You want to search for your family treasure but in order to do that, you first need to make sure your raft can navigate.

Use the cutlass on the ROPE that’s around the mast. Then use the part of the MAST that came off. Use ‘yourself’ to remove the HOOK, then use the hook on the mast and use the pole with hook to grab the PLANK from the water. Use the mast on yourself to put the hook back on and leave the mast in your inventory.

Use the cutlass on the rope again to cut it into two pieces. Use the small piece with the plank to make a rudder that’s not yet complete. Use the mast with the plank to create a complete rudder. Use the rudder with the back of the raft to be able to navigate.

Look at the barrel of water. There’s a tankard inside. Use the water to get the TANKARD out.  Use the tankard with the barrel of ale and you’ve got a full jug. Use the tankard full of ale with Claws in the crows nest and the bird will come down. Use the crows nest to climb in, get the LENSE out and fix the telescope. You can see now.

Look at the map to have a close look. Read all the texts there. What about that compass? All’s pointing north. Use the shovel on the map to row to the desired location. In this case, the center of the compass covers a hidden island. Use the shovel there and you’ll land on an island.

Your nephew will capture you and take the map. So there were two parts. Now you have to escape first. Look around. He must have dropped the map.

Talk to Tony. Keep asking to be freed until you can tell him there’s a flying serpent. When they turn to look, use the knot in the rope to get yourself down. Take the MAP from the sand and take the STASH standing next to the barrel. Walk to the right and Tony and Meager won’t bother anymore.

You have a new set of tasks: 1 find the treasure, 2 disable the pirates, 3 make sure they stay on the island.

Walk to the cave on the map. Take the LANTERN standing near the entrance and pick the EXOTIC FLOWER from the grass. Walk to the left to return to the island and walk to the lookout. Talk to Birton and learn about the girl. He doesn’t like her. Ask him how they got to the island and you’ll learn about the boat. Ask if he likes flowers. Give him the exotic flower and you’ll get a MAGNIFYING GLASS in return. Use the magnifying glass on the second piece of the map and you can read the small print. It’s about a third map, digging and the center of the island. Walk to the left to go back to the map.

Go to the clearing in the center of the map and pick up the BUCKET. If you try to dig in the sunken part, you need to restore the taclke first. Walk to the right to return to the map, go to the raft and use the bucket on the raft with ALE to fill the bucket.  Leave on the right.

Walk back to the clearing in the center. Use the rope with the ale to dip the end of the rope in the ale. Then use the rope with Claws to let him fly the rope over the tackle. Now you need to empty the bucket. Walk to the right and on the map select the hideout. Use the bucket on the stash to empty the bucket. Walk to the right again and you can see Meager and Tony fall asleep.

On the map select the boat. Talk to Lord James and ask him what he’s doing there. Aks him why he doesn’t escape with the boat. Then offer your help. Ask him to help you first. He’ll meet you at the clearing. Use your cutlass to cut one of the POINTY PLANTS on the left.

Use the cutlass on the pointy plant in your inventory and you’ll only have the SKIN. Use the skin on the branch to make it much stronger. Walk to the left to the island and select the clearing again. Talk to Lord James and ask him to hold the rope. Use the bucket on the other end of the rope and use the shovel on the sunken sand.

After some digging you’ll find the third piece of the map and when you read it you must find the nearby island. You can see it from the highest point. It’s time to make sure no-one else leaves the island. Walk to the right and select the cave on the map. Use the branch with the big rock to block the entrance of the cave. These two won’t follow you anymore.

Walk to the left again and select the raft on the map. Use the lantern with the raft to let the ale burn the raft. It’s unusable now. Walk to the right and select the lookout on the map. Walk towards the cliff and look at it. This must be the highest point. Use the telescope with the cliff and after some searching you can see the island. Walk back to the left and on the map select the boat. Talk to Lord James again. You’re ready to go.

On the island, use the shovel with the sand to dig up the treasure.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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