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The Marvellous Adventures Of Princess Marian IV: Dark Cave – Walkthrough (SSH Productions/2003)

By Leon | January 16, 2008

The Marvellous Adventures of Princess Marian IV: Dark Cave Walkthrough

This page contains the complete solution or walk-through to this game. Reading this page can spoil the challenge to complete the game by yourself. Please consider this when reading on. The walk-through of this game given here might not be the optimal solution, it’s a solution. Just to prove that the game can be finished. If you want a section of the walk-through or just a hint, send us an email with the part where you’re stuck, we’ll send you the section of the page you’ll need.

The cave:

It’s very dark in here. You can only see some eyes blinking. Don’t try to grab them or it’ll grab you. Look at the eyes. Then talk to the eyes. Wooaaah! Fire!…. and light. Talk to the dragon. Stay friendly or you will be eaten. Tell the dragon you’re worried. Maybe the dragon can help. Take a good look at the dragon. It has something stuck between his teeth. Look at the teeth. Then talk to the dragon and ask to remove the phone. Take the PHONE out.

Use the phone to call home. They’re not worried anymore. Talk to the dragon again and ask him for a fly. You may but should go home because the rain has stopped.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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