Turn to the left to see a wardrobe.

Opne the bottom left door to see a code: A ≥ 270. Open the bottom right door and take the DIAL from it. Use the upper part of this compartment to see a pin on the upper right. Pull the pin out. Leave the compartment and open the big doors. There’s a device that needs a code. Look at the right side of the device to find a RED KEY. Above it is a metal ROD that you can take.

Leave the wardrobe and turn to the right. Use the top part of the screen to step into the next room. On the right is a mini fridge and when you open it you see another hint: B x 2 = C. Turn to the right and look at the table. There are numbers and an arrow. Look at the gap between the wall and the table to see more: I, II, III, IV around Sea.

Leave the gap and turn to the right to see a desk with drawers. Use the key on the drawers to unlock them. From the top drawer take the GREEN KEY and a SCREWDRIVER. Open the bottom drawer to get a PENCIL and a roll of TAPE. From the middle drawer you can get the… hmm… The name Wendy refers to the colors but the letter in Wendy are the last letters of the color. So push the yellow, blue, green, red and grey. A compartment opens and you can take another DIAL out.

Leave the desk and go north. Then turn left to see the picture again. Use the corners of the picture in the order you saw behind the table, so: upper left, lower right, upper right and lower left. Now click the sea. Take the PICTURE from the wall and discover a device behind it. Look at the painting in your inventory. Click on the bird to flip the painting and see the screws in the back. Use the screwdriver to get them out. Use the frame to remove it a separate the thick PAPER.

Leave the device and use the green key on the door left of it. You open the door to the toilet. Use the toilet to step inside and see another clue: A + B + C + D ≥ 810. Use the tap to start the water and use the thick paper with the water. You now have wet paper. Walk south to leave the toilet and turn to the left. Move north towards the window.

Use the screwdriver on the closed window to open it. Use the lower part of the window to lean outside and see the front of the hotel. Since 1963. In the sil below is another dial but you just can’t reach. In your inventory use the rod from the wardrobe and the sticky tape. Use the sticky rod to pick up the DIAL.  Go south twice to leave the window and use the thick paper on the window to blind it. Turn right twice and then north to leave the room and turn to the right to view the wardrobe. Open the large doors and look at the device.

Use the four numbers and turn them past the 9 to see another hint: since + ecnis =. So 1963 + 3691 = 5654. Enter this on the device as number and push the green bar. The device will open and when you look inside you can find another DIAL. Leave the device and turn to the right. Walk north into the room and turn left. Use the lamp to light it and use the shade to point the light beam onto the wall.

Turn left and hit the lightswitch to make the room darker. Turn left again to see the five numbers on the wall. Click the lit numbers in order and a panel will appear. Use the panel to find a BLUE KEY behind it. Turn to the left and use the blue key on the drawer under the bed. Inside you can find a KEYCARD. Leave the drawer and turn right twice. Walk north and turn left to see the panel next to the door again.

Look at the panel and use the four dials you collected on the panel. Use the keycard in the slot on the left. Now we need to find the right values for A, B, C and D. The hints:

1: A = 270
2: B x 2 = C
3: A + B + C + D = 810

The solution can’t be calculated since there are too much variables. But you can play with the numbers a bit and try to brute force your way through (if B = 60 then  C = 120 and D = 360 etc.). You can narrow down the scope to conclude that B must be between 60 and 180, C between 120 and 360 and D between 0 and 360, depending on B & C.   The solution is: A = 270, B = 120, C = 240, D = 180. Translated to positions: A = 9, B = 4, C = 8, D = 6. Set the dials to the correct angle and push the grey bar. You can now take the GOLDEN KEY.

Leave the panel and turn right. Use the golden key on the red door to unlock it and leave the hotel.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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