You’ve been asked to meet Mr. Engalwood so here you are, in front of his house. We need to get in. There are two ways:

1: Read the book “The Engalwood Stone” that came with the game. In the book is the symbol to make fire (figure 6). Look at the door handle and use the bullet from your inventory (centre bottom screen) on the key hole. The select the Engalwood Stone in the top right corner and use the fire spell. When the cursor is red, use it on the key hole. The hole will melt and the door can be opened.

2: Look at the door handle. On the doorknob you can see a symbol. Step back and look in front of the door. Look at the doormat and move it. There’s a spot where the key used to be. Use the Engalwood Stone and use the spell from the doorknob. When the cursor is red, click the place where the key should be. A key will appear. Take the KEY and look at the door handle again. Use the key on the keyhole and the door can be opened.

inside the house nobody appears to be home. Use the curtains in front of you to enter the room there. Take a good look around. There’s plenty to see. Especially take a look at the painting of Maurice Engalwood. Look at his ring. There are four colours. Note these.


Leave the room and go upstairs. Use the door to open it and enter the room. Look around. A lot to see. Close the door and use the light switch behind it. This will turn off the light. On the table is another lamp. Look at it and turn this one on. Nothing seems to happen. Leave the lamp and use the window to close the curtain. All of a sudden it’s dark inside. You can see four GEMS glowing. Take them all: blue, green, yellow and red.

Look at the lamp again. Swith it off and open the front. You can see four slots. Put the gems inside in the order you saw on the ring earlier. Close the door, turn on the light again and leave the lamp. You can now see a spell on the ceiling. Take the Engalwood stone again and use the spell from the ceiling to see what happens…

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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