You’re in your house and the zombies are coming.

Pick up the BAT and open the door on the left to leave your house. In the hall is another surprise. After the zombie is killed, pick up the NEWSPAPER. It tells you about the new president. Open the door in the middle to enter the streets. You will be attacked again.

Select your bat and hit the two zombies. Walk to the car on the right to talk to the man sitting against it. He’ll tell you about the refuge. Take the BATTERY from the car and walk south and select Burth Street. Attack the zombie again with your bat and walk to the right behind the tube station. Walk west into Harrow Street.

A bit to the right is Phil’s bar. Try to open the door in the alley and talk to the man inside. Tell him you’re a girl in trouble and he’ll let you in. When Phil asks your plan to escape, tell him about the bridge. He’ll tell you where to go and that you need a car.

Walk south to leave the bar and walk to the right to enter Harrow street. Hit the zombies and enter the bank. Inside walk to the left and use the elevator to go to the second floor. Next to the empty briefcase is a FUSE. Pick it up. Open the doors in the north to enter the other office and take the roll of TAPE from the floor.

Open the door on the left and enter another office. There’s a man standing, holding a gun against his head. No matter what you say, you can’t save him.  Walk south to leave the office and open the door on the right back to the hall. Use the elevator on the left to go downstairs. Walk to the right and open the big doors to leave the building.

Again hit two zombies and you can take the CD next to the man who killed himself. If you want to know what’s on it, go back into the building, to the second floor and to the office the man killed himself. Use the cd with the computer to see the contents. Once outside, walk north into Burnside Street and follow the wall of fire to the right untill you reach the Burnside Mall.

In the trolley on the left is another FUSE. Pick it up and hit the zombie that’s trying to attack you. Walk further to the right where you’ll reach the gas station. Enter the gas station by opening the door. Kill the zombie and pick up the FUEL CANISTER.  Open the door on the far left and take the SCISSORS and the CROWBAR. Attack the box on the right with your bat and take the SHOTGUN SHELLS with you.

Open the door again and attack the zombie with your bat. Then use the door on the right to leave the station. Outside two more zombies. When they’re killed, use the canister on the pump on the right to fill it with FUEL. Walk to the right to the hospital and kill another three zombies.

Open the double doors into the hospital and walk to the reception on the left. Take the FUSE from the desk and walk further to the left. In the next hall take the HOSE from the reel and go further to the left.  On the far left is an open door. Use the door to go inside. Apart from a lot of blood on the floor there’s also a KEY. Pick it up and Hannah will enter. After the conversation with her, she’ll ask for the key. Tell her you haven’t seen it and together you’ll return to Phil’s bar.

After the conversation, show the shotgun shells to Phil and he’ll give you his SHOTGUN. Walk to the left to leave the pub and walk to the left. Open the doors of the church an talk to the priest. Ask him to come along but he won’t so use the tape on him and he’ll come to the bar. Walk to the left to leave the bar and in the street go to the right and enter Harrow Street.

Two zombies to kill then walk north into Burnside Street. To the right past the wall of fire to the Burnside Mall. Kill the zombie or quickly open the big blue doors to enter the mall. Inside walk to the right where you’ll find two escalators. Walk onto one of them and on the balcony upstairs walk all the way to the left where you’ll find three wires hanging. Use the scissors to cut the WIRES and walk all the way back to the right and down the escalator.

Downstairs walk all the way to the left again where you’ll find the toilets. Open the door to the men’s room walk towards the back to find Jake. After the conversation he’ll give you some CHEWING GUM and will follow you to Phil’s bar.  Walk to the right to the entrance of the mall and use the doors to go outside.

Walk to the left to leave Phil’s bar again and walk left, followed by south across the crossing into Burth Street. Get rid of two zombies and walk further to the left to the tramway. Use the doors of the tram to go inside and find a lady in distress. As soon as you can, pick up the extinguisher to create a commotion and eventually return to Phil’s bar.

Now that all survivors are gathered, talk to Phil and decide to go to Clindale Street. You realize you can’t because it’s on fire. Walk to the left to leave the bar and walk to the left and south again into Burth Street. Hit the two zombies and go o south again into Roth Street. Another two zombies to kill here. When it’s quiet again use the crowbar on the sewer lid in the middle of the street to enter the sewer.

Walk north into the sewer. You’ll reach a hub with lots of doors. Use the door on your left to step through. Steop through the door your standing in front of and at the next door do that again. Repeat the procedure a fourth time and you’re next to a fuse box. Use the fuse box and you’ll put the tree fuses back in. Now there’s light!

Walk back through the door you came in and to the left where there’s a lit door now. Open the door and you’re inside the station. Remember to get rid of the four zombies! Walk left and take the SHOTGUN SHELLS from under the turnstiles.

Walk to the tracks on the right and follow then north into the tunnel. Keep walking until you see some bright lights. Open them to enter the subway. The lights will go out from time to time but you will still have to get rid of four zombies so be quick and careful.

Open the door north to the engine room. There’s an open cabinet with wires sticking out. In your inventory use the wires with the battery and add the combination to the wires in the cabinet. Pull the lever next to the blue cup and you’re off to Clindale Street. Walk to the left to find the hydrant and attach your hose to it to kill the fire.

