You are just wandering around. When you’re in The Last Harvest, kindly request a room from the barkeeper. Room 601 is ready.

Talk to the miss that enters your room. She seems to know you, you can’t remember her. Ask her what she’s doing in a village like this and she’ll explain. Ask her to tell more about your past and keep asking for details. Tell her about the ghosts and she’ll tell you about the Wizard that you should meet. She’ll leave.

Take the PILLOW from the bed, pick and APPLE from the fruitbowl and take the NAIL out of the wall on the left. Open the pillow to get a FEATHER. Walk to the south to leave the room. Talk to the barkeeper and ask for the price of your room. That’s cheap. Ask about the man sitting on the floor. He;’s tired but unable to sleep. Maybe you can help.

Talk to the tired man and he’ll tell you about the sleeping pills. But you can’t have them. Walk to the south to leave the bar. Outside is a beggar sitting on the ground. Talk to him and ask him if he has trouble sleeping. He’ll tell you about the sleeping ghost who sings.


Walk to the left and left of the building go north to the crossing. From there go further north. Use the door to enter the mysterious house. Talk to the wizard. Aks him about his magic and then ask about the spirits following you. Ask him all about the spirits and how you can defeat them. He’ll tell you about the gun you’ll need and the bullets you must make. The recepies for these bullets are in a book. And he knows where the book is. But he’ll tell you if you can win the game of chess. Agree to play the game and you’ll lose. You’re not good at this game.

Use the bookcase to find a good book about entities and the ability to talk. Leave the room and walk to the south. Walk to the left again to see the crossing and go left from there. There are posters on the ground and confetti. Looking at the posters there must have been a party going on here. Take the CAN lying above the posters. Walk to the right twice to see a well and a tree.

Remember the book from the wizard? Talk to the tree. Ask how he became a tree and if he sometimes sings at night. He does. So that’s what the beggar is hearing. Tell him about the man in the bar. Ask the tree to help the man. You need something to carry the spell in. Give the can to the tree and he’ll put a spell in there.

Walk to the left and at the crossing go south. From there use the door to enter the bar. Use the can on the tired man an he’ll go to sleep. You can now take  his SLEEPING PILL. Walk to the south to leave the bar and on the left of the building go north to the crossing. Go north again to reach the mysterious mansion.

Use the nail on the windmill in the window. Now it will rattle now and then. Use the door to enter the house and look at the wizard. He’ll be distracted from time to time by the knocking on his window. As soon as the wizard looks around, put the sleeping pill in the blue cup he’s holding. Wait till he sips the coffee and then talk to him. Ask for a game of chess. You’ll win this time. Ask for the book. It appears to be you diary.

Look at the diary and read the first page. Iron in the ground where lot’s of children were.  Then add water. Walk to the south to leave the wizard. He fell asleep anyway. Outside go left and then to the crossing. You’ll hear about the four challenges. Walk south again and enter the bar. Talk to the barman and ask for a glass of water. Walk to the south to leave the bar and walk to the door on the side of the building. Use the door so you’ll knock.

Excuse yourself for the time and ask for something to eat in a polite way. Offer a silver coin for the stew and because you’re willing to pay you can have the STEW for free. Talk to the beggar again. Ask if he has a gun and if you can borrow it. You can’t. Tell him you want to buy it and he wants to know what you have to offer. Give him the pillow, the stew and the apple. He’ll give you the GUN.

Go north on the left of the building and at the crossing go left again. Below the posters is some loose ground. Use the can there and then add some water. You have an IRON BULLET. Use the bullet on the gun to load it. Walk to the right to the crossing.

A ghost come walking towards you. Use the gun to kill the ghost. Pick up the STAFF that was left behind. Look in the diary to see what next was written. Now copper has to be mixed with fire. Walk to the right and look at the sign on the side of the well. It’s a wishing well. Use the staff on the round stone on top of the  well to open it. Use the staff on the side of the well to knock a ROCK out of the well. Pick it up and then talk to the tree. Ask about the well, why it was closed and if you can have some coins from the bottom. You can but first you must find a son for the tree.

Walk to the left, go south and enter the bar. Climb the stairs to your room and take an APPLE from the fruit bowl. Walk to the south twice and you’re outside again. Go to the north on the left of the building and at the crossing go right. Give the apple to the tree and then talk to the tree again. You’ll get the COINS.

Walk to the left and at the crossing go north. Use the door to enter the house of the wizard. Use the coins on the fireplace and the COPPER BULLET is finished. Use the bullet with the gun. Walk to the south to leave the house and go left to the crossing.

The second ghost will walk towards you and use the gun on the ghost to defeat it. You’ll get a NECKLACE from the lady and you can pick up a HOOK. Look in the diary again to see what’s next. Unlit fire and something from a bird. Walk to the north and enter the wizards house again. Pull the carpet and use the hook on the spot where the carpet was to open a hatch. Use the stairs to go down.

Look at the barrels. They contain COAL. Pick up some of it and use it on the feather in your inventory. This will produce the BLACK BULLET. Use the bullet in the gun and climb the stairs again. Walk to the south to leave the house and to the left to go to the crossing. Another ghost will visit you. Shoot the ghost as well.

The lady will visit you again but also another ghost. You will be moved to random locations from time to time. Read the diary again. This time it’s dust from a king with silver to close the ring. Walk to the house of the wizard and look at the chess board. You can take two kings, the WHITE KING and the BLACK KING.

Use the rock on both kings to crush them. Go to the crossing and talk to the lady. Ask if she has a silver RING. She has and will give it to you. Use the dust of one of the kings with the ring and use the dust of the other with the coin. You now have TWO SILVER BULLETS. Use one bullet with the gun. As soon as the ghost appears to transport you again, shoot it. You’ll go to the site with the posters on the ground. The ghost will be shot. Noticed anything different?

The lady will enter the scene and offers you a choice: either stay alone and go your own way or come with her and stay together. Since you still don’t know her name, it’s a dilemma. From here there are three possible endings:

Ending 1:

Walk to the right and choose to stay alone. You’ll never know her name and will never know what happened.

Ending 2:

Walk to the north and go with the lady. She will tell you all about what happened and you’ll have a good time together.

Ending 3:

The best option is to use the second bullet in the gun and shoot the lady. Since the dying of the last ghost wasn’t the same as the others, you could know it wasn’t a real ghost you shot at first. You will learn the name of the lady and what happened.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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