You heard the burglar downstairs.

Go towards the window and take the BOOK (1/1). Look at the book and see it’s about Ali Baba, your favorite story. On the lamp is a WIRE. Take it as well (1/2) and leave the room.

On the door of the elevator is a NOTE. Take it (1/3) and read it. The elevator wasn’t repaired yet. Enter the door in the middle, the bathroom and look at the toilet on the right. The manual of the elevator is there. Take the MANUAL (1/4) and read it. There’s a note from your son written in it about supplemental colors. To the right of the toilet is a NAIL FILE on the ledge. Take it as well (1/5). Go over to the sink and take the CABLE from there (1/6). Leave the bathroom and go to the right.

Enter the bedroom and look at the wall. There’s a colorfull picture. Is that what your son meant with complementary colors? On the nightstand is a NOTE. Take it (1/7) and read it. Arabian Nights again. And A=1? Take the SHEET from your bed (1/8) and from the cupboard take the SCISSORS from the middle shelf (1/9).


Leave the bedroom and in the hallway go to the elevator. Use the button next to the door to see the broken wires. There are colorfull buttons. Is that what your son meant? And if we remember the picture in the bedroom: from left to right on the lower strip: dark blue is opposite of yellow so connect these two colors. The green one doesn’t have a wire. Take one from your inventory (you took one from the lamp and one from the sink) and connect the green one to the pink. The red one goes to the light blue on the far right. Then reverse: light blue goes to red. Pink doesn’t have a cable so use the one from your inventory and connect it to the green one. The grey/blue one isn’t on the painting but neither is the brown so connect these. Yellow again to the dark blue. The elevator is fixed now (5/14).

Use the picture on the right of the elevator to reveal the safe. Use the safe to see you need to enter 9 digits. What can be the combination? Looking at the safe you know you wrote a hint on a piece of paper. The only ones you have are about Ali Baba. Nothing with 9 digits. If only Open Sesame would work (remember A=1?). Now: sesame can produce nine digits: S=19, E=5, S=19, A=1, M=13 & E=5. So if we enter 195191135 and pull the handle the safe will open (5/19). Take your GUN from the safe (1/20).

Use the elevator to go downstairs. Use the door behind the stairs. It’s the kitchen. Use the drawers on the right to take the CANDLE out (1/21). In the cupboard on the left is a KNIFE. Take it (1/22). Leave the kitchen and go to the left to the living room. On the floor is a ROCK that was used to smash the window. Take it (1/23) and also the GLASS as evidence (1/24).

You then hear the burglar. It’s upstairs. Before you warn someone, you need to make sure the burglar can’t escape. Take the NOTE next to the phone (1/25) and read it. A strange phonenumber that is. Take the green CURTAIN from the window (1/26). Use the knife on the curtain to create a short rope (1/27). Use the scissors on the bed sheet to create a second piece of rope (1/28) and use the two pieces of rope together to create a longer piece (1/29).

Leave the livingroom and use the elevator to go upstairs. Use the rope on the door of the library on the left (5/34). This will prevent the burglar from leaving. Use the elevator again to go downstairs and go to the study on the right.

Look in the drawer of the desk and take the MATCH out (1/35). Remember the note we found next to the phone? We can translate the code to a book here: S5B2R7P134 means shelf 5, bottom 2, right 7, page 134. So select shelf 5 and you’ll be asked which book to take from the top. That must be 4 because 2 from the bottom equals 4 from the top. Then what book from the right? That’s 7. It’s the right BOOK (1/36).

Open the book and select page 134. There’s the phonenumber of your son: 335479. Leave the library and go to the door on the right. It’s the front door and it’s locked. You don’t have a key. But you can make one! Use the match on the candle (1/37). The wax will melt. Use the wax on the door to create a MODEL of the key (1/38). Use the model on the stone (1/39) and use the file to create a KEY from the stone (1/40). Use the key on the door to unlock it (5/45).

Go back to the living room and pick up the phone. Key in the phonenumber of your son and wait for him to answer (5/50).

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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