Walk to the left and north to enter Burnside Street again. Walk to the left into Harrow Street and kill the two zombies. Use your fuel canister on the bus so it can move again and now you have to tell the others that the road is clear. Walk south into Harrow Street then to the left and into Phil’s bar.

But then the zombies are coming. Phil offers to stay behind but you must find something for him to defend himself with. Take the bottle of OIL from the floor, the LIGHTER that’s on the table and the piece of CLOTH from under the table. In your inventory add the cloth to the bottle of oil and give the Molotov cocktail to Phil.

Once in the bus and moving, choose north, east and north again to reach the bridge. It’s raised so you can’t cross yet. Open the control room and pull the red lever on the right to lower the bridge.

In the lab, a laser is pointed at you. Take the chewing gum from your inventory and use it on the laser. Look at the panel on the right. It has a butterfly on it. Use the vent under the panel on the right three times to finally go through and enter the lab.

On the wall behind you is a map. Look at it. Open the door on the right to enter the test room and find Bob. You can’t save him. Take the SUIT from the floor and look at it. It has the initials J.J. on it. You’ll walk to the man in suit in the hall and when asked for identification tell him you are Jack. Jackson. Tell him that there’s an emergency and that the test guy has woken up.

When the man in suit asks for the number by name, tell him it’s 808. The man in suit starts to investigate Bob and as soon as you get the chance use the keyboard next to the panel to lock him in. Open the door on the left and in the hall walk to the left. Open the door with sign ‘laboratory’. Inside you’ll find creatures and Hannah. Talk to her and ask her all about her motives.

When Hannah has left, under the table is still a KNIFE. Pick it up and also take the DIARY from the floor on the right. Browse through the diary to learn more about the butterfly effect and the chaos theory. Open the door on the left to return to the hall and use your knife on the switch box to the right of the lasers. It will stop the lasers from being on… permanently so you have to time your crossing at the moment the lasers are off.

On the other side turn left and keep walking to the left until you find Hannah again. After the conversation she’ll fall down and you’re chased by the huge caterpillar. Walk to the right and quickly use the buttons on the control box next to the door to close it and lock up the attacker. Walk to Hannah and pick up the ID CARD from the floor. Walk further to the right to have a conversation with Hannah and no matter what you reply with, she’ll be dead.

Walk further to the right and open the door. Open the door you’re standing in front of to enter a room with pictures on the wall. On the right is a picture with a butterfly on it, next to the portal. Open the picture to find a control panel behind it. There are four buttons with pictures of the four elements on it. You must push them in the correct order so use them alphabetically: air, earth, fire, water.

The portal on the right will open and you can walk further. Take the SYRINGE from the display case and walk back to the control panel. Left of the panel is another door. Open the door and in the room you’ll find the president. Talk to him about what happened.

All your items are in the wardrobe in the office. To prevent you from dying, use the syringe on yourself and you’re cured. Open the door next to the control box and inside the office open the doors on the left to get your inventory back. Walk to the right to leave the room and open the doors on the left to return to the lasers. Walk to the right to enter the computer room.

In your inventory look at the ID card you took from Hannah. It has a number on it. Use one of the computers and when it asks for a password, select 3883. You’ll see some hints about future codes. Leave the computer and look at the map above it. It’s an underwater tunnel leading to a building in Portland.

Walk further to the left and open the door to the transporter that will take you to the core. Walk to the elevator on the right and select the fourth floor. At the top of the roof you’ll see the hatch where the contaminated butterflies come out. Walk back to the right and use the elevator again. Go to level -3.

You’re at the core now. Use the computer and it will ask you if you want to enter. Select yes and select the Open/Close hatch option. You must enter a password and see the letters A E C H. According to the other computer, Password=A=1,B=2 etc. So enter 1, 5, 3, 8 as password. Now that the hatch is closed, set the temperature and oxygen. Set the oxygen and the temperature to the highest level and then leave the control. You’ll be warned so open the door to the elevator on the right and select level -4.The core should be red hot now. If not, return to the computer on level -3 and close the hatch again until it is.

Open the door on the left and walk to the right in the computer room. Open the door on the right to reach the lasers. The lasers are inactive now so use the ID card on the card reader of the test room.  If you want to release the subjects you need to enter a code. It will show you a number of animals. The first computer said: Gas Testing = see legs. Watch the four animals pass and count the legs: 8, 4, 0 and 6. Press the enter button and your friends are safe.

After the conversation you’ll end up in the elevator and the giant caterpillar is approaching. Quickly use the key you found in the hospital on the panel next to the door to activate the elevator. You’ll end up on an oil platform. Remember the map on the wall?

Use the opening on the right to go back inside and talk to your friends again. Use the radio to make contact with the mainland. When the guy doesn’t want to talk to you, ask Maria. While waiting for the helicopter and you wanting some action, the caterpillar returns.  You can’t get out because of the butterflies so use the lighter on the oil on the floor. Open the door on the left to go outside and then quickly walk to the left to the helicopter platform.

Back in Portland open the door on the side of the bar to go inside.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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