Dan should go back to the other side of the canyon. Good thing there’s a vine already. Pick up the LIGHTER that’s on the ground. In your knapsack is some fireworks. Use it on Dan and then use the lighter on the fuse of the fireworks. Dan’s delivered to the other side.


At home Dan would like to see Magnum P.I. but the telly doesn’t work anymore. The antenna broke down. Take the POSTER of Sam and Max in the middle from the wall to open the window. Use the window to really open it. There’s a strange creature standing outside. Go through the door on the left to enter the hall and go into Dan’s room.


Open the wardrobe and take a HANGER out. Leave the room again and from the hall enter Ben’s room. What a mess. Look at the lump on the bed and use the bed to remove the blanket. There’s a bottle of GLUE and a pair of SCISSORS. Take both. Leave the room again and go to the toilet.

Use the light switch in the toilet. Only a fool shoud touch that so use Ben to turn off the light. Use the scissors on the cable near to the switch and take the CABLE. Leave the toilet and go back to the lounge. Use the hanger on the cable and then use both on the TV. Pick up the hanger near the window and you’ll hold it  outside. Now that’s a good recepion. You’re teleported to a spaceship. It should be a piece of cake to get back home again… you think.

Space ship:

Use door 113b and find it won’t open. Look at the sign to the left of it. You need a Yin/Yang sigh to open it. All the doors here are locked by signs. There’s only one item you can produce: the head of Sam. Use the scissors on the poster and cut the HEAD out. Use the paper model on the door to the left of the Jin/Yang door and it’ll open. Go through the door.

The Future:

On the ground in the middle of you two tombstones is a HAND. Pick it up. Enter the castle in the back. On the pillars are some texts. Look at the pillars and see the bible references. Note the left and right column and the references per column. The left one: Job 15:30, Kings 18:45 and Acts 2:2. The right  column states from left to right: Judges 13:20, Isiah 62:6 and Psalm 106:188 Walk further to the right and note an altar with candles on it. Look at the bible on the right and look up for every item if it’s about flames or fire.

Job 15:30 is so the left candle should be lit. Kings is about darkness and rain so should stay off. Acts is about wind so should also stay off.

Judges is about flames so should burn, Isiah is about wind so should stay off and Psalm 106:188 is about fire so should go on. So on the left holder light the left one. On the right holder light the left and right ones. The altar will move away. Pick up the BIBLE and take the stairs down.

Follow the blood trail to the left and meet the priest. Talk to him and learn about Gilbert. Also talk about the zombies he killed and then you notice the cross. Use the bible on the priest and he’ll go knock out. Take the CROSS and go through the door behind him.

Gilbert is chained to the wall and you’d like the doll next to him but he’s still quite dangerous. Use the bottle of glue on him to glue his mouth shut. As soon as he’s silenced you can take the DOLL. Use the door on the right to leave. Walk to the right, go up the stairs, walk to the south and use the door to exit the church. Use the door on the left to go back to the space ship.


Walk one door to the left and use the cross on the panel. The door will open and you can enter. Pick up the ROCK on the ground and open your own front door. That’s all there is. Just the front door. Take the NOTE from the door and when you examine it you keep the BLUE TACK. Leave again through the door on the left.

State 51:

Use the doll from Gilbert on the door left of the cow. Walk to the north and enter the Limey. It’s a pub. Or bar. At least you can get a drink.

Talk to the man behind the bar. Ask him about the hat. It’s one of those symbols on one of the doors. Ask if you can try it on and you can’t. When he takes it off, he’ll lose his job.

Talk to the three men watching TV. Ask what they’re drinking and what drinking game they’re playing. Apearantly not much alcohol. When they shout Come On England and empty their glasses, the man behind the bar needs to refill them. While the barman is away you can step behind the bar and take the KEY. Also take the SPONGE from the bar.

