You have to cross the river and therefore you need to ask the right questions to Phlegyas. Talk to him and ask him where you are, who he is and compliment him on his raft. Talk to the man again and ask about business. Ask about the silver pieces and then ask him about his robe being uncomorftable. So he’s been waiting for quite some time. Ask him again how long he’s been waiting. Then tell him how disgusting it is they can’t provide for a devoted worker.

Suggest he doesn’t want to compromise his job by leaving his post… you must do the job so hop on the raft and sail to the other side.

Talk to John the Pacifist about everyhting and learn about the rag, the tree, the fruit in it and the stone. Then talk to the old man on the bench and talk about the stones, his stick and the spraycan. Then leave him alone and walk to the pathway under the tree. Left of the entrance in the gate is a SMALL ROCK. Take it and walk to the pathway.

Talk to George. Ask about the doors and his allergy. He can’t stand heat. Left of the left door are some jagged rocks. Use the small rock on these and a aquaduct will be revealed. Use the small rock on the water and it will be cleaned. It seems to be an EMERALD.

Walk to the riverside on the south and give the emerald to the old man. Now that he’s gone, you can take his BUGSPRAY and STICK standing against the wall. Use the stick on the tree to get some FIREBERRIES out and pick them up. Use the bugspray on the river Styx to empty the can. Use the fireberries with the empty can to create a firespray. Walk to the pathway again and use the firespray on the water. You’ve got an explosive spray there. Use the spray on George.

Try both doors left and right. They are locked. Then try the door in the middle. Talk to Lucy to find out what’s going on and she’ll tell you about the rooms and the stones they’re collecting. In the right corner is a water dispenser. Use the machine to get a styrofoam CUP. Use the cup again on the machine to fill it with WATER.

In front of the door on the ceiling is a projector. You need to distract Lucy in order to go through the peculiar doorway. Use the couch to climb on and then use the walking stock from the old man on the projector to disrupt the image. Lucy will walk from her position and now you can take the TRIDENT from the wall and walk through the peculiar doorway. You must be quick because when Lucy has restored the image, she’ll ask you to return the trident and then you have to try again.

Once you went trough the peculiar doorway, you’ll get hot. Talk to both imps next to the oven but they don’t have much time. Use the cup of water on the withered plant and the sound of streaming water will make the imps go to the toilet. Watch them enter the room and one of them, as you could have heard in their conversation, sheds some skin. Pick up the SKIN. Use the coal to search it and you’ll find a diamond. Pick up the DIAMOND. Use the skin on yourself and jump into the fire before the imps return from the toilet.

When you’re not in time, walk back to the south and take another cup of water from the dispenser. Distract Lucy again by standing on the couch, using the stick to distort the picture and then pick up the trident and go through the peculiar doorway. Use the water on the plant again and when the imps are in the toilet, wear the skin and use the fire. The oven will explode and you’re outside again.

Use the diamond on the river to turn it into a demonic unbreakable stone. Use the door behind the bench where the old man was sitting. Through the window you can see the rag. You must tear it in order to restore the afterworld. Use the skin on the notch left of the bookcase. Use the limp imp skin on the shelf on the other side of the window. Use the carpet to fold it back and on the lower part you can see a loose floorboard. Use the trident with the loose board. Use the taut imp skin with the trident and you’ve got a slingshot.

Use the diamond with the slingshot and the rag will tear. You’ve detroyed the netherworld and freed all souls.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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