After your fishing trip you have another kind of trip as well.

Look at your fishing rod and it will break into a STICK, a STRING and a WORM. The creepers on the right is much too strong to pull out so use the worm on the creepers and it will weaken them. Then pull out the creepers. You’ll take one CREEPER with you. Walk to the right to reach the river. There’s a scary thing that will make you walk back straight away.

Use the stick on the hole in the tree to make the stick sticky. Use it on the strange flower and it can’t bite you anymore. Take the KNIFE from next to the plant and cut the FLOWER HEAD off. Use your knife on the plant to take a SEEDLING off and pick up some of the GROUND under the plant as fertilizer. Walk back to the sphere on the left.

Go further to the left to see the town on mushroom clouds. Plant the creeper on the edge and tie the string to it. Walk to the right and use the sphere to turn the world upside down. Walk to the left again and while standing on the cloud, tie the flower head to the string. Walk back the to the sphere on the right. Turn the world back again and walk back to the village on the left.

Climb the rope and use the entrance of the house to find a dragon lizard. You need to solve the riddle to get an item. SO there are 21 cups and each had double the amount of the other. 3 + 6 + 12 = 21. But there were 2 cups added in the first place you didn’t have so 6 – 2 = 4. Tell the lizard that and tell him Nektom had 12 – 2 = 10. As prize you get a MUG full of water. Use the string to climb down again and walk to the forest on the right. Use the sphere to turn the world.

Walk back to the left and standing on the cloud, pour the water from the cup on the cloud. It will extend to the left and walk over the cloud to the left.In your inventory put the seedling into the cup with water and add the ground to it to speed up the process. It will result in a man long ROPE. Throw the rope into the cave above it and climb the rope.Use the skull you find in the cave to get a pink FLOWER. You hallucination is over.

Limfor gives you a note and sends you on a quest. Talk to the tradesman on his carpet and learn about the trade. Give him the pink flower and he’ll give you AMBER in return. Use your knife on the bush on the left to take a BRANCH off and pick up a STONE from the path. Walk further to the right to enter town but you’re not allowed to go in. Return to the left and walk north over the path into the forest and find the boy. He’s on his initiation ceremony. He needs to catch a wild animal and find an egg.Ask him if he can help you get into town. He can but wants you to help him first.

Walk to the right to reach the river. A good spot for fishing. Take the ROPE and the NET. In the net were also ALGAE.  There are bubbles in the water. In your inventory tie the amber to the rope and add the stone to the rope. Use the construction on the tree to lure the fish towards you. In your inventory use the knife on the branch and cut a spear. Use the spear on the bubbles to catch the FISH. Take the STONE and ROPE back from the tree and walk to the left back to the boy. Give him the fish.

Walk south and give the algae to the tradesman. He’ll give you a TRAP in return. Use your knife on the bush to cut off another BRANCH and walk north again, back to the boy. In your inventory, use the net with the trap and use the knife with the branch to cut a CROTCH. Use it with the trap combination and give the climbing shoes to the boy. He can get his egg from the tree.

Talk to the boy and ask how to get into the village. He’ll give you the password. Pick up a CARROT and walk south. Walk to the right and talk to the guard. You can enter the village. While talking to the chief he tells you about the conflict and to gain trust you have to solve the conflict. Ask all about the persons involved and then talk to the lady. Ask her about the fear and about flowering. Then leave the house on the south and walk to the left.

Talk to Gunrik sawing and ask him about the pottery of his wife and what he really saw. Leave him and enter the house to talk to his wife. Ask her what really happened. Try to pick up the baby and she’ll pull your beard. Leave the house and walk to the right. Walk north right of the chief’s house to find Erwik in the forge. Ask him about the conflict and learn about his spitting on the knitting. Ask him also about taking care of the baby and he’ll tell you what happened.

Walk to the right and enter the house on the right. Talk to Kundula to hear her side of the story. Now that you’ve heard all, you have to match all the stories so talk to everyone again: leave the house and walk all the way to the left and talk to Gunrik. Ask him about his manners and learn more about the spitting. Walk to the house on the right and enter. Talk to Kundula and ask about the story again. Ask for the recipe of the soup. She’ll tell you some of the ingredients.Ask about each ingredient and then leave the house again. Look at the big pot on the right of the house to find an unknown PLANT.

Enter the house again and give the unknown plant to Kundula to learn it’s broccoli. Leave the house and walk all the way to the left and show the broccoli to Gunrik. He’s suddenly not feeling well. Walk to the right and enter the forge next to the chiefs house on the right. Talk to Ewrik again and tell him Findila’s story. He’ll tell you that he may have put the baby outside the pen. Leave the forge and walk to the house on the left. Enter and talk to Findila again.

Tell her about Ewrik’s story and then pick up the BABY. Hold the baby near the pot on the cupboard on the right and see what the baby does. So that explains everything. Talk to Findila again and explain it all. You’ll get the POT as thanks. Leave the house and walk all the way to the right to leave town and walk to the left to return to the crossroads. Give the broccoli to the tradesman and he’ll tell you about the allergy.

Take a BRANCH from the bush on the left with your knife and use your knife on it to cut a CROTCH again. Go over to the burrow north and put the pot on the burrow. Add the crotch to the pot to set the trap. In your inventory tie the rope to the carrot and use the lure on the pot as well. Now wait for the RAT to come out. Walk south and the path to the right. Enter the village again and enter the house on the right. Give the broccoli to Gundula and tell what happened. Leave the house and walk all the way to the left. Tell Gunrik about the allergy.

Walk to the right and enter the chief’s house. He’s not there. Talk to his wife and learn about the whereabouts of the chief. Leave the house and walk south to the house opposite to find Copkir outside. He can’t let you in. Talk to him and find out about his unhappiness. He’ll tell about the hunting, the mead and spending free time. Leave the man and walk south.

Use the rat on the flowerbed behind the house and talk to Ewrik about the pottery. Also solved. Walk to the right and enter the chief’s house. Talk to Cordula and tell about her flowerbed. She’ll check it out straight away. Enter the house again and use the stairs on the left to see what’s on the second floor.

Use the blue cup to find the mead and have another warning. Use the beehive to take a DEAD BEE and look at the cascet on the table. It’s locked. Use the knife on the casket to find BERRIES inside. Walk down the stairs and leave the house. Walk south to see Copkir again. Give him the bee and he’ll be surprised.

Walk south and to the right to leave town. Walk left to the crossroads and show the berry to the tradesman. He’ll tell you how poisonous the berry is. Walk to the right and enter town again. Walk to the left and enter the chief’s house. The chief’s home and he’ll tell you to visit the druid. But once there, something hits you…

At the bottom of the lake, you don’t have much time to get out of there. Pick up the CLAM shell and walk to the right. Take some of the BAMBOO and some FERN to the right of the stones. Put the clam on the stone on the right and you’ll try to take the frog. It’ll jump away but the clam will hold it for you so you caught the FROG. In your inventory combine the bamboo with the fern to make a snorkel and use it on the grotto above the stones.

Use the frog on the snorkel to pump to full with air and walk to the left. Use the frog on the way to the surface to float to dry land. But your hallucination still isn’t over. Pick up the BERRY, the POTTED PLANT, the MUG and the AXE from the right. Put the potted plant with the men in the middle and they’ll close their eyes and disappear. Put the berry and the cup with the ladies and you’ll get poisonous MEAD. Use the mead with the warriors on the left and they’ll disappear as well. Finally the women on the right will also disappear but you’ll still overhear their conversation.It all becomes clear now.

You’re fished out of the water and tell the druid everything. Then the message has to be delivered.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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