You want to get even with that scumbag that ruined your ball.

Pick up the BALL (what’s left of it) and use the hole in the wall on the right to get into the alley. Walk further south into the street and enter the Compulsive Roy shop. Talk to Roy behind the counter and complain about the ball, ask about the lights and learn what he has in his shop. Finally ask him to join forces and he’ll tell you about the uberball and the price it will cost you to borrow it for only one day.

Leave the man and look at the huge dragon and the rope around it. Ask for the ROPE and you can have it.  Leave the shop. You need to find some money.. Walk back into the alley and take the BUCKET from under the drain. Use the hole in the wall to return to the playing field.

Use the planks under the tree on the left to move them and reveal a gaping hole. Use the rope on the branch above the hole and use the rope again to climb down.  Down in the pit look around. Pick up the empty JAR and look at the crack in the wall. Bit small to go through. Pick up the SCHOOLBAG and use the bucket on the little stream to fill the bucket with WATER.  Use the rope again to climb up. In your inventory look at the schoolbag to find a NOTEBOOK. Look at the notebook three times to get a COLLECTORS CARD.

Use the jar with the flies around the cat to take a FLY with you. Use the hole in the wall to get into the alley and walk south into the street.  When you try to take the toolbox, the man downstairs won’t let you. Talk to the man(hole) and learn that he’s making your life miserable for some time now. After the conversation use the bucket with water on the manhole to knock him out. Take the TOOLBOX and in your inventory look at the toolbox to find a HAMMER. Look at the box again to get a HANDSAW. Look at the handsaw to realize it has no handle. In the windowsill of the shop is a box with MATCHES. Take it. On the bench is a NEWSPAPER. Take that also with you.

Walk into the park on the left and look around. Talk to the biker and learn that he isn’t afraid of anything, certainly not spiders. He’s a tough cookie, not feeding the birds… right.   Leave the park on the left and in the street use the manhole to see what’s downstairs and how the man is doing. Search the man to find a roll of DUCT TAPE.

Use the fly on the web and wait for the spider to arrive, then use the jar with the web to catch the SPIDER. Use the ladder to climb up again and enter Compulsive Roy’s again. On the corner of the counter is a RAG. Take it and give the collectors card to Roy. He’ll swap it for an item of your choice.  Choose the FIRECRACKER. If you’ve chosen another item you can always bring it back. Looking at it, it doesn’t have a fuse.

Leave the shop and walk to the right into the park. Use the jar with spider on the bag at the rear of the bike and wait for the biker to put his hand in. Once he’s on the floor, pigeons from all over the place will come to the seeds. Leave the park on the left. Walk left into the alley and use the hole in the wall to enter the playing field. Put the newspaper in the barrel and light it with the matches.

Pick up the SNEAKER from the ground and look at the sneaker twice in your inventory to get the SHOE LACE from it. Use the shoe lace in the barrel with burned paper to put tar on the lace and create a FUSE. In your inventory attach the fuse to the firecracker to create a BOMB.

Use the rope to climb down the hole and once down, use the bomb on the crack in the wall. Use the matches to light it and take cover. Use the big hole you’ve created to go into the sewer. Walk to the right where you’ll find a locked gate. Use the hammer on the padlock to unlock the gate and open the gate.  You’ll find a closed sewer outlet and some pipes in front. Just to the left of the dial you can find an empty valve slot. Look at the slot to notice the valve is missing.

Leave the sewer on the left and go through the big hole to get back into the pit. Use the rope to climb out. In your inventory combine the rag with the saw to give it a handle and then use the makeshift tool on the branch that the rope is tied to the cut the BRANCH off. Use the hole in the wall on the right to go through and take the ANTENNA from the cardboard box. In your inventory combine the branch with the antenna and make it more solid by adding the duct tape to it.

With the long pole, reach for the SHIRT that’s hanging on the clothes line. Look at the shirt to get the details: the smell and the pocket with a wallet. Look at the shirt again to find the CREDIT CARD inside. Walk south to the street and find a busker on the bench. Talk to the busker and  he’ll tell you about the super hero. After the song you’ll know about Red Justice and the red valve.

Enter Compulsive Roys and talk to Roy. Tell him you want the uberball and give him the credit card to pay for it. No matter what you say to the dragon, it’ll open anyway. Take the UBERBALL from the safe and talk to Roy again. Ask him about red valve and after the conversation you’ll know where to look. Leave the shop and enter the alley on the left. Use the garbage bin to get the RED VALVE out.

Use the hole in the wall to get the to playing field and use the rope to climb into the pit. Use the hole on the right to enter the sewer. Walk to the right through the gate and put the red valve in the empty slot. Use the valve to open the sewer and climb in. Look at the screens and the game machine, then use the chair. There’s Red Justice.

Talk to the man and tell him you need help. He already knew that. You’ll give him the ball and he’ll analyse it as evidence. Once he has found the perpetrator he’ll give you an ENVELOPE that you’re not allowed to read. Look at the envelope to see there’s a piece of PAPER inside. Leave the room on the south and walk to the left to leave the sewer. Use the rope to climb up again and guess what?

Once you’ve dropped the ball, the scum bag shows up. You can say to him whatever you want, he wants to crush the ball anyway. You’ll give him the ultimate weapon and score!

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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