You need to get out of this place. Let’s see what we can take:

Look at the bed. It’s about the only clean thing in this cell. Use the BED to put it in your pocket. The same with the toilet. Although dirtier, when you use the TOILET it goes into your pocket. Different is the sink. Try to use the tap and find it stuck. Try it again and see that it’s rusty. Try and try and try again until it you finally have the TAP in your pocket. When the tap is gone, you can also take the SINK.

Use the tap on the grating to open it and go to the next room. There’s a man sleeping. Don’t wake him. Take the TV. There’s nothing on anyway. Use the man to search his pockets. He has an ID CARD with him. Look at the ID card in the inventory to learn his name. Leave the room through the door.

There’s a guard who calls you. Answer the man and when he asks what you’re doing there, tell him you work in the place. Give him you ID card and when he asks your name, tell him the name you learned earlier. You’re free to go. Use the elevator and select the second floor: staff facilities.

You’re in the locker room and all lockers are locked except for one. There’s an AXE inside. Use the axe on the door on the right to enter the storage room. Look in the cardboard box in the corner and find a suspicious looking POWDER. Take it. Also take the NUKE. Then leave the room again. Go to the south and select the third floor from the elevator.

In the analyzer room there’s a very heavy door. We need to get through there. Use about everything you have on it: use the bed, the toilet, the sink and the TV and you can pass through. In the next room is a bottle of ACID. Take it.

Move the mouse to the top right corner of the screen to get a second inventory box. Use the acid on the strange powder to get a MIXTURE.

Use the nuke on the analyzer boxes on the right. then use the button panel in the middle to actvate the analyzer. Finally use the computer on the left to scan the content of the nuke. It appears to be leaking. Uh oh….

You don’t have too much time now. Use the mixture on the wire door on the right to burn a hole and use the hole to escape. If you’re not fast enough, you will be blown up. If you are, you can run into the desert.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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