You crashed, now you need to find your wife-to-be.

Part 1 – Rays of Hope

Look at yourself to find a MAGAZINE in your pockets (1/1).  In your inventory look at the magazine twice to read some interesting articles (1/2). Look at the foliage at the waterside on the lower right. Use the foliage to move it apart and discover a shiny piece. Pick it up to see it’s a fish HOOK (2/4).

Walk to the right, then to the upper left. Watch the termites though. On the upper left is a cave with a camp fire. The tree above it has a small hole in it. Walk over to the tree and use the hole to get a CAN out (2/6). Best is to stand behind the tree. Look at the can in your inventory to see… nothing. You can’t read it. Walk over to the camp fire and use the can on the charcoal (3/9) to get some contrast on the can. Look at it again in your inventory to see … still nothing.

Leave the camp site on the lower right and walk to the left, back to the place you came from.  Walk behind the rock into the sunlight and use the can on the beam of light (near the branch) to see that the can holds termite food (10/19).  Walk back to the right and go over to the termite hill. Use the termite food on the cane and the termites will cut it down for you (7/26). Pick up the CANE (1/27).

Walk to the left twice until you can’t go further. On the other side of the river is an axe handle that you can’t reach. In your inventory put the hook on the cane (2/29) and use the makeshift fishing rod to pick up the axe HANDLE (4/33). Since there’s an axe in the tree, use the handle on the AXE to get it out (3/36) but the handle slips out again.

Put the handle in the resin seeping out of the tree (2/38) and in your inventory combine the handle and the axe again (1/39). It’s still not good enough so put the axe into the river to expand the wooden handle (you’ve read the magazine, right?) (8/47). But now the blade is rusted. Walk to the right twice and to the upper left to the cave and camp fire. Since the fire is surrounded by rough rocks, use the axe on the rocks to sharpen it (10/57).

Leave the cave on the lower right and walk south to the waterfall. Use the axe on the vine tied to the tree (7/64) and use the vine to climb down the ledge. Use the VINE  twice to rip it from the  tree (2/66).  Use the rope on the waterfall to get a WET ROPE (2/68).  Walk left into the cave behind the waterfall. On the rock at the lower left is a heart shaped rock attached with CHEWING GUM. Pick it up (1/69) and use the gum (on yourself) to soften it (5/74).

Put the chewing gum in the bowl to plug the hole (3/77) and use the wet rope with the bowl to make it shine and reflect the sunlight (2/79). Walk to the right and at the upper ledge walk all the way to the left.

You need to walk to the right but each time you’re transported back. Below you is a little rock. Use your axe on the little tree that’s in the way (1/80) and use the cane with hook on the red ROCK below (2/82).  Put your magazine on the green marked X near the entrance of the cave (1/83). Place the red ore stone on the magazine (1/84).  Talk to the loose stone above the entrance and it’ll fall down on the ore, pulverising it (1/85).

Use the handle from your inventory on the rock to move it and retrieve the ORE POWDER (4/89). Use the powder on the magnetic field on the right to show a path (4/93).  Carefully walk the path to the edge on the right, making sure you don’t touch the field. On the other side push the button to change the direction (5/98). Walk into the forcefield to be transported to the other side of the chasm (7/105).

Walk south to follow you path.. or falling your path. Make sure you grab the balloon on the way down (3/108).

Part 2 – Physics Lesson

You have crashed – again. This time you have crash-landed on a tree. Passing under the hive is too dangerous. Grab the one brown LEAF on the right (1/109). Place it on the hole in the middle of the branch you are standing on. Use your stick on the leaf to create a little fire (2/111). The smoke chases the bees away. You can now climb down the tree.

Look at the drill in one of the gold-birches. You can’t get it out without the right tool. Go to the right and get 1 FEATHER (1/112) and the CROSS (1/113) from the scare-crow. Enter the hut.

In the hut you take the MEASURING CUP (1/114) from the cupboard on the right. Open the lid of the kettle in the fire-place (1/115) then take the SEALING RING from the lid (2/117). In your inventory use the ring on the cross to make a CROSSBOW (2/119). Read the books on the shelf left of the fireplace to get a hint (1/120).  Take the yellow ugly picture off the wall (1/121). It was attached to the wall with a 10 mm zinc-coated hexagon head wood screw which you can’t retrieve without the right tool. Turn the ugly picture on the floor (3/124) and read the writing on its back (4/128). Leave the hut, then head south.

