You’ve landed and need to speak to the brigadier. But you need to get out of the Tardis first.


On the console are the door controls on the right but they will not work with the card not inserted into the slot.
Walk to your coat and search it. Inside is your KEYCARD. Take the card and instert it in the cardreader on the left side of the console.

Use the door controls on the right side of the console to open the doors of the Tardis. Now you can go outside. The exit of the Tardis is on the lower right of the screen.



There’s a big tree laying down. To the north is the caravan park. Go there. In the U.N.I.T. caravan is the brigadier. Use the caravan to pay the man a visit. Talk to the brigadier and learn who’s coming to earth. The only way to stop them is by making a fire. Ask the brigadier where the soldiers are and what the contents is of the storage locker. You can take the key of the locker in the park to see if there’s something you can use.

Take the small tin on the table to get the KEY out. Leave the caravan and go to the storage locker on the left of the field.  Use the key to unlock it and find inside nothing but junk and a wooden chair. You only take the WOOD from the chair.

In the middle of the park is a charred patch. There must have been a fire before. Use the wood from the chair on the patch to start a real fire…

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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