The world is quite a mess.

Pick up the CHAINSAW. Use the chainsaw on the cut up tree on the right to cut a BOAT. Use the boat on the water to escape. You’ll reach an island. Between the trees is a rusty shovel but you don’t want to touch it with your hands. Use the oar left from the boat on the tree to get the SHOVEL. Use the shovel on the sand to reveal a rock.

In the middle of the tree is a tiny orange fruit. Take the FRUIT from the tree and use the fruit on the rock. An entrance will be visible. Use the entrance to wake up from your dream. But it’s not over yet. You need to escape your room while the door is locked. On the top shelf of the bookcase are SHEETS. Take them and in your inventory look at them to tie them up.

Take the books from the bookshelf and push the radiator against them to press against the window. Use the window to open then and use the sheets on the window to climb down. You’re now in a different world again. Talk to the robot to ask for money. Only if you can give a cable in return. Ask about the place your in and what year it is. On the right, in the middle of the road is a CABLE. Pick it up and give it to the robot to receive some COINS.

On the left in the wall is a monitor. Use the screen and insert the money in the slot on the right. You’ll get three questions first that you will need to answer before using the machine. The first question is FALSE, the second question is TRUE and the third question is also TRUE. Leave the machine and use the hose to fill and take the BUCKET.

Use the bucket on the fuel cap at the rear of the car to fill it up and use the door next to the cap to start the car. You can now drive to civilization.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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