You landed on a planet and your ship is gone. Now you need to get to your friend.

Walk to the left, then twice to the north. Take some of the purple SAND and continue north. Climb into the volcano and you’ll enter a room without light. The switch is to the right of the center, you just have to feel your way to the switch. Flip it and you can see again.

Use the purple bucket to find a RUBBER GLOVE and climb north to leave the volcano. Outside use the glove on the purple sand and get some more SAND. Walk south three times and to the right and keep walking to the right, past the tunnel until you reach stairs reaching to heaven. Use the stairs to climb them and reach another volcano. Go north to enter the volcano and keep walking north through the mountains.

Repeat the walking to the right and north until you reach an anvil and reach behind the anvil to find a MAP.Walk left to reach the starting point again. Walk to the right until you reach the stairs again and walk to the right two times more to find a huge space ship.

Try to walk to the right more but you can’t without right instructions. Use the ship to get a plate and in your inventory look at the plate. You need to insert sand into the ship. Put the heavy sand you picked up with the glove in the center of the ship and it’ll will open up.

On top of the ship is a lever. Push it and you’ll get a coordinates MAP. You’ll travel to antoher space ship where you’ll get a MESSAGE. Use the large ship to enter and you’ll reach three trees. The one in the middle has a sign at the bottom which you can translate with the message in your inventory (it spells ‘TOILETTE’). Leave the tree by looking at the coordinates map (called raumshiff) in your inventory and you’ll return to the first ship.

Walk to the left, one screen past the stairs and reach a fountain. Use the fountain to climb in and feel that the forcefield is gone. You’ll drop to another planet.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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