After your conversation with your dead friend, pick up the THING and try to find out what it is.

Walk to the north and see the red building. Walk towards it until you see a closeup. To the left is a waste bin and when you look at it, you find a PLATE. Pick it up and use the upper right side of the screen to leave. Walk back to the south and go to the right where you see a red stand. Look at the stand and it starts a conversation.

He’ll tell you about the transmitters to talk to the dead and you can have it for a bit more that you carry. Offer all your money and it’s a deal if you give the plate as well. Give the money first, then the plate and you get the TRANSMITTER.

You can walk to the right twice and meet two men who won’t let you pass. One of them will tell you that the man who should know the answer to your question is on the other side. One of the men will tell you that you need a hardhat for that. You don’t have one so you should find another solution.

Walk back to the stand and go north on the left of it. Keep walking to the right until you meet the wiseman. Ask him if he knows what the thing is and he’ll give you the name for it: arglefluff.

Use the transmitter on yourself to call Johnny and tell him the right name for the thing.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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