You get the assignment to get the holy salsa and pass three obstacles along the way.

You need to get past the mighty guard first. Walk left to the tree and talk to Isaac in front of the tree. Ask him if he;s drunk and tell him your name. Stand in front of him and jump up. There will be an apple from the tree hitting his head. Pick up the APPLE.

On the right of the tree is a BRANCH that you can take just like that. On the left side of the tree is another branch but it’s higher. Stand under it, raise your tentacle and jump up.The BRANCH will come down and you can pick it up. Walk to the right. Climb the cliff and raise your tentacle. Throw the apple at the guard to knock him out.

Use the guard to find a string from his pants. Use the string again to make it longer. Use the branch on the string to cut the LONG STRING. Use the guard again and pull a shorter piece of string. Use the branch on the SHORT STRING to cut it. Walk to the right to find the angry farmers. You must try to get past them. In your inventory use the short string with the bend branch to create a bow. Use the long string with the straight branch to create an arrow with rope. Use the arrow with rope on the gate behind you to tie it to the horn. Use the bow with the string you’ve just attached to shoot it to the other side.

Raise your tentacle and jump to slide to the other side. Enter the temp and try to open the door. Talk to the head hanging over the door.  It will tell you a riddle but no matter what you answer, it’s not right. Use the plant to find a piece of PAPER inside but with your abilities, you’re unable to read it. Leave the temple on the left and walk through the gate on the left.

Walk further to the left and enter the cave to speak to the High One. Give him the paper and he’ll translate it for you. Walk all the way back to the angry farmers, raise your tentacle and slide to the temple. Use the note on the second farmer from the right and he’ll fall in love with his neighbor. It gives you the opportunity to take a PEPPER.

Walk to the left until you’re with Isaac again. Talk to him to try and wake him up. Use his body to force him to take another drink but still no luck. Give him the pepper and he’ll get some sense back. Talk to Isaac again and ask for the solution for the riddle. Go back to town on the right. Raise your tentacle and jump to slide to the temple and go inside. Talk to the head above the door and tell him the right answer. You can enter the holy temple now.

There’s the Holy Salsa. Take the SALSA and the alarm will go off. You need to be quick now. As soon as the farmers show up outside, jump up to let the farmers know there’s someone inside and you’ll gain some time. Take the cloth from the table to cover yourself and take a picture from the wall to use as a mask. Now you can face the farmers. After tricking them you’ll return to the Holy One to present the salsa.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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