You arrive at the mansion of Uncle Herbert.

[Note: you walk by using the cursor keys.]

Talk to the maid and ask about your room.  She’ll give you the KEY. Go up the stairs and use the key on the door on the right. Inside is Hugo. Talk to him and ask for Uncle Herbert. He’s in his study. Tell him you’re sleepy and use the bed to get some rest. Hugo will disappear.

A noise will wake you up. Use the door to find it locked and use keyhole to see Uncle Herbert on the floor. Use the blue book on the bookshelf to enter the secret passage. Look at the blotting pad on the desk to find a phone number. Use the drawers to find a box of matches. Use the door on the left to enter the toy room and use the box with toys to find a PENCIL. Leave the room and again and talk to the parrot. It has nothing much to say.

Use the pencil on the dumb waiter to go downstairs and reach the kitchen. In the cupboard on the right you’ll find a bulb of GARLIC. Use the door north to leave the mansion and walk to the right into a field with dangerous flowers. Take the MAGNIFYING GLASS but be sure not to touch the flowers. Leave again on the left.

Walk south to find a shed. Use the door to go inside and meet a creepy gardener. he constant wants to kiss you. Use the garlic on him and he’ll be gone. There are four levers. Pull the yellow one to hear a rattling noise. Use the door on the left to leave the shed and walk to the right to find the gates to the maze.

There are three objects to get from the maze. The directions to get them are in short: N=north, S=south, L=left, R=right. Walk north to enter the maze. Then N, N, R, S, R, R, N, N, N, N, N, R and pick up a BOTTLE. L, N, L, L, L, L, L, L and take the BELL. R, R, S, S, S, S, L, L, S, S, S and take the DYNAMITE. N, N, N, R, R, N, N, N, N, R, R, R, R, S, S, S, S, S, S, L, L, N, L, S, S, S. You’re outside again.

Walk to the right and wait before crossing the stream. Drop the matches and cross the bridge. Then pick up the MATCHES again and the CATNIP. Walk to the right twice and find a monk in front of a fountain. Talk to him and he’ll tell you about the gun. Ask for the gun and he’ll ask you three questions. Agree to play along and answer:

– Thanatology studies: death.
– Dynamite was invented in: 1866
– Engelbert Humperdink’s weeks in the UK chart: 56

Not fair but you’ll get his GUN. Walk to the right and see a snake. Still walk past it and you’ll be bitten. Use the bottle with anti venom from your inventory on yourself to cure it and walk further to the right. There’s the Tardis. Use it and tell it to call the police. After a while the police agrees to meet you at six at the mansion if you can bring the suspects.

When the Tardis asks which number to call next, enter the number you found on the blotting pad: 0800123987. You’ll end up with the Doctor. The Doctor needs to be rescued from the Dalek so use the gun on the Dalek and save the Doctor. He gives you his SCREWDRIVER. Use the Tardis again to return to earth and walk back to the left behind the wall.

Go left again past the snake and don’t worry the antidote is still active. At the fountain go south and use the rope in the well to climb down. The exit is blocked so drop the dynamite and light it with the matches. You can continue to the right. There are now three tunnels. Take the one on the left and pick up the LAMP. Return south and enter the tunnel in the center. Walk all the way south and to the left. Then north and take the BANANA from here and leave the way you came.

Enter the tunnel on the right and walk to the platform at the end. Be careful not to fall down. Use the lamp on yourself to call the Genie. Talk to him and he’ll tell you he’s hungry so give him the banana. He’ll leave. Climb the ladder after him and you’re back in the mansion again. Use the screwdriver to open the safe and look at the letter. It’s too small to read so use the magnifying glass on the paper to read it. It’s Uncle Herbert’s will.

Use the door on the left and in the hall use the third door from the right. In your inventory put the catnip on the bell and put the bell on top of the pole for the cat to play with. Use the door to leave and in the hall take the third door from the left. Talk to the lady and she’ll tell you about the insurance and leave. Use the door and back in the hall use the first door on the left.

The maid will leave because she hears the bell and you can take a look in the photo album. Some nice pictures. Leave on the right and use the second door on the right to enter the living room. All suspects are there. Talk to the police officer and he’ll ask you who murdered Uncle Herbert. Tell him it was nobody.

Hugo’s story of what happened:

Use the pile of clothes to find a COAT HANGER. Take the piece of PAPER from the floor. The door is locked and when you look at the keyhole you can see the key on the other side. Use the paper with the door to slide it under and use the coat hanger on the key hole to push the KEY out. Use the key on the door to unlock it and leave.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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