Shake the big walnut tree (3/131) and pick up the WALNUT from the ground (1/132). Take the SHOVEL BLADE (2/134) from the windowbox of the shed. You cannot produce a spade yet because of the wax in the shovel blade. Enter the shed.

Of all wrenches the 10 mm wrench is missing on the tool board. There’s a drilling machine without a drill and a pendulum clock without a proper pendulum weight. Use the walnut on the pendulum to get a working CLOCK (3/137). Open the left drawer of the workbench to get a pair of TONGS (2/139). Leave the shed, then head east.

There’s a plateau in the north which you can’t access from here. There’s a potato field. You grab the only ripe (= brown) plant on the left of the field to get a POTATO (1/140). Then use the strange device on the right of the field. Take the BLACK HOLE GENERATOR (1/141) and the bird feather (1/142). You now own 2 FEATHERS. Go west to leave the area. Go west again to leave the area with the shed.

There’s one more red feather hidden in a bush (1/143). You now have 3 FEATHERS. By grabbing into the knothole you learn that there’s a wrench inside. You cannot get it unless you can make the snappy squirrel leave its home. Place your clock on the branch fork (5/148) and push the pendulum (2/150). Now you can take the WRENCH (3/153) from the knothole. Go north.

Use your tongs on the DRILL (2/155) in the middle birch-tree. Use the black hole generator on the fairy circle in the center of the area to get the BALLOON (5/160). Enter the shed again (south, east).

Use the drill on the drilling machine (1/161). Use the shovel blade on the drilling machine (3/164). In your inventory put the stick into the shovel blade to produce a SPADE (1/165). Leave the shed through the door. Then go west to the area with the squirrel.

Can you see the bald (=brown) spots in the meadow? They are 5 steps east and 2 steps south from the squirrel tree (Remember the “treasure map” at the back of the ugly picture in the hut). Use the spade on the brown spots. The treasure is a COPPER COIN (5/170).

The following cut-scene is important to understand the plot!

Go north to the birches. The gold-birch with you freed from the drill is now bleeding gold. Collect the gold juice with your 1 liter measuring cup (3/173). You now have a FULL MEASURING CUP that weighs about 10 kg. In your inventory use the 3 feathers on the stick to produce an ARROW (2/175). Load your crossbow with the arrow (2/177). Go east and enter the hut.

Use your wrench on the zinc-coated SCREW on the left wall where the ugly picture used to hang (3/180). In your inventory press the coin into the potato (2/182), then press the screw into the potato (You can also start with the screw and then add the coin).  You have just produced a POTATO BATTERY (5/187). Place the battery in the socket under the picture (a summit photograph). A secret door opens (10/197). Walk through it.

On the plateau grab the 0.4 liter COKE CAN (1/198). Pick up the MESSAGE from the floor (1/199). Use the message on the hot plate on the right end of the plateau (3/202). In your inventory use the full measuring cup on the coke can (2/204). Your measuring cup now weighs 6 kg. Place it on the 60 kg stone on the plateau (2/206) which now has a total weight of 66 kg – exactly the weight your balloon can carry. Attach the balloon to the stone (2/208). Use your crossbow on the balloon (10/218). Search the soldier with your hands and hunger for the grand finale of “Decisions of the Elders”.

Part -1 – Intermezzo in Future Perfect

You have gone back in time… oops. Instead of going to the future. You can go back to present day but need to find a worm first. Use the JETPACK standing in the cave to borrow it (2/220).  Examining it, you notice it’s empty. Use the coke can filled with liquid gold to fill the jetpack (1/221). Use the jetpack on yourself and fly to the pasture (3/224) which you cannot leave without a worm.

Throw your wrench into the tree crown and hit an apple (3/227). The worm which was in the apple flees into the soil. You must get it out of there somehow. Use your pliers on the fence to realize it’s electric.
Put them  in the cow dung next to the trough to insulate them (2/229). Now you can cut the fence with your smelly but insulated pliers (5/234).

The wire drops into the soil but it doesn’t conduct enough to shake the worm. Fill the coke can with WATER from the trough (1/235) and use it on the soil (3/238).  The wet soil now conducts power which chases the worm out of the soil. Collect the WORM with your empty can (1/239). Use your jetpack to return to Doc Black.

Give the worm to Doc (1/240) and you’ll return to the present. But something’s out of place. Put the empty can in the upper left corner where you found it first (2/242). Now it’s all back to normal. You have successfully restored the timeline. Search the soldier again and take the DEVICE, this time without activating it (2/244).