Go through the door on the right to the hall. Go to the mens room and use the condom machine. There’s a lot of COINS left inside. Look at the urinal in the middle. It has those sweets in it. Use the newspaper to take the LOO CAKES out. Leave the toilet and go to the door on the left. Use the key on the door to unlock it and then use the door to step down to the drums with beer. Look at those pipes coming out of the barrels. Use the pipes to switch them.

Use the door again to go back to the hall and then use the door on the right to go back to the pub. Look at the three drinking. Talk to them, shout COME ON ENGLAND and the glasses get emptied. But this time with the stronger stuff. It’s a bit too much for them.

The barman quits his job and puts the HAT on the bar. Take it and use the door on the left to leave the bar. Walk to the south and use the ladder to go back to the space ship.

The dinosaurs:

Use the hat on the door left of you. It’s an elevator. Step inside and push the button. It doesn’t work. Look at the panel and notice it’s a bit loose. Use the rock to smash the front and then you can look inside. The wire is cut. Use the wire to tie them back together. Use the cover to close the panel and then push the button to go up.

On the empty desk is a THERMOS FLASK. Take it. Next to it is a box. Use the scissors to open it and find game consoles inside. Take the GAME CONSOLES out. To your right is an X-Wing starfighter. It’s another of those symbols in the space ship. Talk to the T-Rex behind the desk and learn that Carl is a Chuckie Egg champ. Walk further to the right and find amongst all broken arcades a working Chuckie Egg arcade.

Use a coin on the machine and you have a credit. But since Ben is the champ, let him get a high score. Carl will come over to see what happened and wants his high score back so starts playing. Walk to his desk and use the Death Star toy. The T-Rex will indeed become a dead star. Take the X-WING and walk to the left. Use the elevator to go back to the space ship.

Secret room:

You smell alien. Look at the secret door that was left ajar. Use the door and look inside. Here you can find all that’s written about you and what will happen in the future. Take the CROWBAR against the wall and leave the room again. Use the door on the right to take the ladder to State 51 again.

State 51:

On the left is a Fish and Fries shop. Talk to the men in front and what they’re doing there. Ask what they’re drinking. It’s a warming drink. Give the game consoles to the men so they’re not bored anymore and one will throw his bottle of MOONSHINE on the ground. Pick up the bottle and use the crowbar on the board covering the door. Take the bottom BOARD. Walk to the south and use the ladder again to enter the space ship.

Lava room:

Walk all the way to the left. Use the X-Wing toy on the panel of the door before last. It’s hot in there. There’s a man with a spanner. That’s another symbol on those doors. Use the thermos on the stream of lava to fill the flask with hot LAVA. Use the board on the stream of lava to create a bridge and walk to the man. Take the SPANNER and use the door to go to the hall again.

Walk to the left and use the spanner on the panel of the door. Enter the room.

Ice age:

It’s the same as the lava room but then colder. Use the crowbar on the side panel of the turnstyle machine. There’s another sign for the doors: a gear. Use the lava on the block of ice to defrost the man. Talk to the man. He’ll start repairing the turnstyle as soon as het get’s warmer.  Give him the moonshine and he’ll repair the turnstyle. When he’s taken off the GEAR, take it. Take the ROPE on the right that used to hold the underground sign. Use the door on the left to leave the ice age. Go inside the lava room next door to melt the rope and get out again.

Walk all the way to the right and at the cow door use the gear on the panel. Step through the mouth of the cow to the museum.

The Museum:

Talk to the man in front of the museum until he flies off. Enter the museum. In front of the dino is a watery creature. Use the sponge to soak up all the water and leave the  entrance TICKET on the floor. Pick it up and give it to the lady in front of the entrance to the exhibit room. You can enter the museum.

Look at the displays. On the right is a modern one of a man holding a can opener.  Take the CAN OPENER from the man. Below are objects on pedestals. The middle one is a lump of clay. Since you don’t want to steal in a museum use the rock in your inventory on the lump of CLAY. That was a quick switch. Walk further to the right.

