You’re kinda lost…

Walk to the pointy hat guy on the right and talk to him. Ask him t0 help you to get home. He can give you an amulet but you need to pay five gold pieces for that. You need to earn some money. Walk further to the right and talk to the executioner. He wants to pay you if you can help him test the guillotine. You need to find some replacement for your head.

Walk back to the left and see a little girl. Talk to her and learn about the cat. You need to get it down somehow. Use the door of the house on the left to go inside and take the SMOKED FISH. Leave the house on the left and give the fish to the cat. The cat will fall down and now you have an UNCONSCIOUS CAT. The little girl will pay you 1 coin. Enter the house on the left again and climb the stairs. Walk to the left and talk to the bald man. He wants some hair. Give him the cat and he’ll pay you 2 coins.

Go down the stairs and pick up the HAT from the stand. Climb the ladder on the right again and use the hat on the large melon on the left. Pick up the HATTED MELON and go downstairs. Leave the house on the left and walk to the right. Give the melon to the executioner and he’ll use it to test the guillotine. He’s happy and gives you 2 coins.


Walk to the left and talk to the wizard. He’ll give you the stone but only if you tell the truth….

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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