Standing in front of the bridge of tomorrow, cross it and turn left. Walk as far to the left as possible and water the plants (5/5). Walk back to the path and follow it to the north. You are at a babbling brook. There are some fish in it. Talk to the fish (5/10).

Walk to the north so you can cross the stream and leave the screen on the left. Watch out for that meteor. A dragon comes flying out of the crater hole. Luckilly the lightnings turned it into roast. Look at the ROAST and pick it up (5/15).

Walk past the crater to the north and admire the sparkling tree. You can talk to it if you have the time. To the right is another tree, to the left is a third. They all talk. From the middle tree (where you entered the screen) walk back to the south, but on the right side of the tree. This way you’ll go to the yellow wood.

Walk to the south and turn left at the bottom. Walk toward the cabin there. Enter the cabin through the door. There’s no one home and the door isn’t locked. Look at the interior. There’s a lot to see, not much to take here.


Use the double wooden doors in the back to go to the dining room. What’s for dinner? Grab the table to see a close up of the table. The plates look nice. Take the SILVER BOWL (5/20). Grab the back of the chair to leave the table again.

Walk to the right and enter the kitchen. On the worktop on the right are some ROLLS. Take one (5/25). Leave the kitchen again and in the dining room take the stairs in the back to a living room upstairs. From here walk to the left to enter the bedroom.

Near the window in the back is an arrangement of flowers. Take the FLOWERS (5/30) and leave the bedroom again on the south side. From the living room go south again and down the stairs. In the dining room go south to the lounge. Use the door on the right of the double wooden door, leading you to the library.

Read the book on the table (5/35). Pushing the right part of the cabinet holds a lever and opens a portal when used. Go through.

Talk to the lady and ask her name: Ruthinea. Talk about anything. When saying goodbye, there’s more to talk about. Ask her how the portal works and eventually ask her the code. She doesn’t want to tell. Give her the flowers and she’ll tell it: 2003. Put the flowers on the table next to her (5/40).

Go to the temple on the right. Climb the stairs. Be carefull to stay on the path, otherwise you’ll end up in the temple of Anubis and you’ll have to restore from there. Keep walking straight ahead, past the ancient walls.

On the large courtyard, you have two doors. Take the one on the left first, the black one.

Inside, walk to the back wall to enter the next part. It seems like nothing changed but in this part there are rats. Walk further to the back and in the next part will be bats. Then, when you walk further, you’ll see spiders. Don’t be scared, they don’t bite. Walk towards the back of the temple through the web. You will see a huge wall with hyroglyphs. Look at the top and botton row and when you use the pointer (not the hand), the pictures will be translated into letters. Click on each one on the top row until you know what it says. Then click on the eye of osirs on the bottom row to see the complete sentence.

Walk back to the courtyard by going south in several temples. Once on the courtyard enter the white door on the right. On the wall on the left are more symbols. Repeat the procedure: click each one until you know what it says.

Behind the first pillar you can go to the right to see a man, camel and snake. Next to the man is a basket. Take it, at least take what’s in it. Look in your inventory to find the BAG and when you’re looking at the bag, you find a lot of TILES (5/45).

Try to pet the camel (5/50) and he’ll spit on your shoe. Leave the screen on the left south side and walk around the pilar to go to the room behind pilar two. A bit of a strugle to go there but eventually you’ll end up in the treasure room.

In front of you on the table are some items. Take the HOLY GRAIL (5/55), the SAKRA STONE (5/60) but leave the idol. Behind you are three doors. Two will lead to scenes of Indiana Jones, the third, rightmost will take you back to the columns. Walk towards the back wall and turn left there. Another tricky part to get to but you can manage.

Look at the stone table in the middle. There’s something written but some glyphs are still missing. Look at the letters in place one by one until you can read the sentence and know what’s missing. Use the tiles on the stone table to fill in the missing letters. From left to right: the twisted flax (H), the arm (A), single reed (I) and lion (L). On the next line put the tiles single reed (I), mouth (S), single reed (I) and mouth (S). When you’re missing a piece, walk back to the man with the camel and look around the basket. There will be another glyph next to it. The tablet is complete (5/65) and you can talk to ISIS. She has a request for you: she wants an offering:

Three offerings from a Druid Tree.
A kiss from either fowl or fish.
A BLESSED gift from you to me.
Wrapped on the moon in silver dish.

Time to leave this place and find these things.

Walk to the south six times and you’re in the library again. Use the double glass doors and use the double brown doors. From the dining room go to the left to the kitchen and take the WEDDING CAKE KNIFE from the back wall above the cooker (5/70).

Leave the cabin on the south. The walk to the right and north to leave the yellow forrest and back to the talking trees. Talk to the first one you see and ask for an offering. Only a CIGARETTE BUT (5/75) but it’ll have to do. Pick it up and walk to the tree on the right.

Use the wedding cake knife on the tree (5/80) and look at the carving. Then use the bowl on the carving to take the TREE SAP with you (5/85). Walk to the tree on the far left. Talk to this tree as well and all this tree has to offer are some FUNGUS (5/90). Take them from the trunk and walk back to the middle tree again. Go south on the right side of the tree and walk through the yellow forrest back to the cabin. Enter the cabin and enter the library again.

Enter the portal and walk to the arch. Use the keypad on the right side of the arch and use the Roman numbers to add to 2003: twice M (1000) and three times I (1). Then the E-button to enter and a path to the moon will be created. Walk the path to the moon (5/95).

Walk all the way to the left until you see a man at a camp fire. Talk to the man. You can use his boat if you have something to eat for him. Give him the bun (2/97) and the roasted leg (5/102). You can now borrow his boat. But actually you don’t need it because you can walk on the water.

Walk to the north until you see Poseidon and then all the way to the right. You’ll meet a lot of Greek characters, artists and other famous people. A soon as you see the lost continent rise and a blue island, walk to the right to Escher’s building. Enter the building and see a bird on the right side. Now what did Isis want again? A kiss from a fish or bird. Well… talk to the bird and request a kiss.

But how to prove this to Isis? Look in the bowl and see the birdshit. That’s her proof! Put the cigarette but and the fungus in the bowl as well, to prove you had the offerings.

Leave the house on the left and walk to the right. You’ll see Jesus at the table with the last supper. Give the holy grail to Jesus and he’ll give you a lot of points (877/979). Walk to the north on the right side until you reach Eschers stairs. Walk up the stairs and meet all your friends from the AGS forum. Walk to the back of the shop and give your voucher to get a BLUE CUP in return (5/984). Walk back to the south and down the stairs.

At the last supper give the bowl with sap, fungus, butt and birdshit to Jesus (5/989). He’ll tell you where to find Isis. Walk to the right and she’ll greet you. Give her the golden bowl (5/994) and she’ll turn into Ruth. You’re just married and for a honeymoon you suggest Venice. You can see the pictures.

Once back with Ruth give her the flowers you took from the kitchen.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this! I made this game for my son, Michael. I’m so glad you muddled through it. It was my first game using the AGS engine so I was very green!!! Thank you so for you patience!!!

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