Your mission is to kill Carrot the Kid.

Go one screen south and pick up the BABY CORN COB PIPE. Walk to the south again.

[Note: it’s very hard to return to the previous screen. The exit of this screen is in the lower right corner. It takes several tries to leave the screen….]

Walk into jail and talk to potato sherriff. Ask for the whereabouts of the carrot. He doesn’t know. Look at the tomato to the right and leave jail again. Walk in to the gun shop. Talk to the cucumber and ask for a gun. He wants the pipe. Give him the pipe and you’ll get the MAGNUM. Above the counter is a ‘Shoot That Muta’ SHIELD. Take it with you and leave the store.


Enter the bar and talk to the barkeeper. Aks for the location of the carrot and he’ll direct you south. Leave the bar and walk to the south. There’s Carrot the Kid. Use the shield on him to kill him. You weren’t who you thought you were….

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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