You need to take a break.

Use the phone on your desk to call the travel agency and confirm your reservation.

Disabling the alarm:

Use the door on the left to enter your office. Use the drawer of your desk to open it, then look at the drawer to take the RAPID GLUE and PENCIL AND MARKER out. On the desk is a PAPER. Take it.  On the floor is a piece of tape to hold the wires down. Take the BLACK TAPE.  On the right, under the window is a pile of work. You need to get someone else to do that when you want to get out so take the PILE OF WORK.


Use the door on the right to get out of the office. Use the door left of the red one leading you to the cleaning room. Use the light above you to see better and then get the STICKS standing against the closet on the right. Pick up the CLEANING DEVICE on the right and the BUCKET next to it. Use the bucket with the tap on the right to fill it with WATER. Leave the room again.

Enter the room on the right and talk to Barney. Talk about all security issues. From the shelf take the BELL and the COLORANT. Look at the bell to find the magnet on the back. On the security panel, the second unit from the left has an alarm lid. Look at your wallet to find a CREDIT CARD and use the card on the security lid to open it. Underneath is an alarm speaker. Use the bucket of water with this speaker to silence it. Use the black tape with the recording light above it to prevent it from blinking. Use the recording control next to it on the right to switch it off.

Leave the room and walk to the left to the other part of the corridor. Look at the fire alarm and the emergency exit alarm. Use the alarm bell from your inventory on the emergency exit alarm to create an extra bell. Then use the glue on the bell you just put on to make sure it stays in place. Walk back to the corridor on the right and use the emergency exit door. So now the alarm is also deactivated.

Delegating the work:

Walk to the left and use the door with Deposit above it, next to the alarm. Talk to Milton Brolley behind the desk. Ask for help and he sure isn’t going to. Under the pile of work on his desk is a NOTE. Take it and look at it to find his signature on it. Use the pen and marker from your inventory with the blank paper from your inventory to write a confession. Now use the note you took from under the pile with the written confession to copy the signature.

Give the confession to Milton and he’ll do your work. Give the bunch of work from your inventory to him and it will be done.  Use the door to leave the room and walk to the right to the other side of the corridor.

Finding replacement:

Go into the cleaning room next to your office. Look at the mop in your inventory to separate the stick from the cloth. Use the cloth with the bucket of water in your inventory to make it wet and soft. Use the bucket with the basin on the right to empty the bucket.

Leave the cleaning room and enter your own office. Use the stick from the mop with your chair. Use the bucket on the stick as a head. Add the cloth to the bucket as hair. Use the black colorant with the wet cloth to dye it black.

Use the pencil and marker on the head to create a face. Use the glue with the stick and then use the smaller sticks from your inventory with it to serve as arms.

Leave the room and use the emergeny exit door to take a break.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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