), south again and the weather clears up. Go south again to return to the train. Use the back door of the Athens-Paris coach to enter the train, then select the Calais coach from the top. Go to room #9 and talk to Poirot. He’ll urge you to use the radio again. He’ll tell you about Barnaby and will give you his letter to secure the messages. When he asks you what you can learn from Love’s Captive, the book of Mr. Masterman, tell Poirot about the military. When he asks you what course to take, suggest to radio Barnaby. After having discussed everything with Mr. Poirot, look at his suitcase to take the LETTER out. Select the Athens-Paris coach from the top and go to room #16 again.

Look at the radio again. It’s missing power and a telegraph key. We need to be creative to restore it. In your inventory select the butterknife and use the gear icon on the right. Place the knife in one of the four squares on the left. Then take the pliers from the inventory, select the gear again and place it in one of the other three on the left. Then use the gear in the center to combine them and create a bent knife. Put the bent knife in one of the four squares on the left, take the nails and add them and take the hammer and add it too. Then use the gear in the center again to combine it into a TELEGRAPH KEY. Use the key on the worktop next to the radio. In your inventory select the copper wire (from the snowshoes) and select the gear icon. Use the pliers again and add them too. Then use the gear in the center to cut a length of wire. Take the length of wire and use it on the key on the table.

Now for the power use the empty punch bowl and put in on the worktop. Use the caraf of orange juice on it to fill it. Use the little statue and add it to the orange juice. Finally use the copper bracelet and use the gear icon. Use the pliers combined with the bracelet and use the gear in the center. Then use the bent copper bracelet in the orange juice to create a chemical reaction and electric current. Your radio should work now.

Use the black dial to turn the radio on and use the key to transmit. Ask Barnaby all you can and he’ll have to lookup a lot of things. When all questions are asked, turn off the radio to preserve the battery. Turn the radio on again and signal Barnaby again and get the answers to all your questions. You can read them in the scrapbook. Ask him again to get the service records of Armstrong. Turn off the radio again. Then turn it on one last time to get the last answers. Turn the radio off again and use the train at the top of the screen to go to the Salon car. There are still some people who need to answer some questions.

Walk to the other end of the coach and talk to the lady sitting alone: Ms. Debenham. Talk to her and ask her why she lied. Talk to her some more and when you know enough leave her and use the door to the Restaurant car. Walk to the south and talk to the man at the top left. It’s Doctor Contstantine and he’s also a veterinarian. He gave the false information since he’s not a real doctor. But can his findings be trusted?

Walk a table to the south and talk to the countess again, sitting behind the doctor. Confront her with her true identity and she’ll confess. That’s all you need. Select the Calais Coach from the top train and return to room #9. Talk to Poirot again and update him with the latest facts. Finally you tell him that you have all the pieces but must assemble them properly.

Poirot asks you to imagine under what other conditions an assembly of so many classes and nationalities of people is likely to take place. You should answer: In America. He then asks you to bring everyone to the Salon car and he’ll be taken there as well.

Poirot will present three solutions, one devised for the Yugoslavian police, one plots the story of a mastermind and one solution even a mastermind couldn’t think of. During the presentation, you’re asked to provide the correct facts to the story.

Solution 1, devised for the Yugoslavian police:

  • The threat from an unknown enemy: the threatening letter.
  • The detective Ratchett hired to protect himself:  Cyrus Hardman posing as a salesman
  • The description of a small man with womanish voice fits: Matteo & Constantine.
  • The enemy came aboard the train in 1 of 2 ways: the door was left unbolted by MacQueen.
  • The disguise used by the enemy: an attendant’s uniform.
  • Masterman confirmed the dosage of the sleeping draught.
  • The murder weapon: a stiletto.
  • The evidence supporting that killer planned to leave at the next station: the torn letter.
  • Because of the avalanche the killer hid himself in: the shepherd’s hut.

Solution 2, the plot of a mastermind:

  • Ratchett died at:  1:15 a.m.
  • You replied earlier about the assembly of people: In America.
  • The nine passengers connected Armstrong:
    1. Countess Andrenyi
    2. Colonel Arbuthnot
    3. Mary Debenham
    4. Princess Dragomiroff
    5. Antonio Foscarellin
    6. Hector MacQueen
    7. Edward Masterman
    8. Greta Ohlsson
    9. Hildegarde Schmidt
    10. None of the above
  • The quote that trial-by-jury is a sound system was from: Colonel Arbuthnot.
  • The clues that pointed to the first solution: all of these.
  • The suggestion of Hardman’s complicity: when he said the snow was bright.
  • The name of the protector: Monsieur Ferrier.
  • The real murder weapon: a steak knife.
  • The two so-called clues in dead man’s compartment:
    1. The pipe cleaner 
    2. The handkerchief.
  • The clue from the shepherd’s hut: the broken padlock.
  • The red herring which was not a herring: the scarlet kimono.

 Solution 3, what even a mastermind couldn’t think of:

  •  The independent witness: The Engineer
  • The clues associated with the crate: The second attendant’s uniform

Poirot will then look at the results of the challenges kept in your scrapbook. Of course you did a great job. Then, after Perkinson has explained the kidnapping, Poirot asks you which version to present to the Yugoslavian police. Give your opinion to all three and then automatically select the right one for a happy ending.  

Game source: A demo of the game    was found here on the internet.

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  1. i’ve done everything. i’m in part 3 i found everything but poirot isn’t saying the three solutions….when i go to him he says to go back over the same ground….

  2. She is standing outside Poirots cabin and refuses to move although he has told her not to be afraid to go back over the same ground.

  3. I am playing Murder on the Orient Express and I have done all I can but when I report to Poirot he tells me the report is not complete.i do not understand what I have done wrong.

  4. I am playing Murder on the Orient Express and I have done all I can but when I report to Poirot he tells me the report is not complete.i do not understand what I have done wrong.

  5. HEEEEEELLLLLLPPPPP!!!!! Im up to the part where you pen that puzzle box and do i have to turn the box aound or what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllppppppppppppppppp!!!!!!! 😀

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  8. I am playing the Agatha Christie game Murder on the Orient Express. Thanks to your help, I have arrived at the station. When I try to open the door, the conversation is about someone named Anntoinette stealing something and the door will not open.
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  9. if you’re stuck before the end you should check out your suitcase in your room, you’ll find a suprise…

  10. I have done everything & been through 4 different walkthroughs. I still cannot get past part III. I cannot find anything that I missed on any walkthrough & Poroit still says keep looking not anything about America. I don’t know what groung I have not covered 5 times over. does the 2nd passkey get used at all? I also have turned over every piece of evidence. HELP!! I;m going mad.

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