You’re Simon and you’re with a coffin. But you’re not going to open the coffin because it will bring bad luck. Use the hammer on the urn to open it. You’re not feeling very well.
Suddenly you’re all in the wrong game. Meet Larry, Roger and Graham. You need to send them back to their own games. Walk into the right upper corner, where the page is curled. Under it is a magic SCROLL that can help everyone to get home. Look at the scroll in your inventory to learn how the exit teleportation works.

Use the hammer on the scroll which will turn into a question mark. Use the question mark on Larry. He’ll be sent back to Las Vegas after a magic spell. Then use the hammer on the scroll and the question mark on Graham. He’ll be transported to Daventry. Finally use the hammer on the scroll and then select Roger. He’s also gone.

The scroll is now turned into an end scroll. Use the hammer with the scroll then use the scroll on the center of the paper (the exit). The End.

Not really. Use the hammer on The End to really end the game.


Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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