There’s the Yang! Now to find a way to take it with people noticing. Look at the guard on the chair. Talk to him and find out he’s not dropping the force field. He’s drinking coffee to concentrate. He’s putting sugars in his coffee. Use the loo cakes with the sugars. He won’t know the difference until he drinks his coffee. One guard down.

Because you don’t want anyone see you really stealing the Yang, use the mud on the security camera to cover it. Then take the YANG. Leave the exhibit room on the right, exit the museum on the left. Use the back of the cow to return to the space ship.

Walk to the left and enter space again, the door with the cross.


Use the can opener on the street lamp to let it fall over. Use the blue tack on the glove and use the rope on the glove to tie it together. Walk to the right end of the streetlamp and use the rope and sticky glove to lift the YIN from below. Use the yin and yang together and go to your own roomdoor on the right.


Enter the room and find the couch missing. But there were more changes…

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

32 Replies to “Ben There, Dan That – Walkthrough (Ben Ward & Dan Marshall/2008)

  1. well, it was all going fine until i entered the elevator or lift whatever its called. i have not obtained the rock thus im stuck there. What can i do know?? :/

  2. Thanks for the walk-thru Leon! I grabbed this game on Steam with Time Gentlemen, Please quite a while back. But gave up after a bit of trying (no patience for figuring out all the puzzles I guess), but did a search and found your walkthough and it really helped! Funny little game!

  3. I got hopelessly stuck at two points while playing this game, but this walkthrough was very clear and easy to navigate and I found the solution to the puzzles I was confused by pretty much instantly. Thank you for creating this!

  4. Very good game indeed! I just finished the game, EXCELSIOR ENDING! So many pop culture references, very nerdy (in a good way!)! Going to the sequel immediately (well, perhaps eating before the game is a good idea, kkkkkk)

  5. This worked out great for me..found everthing easy and understandable..had try to play a while back and had no clue what to do.. thought the game sucked but after reading this walkthur it turned out ok…thank you..also i had a hard time with enough info

  6. great walkthrough mate, cheers.

    i was stuck needing the loo cakes, had tried earlier in the game to get them (using the hat, but that was wrong) and went on to totally forget about them (fell asleep mid-game, had no idea what i had and hadn’t done)

    looked at the hint-through on the zombie cow site, but it didn’t help (no item names used, so i couldn’t work it out)

    finally found this, saw loo-cakes, and newspaper, slapped myself in teh face, went got the cakes and finished it.

    good game, with only a few minor annoyances with the action cycle, and also, if you click the walk icon on the cow door, they seem to always walk to the opposite end of the ‘ship’ before returning and going through the door. less bugs than any recent AAA release, and much more fun too, those bums are right, i might become an alcy…..

    overall, an enjoyable adventure game, well worth purchasing the double pack on steam, the word must be spread…..

    now onto TGP.

  7. Hi,
    I got to the secret room took the crowbar, went to state 51 but there is nobody near the fish and chips. Bug? I forgot something?

  8. The “glove” is actually a severed zombie’s hand, found in the graveyard at the beginning of the game.

  9. You can take a rope from the ice age room. You need the can opener for the lamp and then you need the rope on the glove with blue tack.

  10. i dont get it…can ANYONE tell me? i got to the part where you go back into space an cut the lampost.But then it says “use the rope”you dont even get any rope for fuck sake?!?!?!

  11. Hi Leon,

    Thanks so much for the quick response, however, there is no rock in the space room… Was I supposed to pick it up after using it in the elevator? Could this be a bug?

    Thanks again,


  12. Uhm, in the secret room. There are 5 red lights, Ben mentions that he feels that 3 should be green.. Is there any way to change the lights, because Dan isn’t helping.

  13. Ha, really enjoyed this game though some parts were really tricky without this walk through! Wish I’d found it earler 😛

  14. Pretty sure I tried that, but he said: ‘There is no more left.’ But I’ll have to try again I guess. Cheers.

  15. When I let Dan play on the arcade machine earlier, Ben said: This is our last 10p. And so.. I have no loo-cakes to switch with the sugar. Help please!

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