Part 3 – Time for Heroics

[Playing as Julia]

Use the small slit in the inner wall to reveal a cable duct. Take the empty PIPE from it (1/245). Search your brother Harry (second from the left) and get a WALNUT (2/247). Put the walnut in Perry’s mouth (second from the right) and use him as a nutcracker to crack the nut. One of his gold teeth will come out as well. Pick up the TOOTH (4/251).

In your inventory use the tooth with the pipe and use the device on the console near the door to deactivate the laser beams (10/261). Walk through the sliding doors to leave the room and walk through the door on the right to enter the engine room.

Remove the DUCT TAPE from the green leaking pipe (1/262).  There’s now oil dripping. Leave the engine room on the left and go into the crew quarters north. On the table is a chess set and one of the pieces is soiled with jam. Take the CHESS PIECE from the table (1/263) and leave the room again.

Walk to the right back into the engine room and find a mess on the floor. Use it to lubricate your hands (2/265)  and walk to the left and south again to return to the cargo hold where your brothers are. Feel down the vent to get the gold TOOTH back (5/270).

Leave the room north. In the hallway use the fingerprint scanner on the left and realize the door won’t open. In your inventory use the tape on the chess piece to transfer the fingerprint (3/273) and use the tape on the fingerprint scanner to open the door (10/283). You now have access to the bridge.

In your inventory, put the tooth in the blowpipe again and shoot the switch between the windows, left of the vent (3/286). The air flow direction changed, flowing smelly air from the engine room onto the bridge. You’ll leave the room so use the cupboard to hide until the captain has passed (2/288).

Once you’re out of the closet again, enter the bridge on the left with your fingerprinted tape. On the bridge, take the GUN that’s wall mounted left of the desk (2/290). When you look at the gun in your inventory, you can see that it’s out of power. Leave the bridge on the right and head to the crew quarters north.

Go into the toilet and open the cistern of the toilet to find a bottle of BOOZE (4/294). It’s potent stuff though, so be careful! In the main room, walk to the upper left to find an elevator that will take you to the upper floor. Use the booze on the right door of the locker to burn the lock (3/297) and take the item from the locker (3/300) to find in your inventory that it’s a BATTERY. In your inventory insert the battery into the gun to activate it (2/302) and leave the crew quarters by taking the elevator again and walking south.

Walk to the right into the engine room to find the captain here. Use the gun to shoot him (8/310).

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

2 Replies to “Space Quest: Decisions of the Elders – Walkthrough (Boston McShew/2014)

  1. Chapters -1 and 3 Walkthrough
    Chapter -1: Intermezzo in Future Perfect
    Get the jetpack from the secret hallway.
    Combine the cola can full of liquid gold and the jetpack.
    Use the jetpack on yourself.
    Use the wrench on the apples.
    Use the pliers on the cow dung.
    Use the insulated pliers on the electric fence.
    Use the cola can on the trough.
    Use the cola can full of water on the dirt that the worm crawled into.
    Use the cola can on the worm.
    Use the jetpack on yourself.
    Use the worm on Doc Black.
    Use the cola can on the spot where you found it in Chapter 2.
    Search the paralyzed soldier.

    Chapter 3: Time for Heroics
    Use the hand icon on the crack in the foreground.
    Get the pipe inside of the crack.
    Search the brothers until you get the walnut.
    Use the walnut on Perry.
    Use the hand icon on Perry.
    Get the gold tooth from the ground.
    Combine the pipe and the gold tooth.
    Use the pipe on the console.
    Walk to the door.
    Go up.
    Get the soiled chessman.
    Search the toilet tank to find acidic beer.
    Walk to the left of the chess table.
    Use the acidic beer on the locked locker.
    Get the energy cell.
    Go right from the main hallway.
    Get the duct tape.
    Combine the duct tape and the soiled chessman.
    Go to the main hallway and back to the engine room.
    Use the hand icon on the oil slick.
    Go back to the brig.
    Use the hand icon on the vent.
    Go back to the main corridor.
    Use the fake fingerprint on the scanner (next to the left door).
    Combine the gold tooth and the pipe.
    Use the pipe on the AC switch.
    Use the hand icon on the right closet door.
    Use the fake fingerprint on the scanner.
    Get the gun.
    Combine the energy cell and the gun.
    Go to the engine room.
    Use the gun on the Sarien.

    The End

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