You want to find your sister.

Talk to your mother and swear that you’ll return (1/1). She still doesn’t want you to go. Walk to the north to the next room. Use the drawer from the cabinet in the room on the left to find a piece of PAPER (3/4). Look at the paper to see it’s a drawing your sister made. Walk back to the south and give the drawing to your mother.

She’s now convinvced that you need to go. Ask her if there’s anything you need to know and she’ll give you a KEY to the chest (5/9). Walk to the north again and use the key on the chest in the room on the right to unlock it (2/11). Use the chest and get the ARMOR out (3/14).

Walk to the south twice to leave the house and walk south again to reach the crossing. Go north to the forest because your mother said your sword would be there. Walk to the north again and look at the big tree. Talk to the tree (1/15) and it’ll tell you about the sword. Agree not to harm any tree anymore and you’ll get your SWORD back (3/18).

Walk to the south twice and at the crossing go left to the church. Next to it you’ll find a SHOE. Pick it up and look at it. It looks like it’s your sister’s shoe. Walk back to the right and go south to the Sage. Use the door to talk to the Sage and he wants to help if you help him first. Agree to help and you’ll be sent to the giant. Talk to the giant and ask for the posessions of the Sage. He’ll give it to you when you’ll win a game. He’ll know all questions to your answers except for sister, so when you mention her, you’ll get the ORB (6/24). You’ll return to the Sage again.

Use the door again to enter the house and walk to the right to meet the Sage. Give him the orb and talk to him. He’ll help you if you can give him a clue. Give him the shoe and he’ll tell you about the elves and your sister (2/26). Once outside, go back in again, walk to the right and talk to the Sage once more. He has nothing to say (1/27).

Walk to the left and leave the building. Walk further left and at the crossing go north to the forest. Turn right and walk up the steps leading to a bush that blocks your way. Talk to the bush and ask to pass. If that doesn’t work threaten it to cut it in half. Now you can pass (-1/26). Walk to the right twice and go south to the temple.

Use the big golden doors to enter. Look at the altar and read the text (1/27). Walk to the left again to leave and walk left back to the crossing. Go north and enter the castle. Use the portal on the left to enter the kitchen and find your sister. Talk to her but she doesn’t recognize you. Give her her drawing and she’ll start to remember (2/29). Talk to her again and she’ll know again. When she asks about siblings tell her about two brothers who got lost.Now she remembers and will come with you (1/30).

Walk to the south to leave the kitchen and in the hallway remove your armor. Walk through the portal on the right to visit the king. He’ll think two children are here to take over and he’ll release the other two and leave. Talk to your brothers and they’ll suggest to go.

Agree to leave and tell them to follow you. You’ll be home quickly and there talk to your mother. She’s glad to see you all back again.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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