You landed on a planet next to a murdered alien.

Walk to the right to reach the city. Go north to see the locations you can visit in the building. Visit the location on the south and talk to the creature. Ask where you are and learn the name of the planet you’re on. Talk again and discuss the dead body outside. The creature gives you some SOUP.

Leave the room and visit the location on the north. Use the screen to make a creature visible and talk to this one as well. Learn about his work and why he’s at the screen. Give the soup and it will be analyzed. After the research,  you’ll get a SHOVEL, a GRAPPLE HOOK and a ROPE.

Leave the room and in front of the building go south. Go south once more to return to the  killed creature and from here go north. Use the shovel on the sand to dig a deep hole. In your inventory tie the rope to the hook and attach the hook to the waste bin. You’ll descend.

[NOTE: Any action in this screen will crash the game. In order to proceed anyway, press CTRL-X and enter room 17.]

You’ll meet Coron, the guard, who won’t let you in at first but after altering your DNA you can continue. You can now choose which world to travel to. First go to the yellow world. Don’t touch the tunnel but go north and use the disc to go through. Go north again and use the tunnel to find a BLUE SERUM. Go south four times to return to the selection screen. This time choose the green world.

Use the serum on the large disc and you can continue north. Go north again and meet a rainbow-creature. He’ll give you a red ORB and you’ll automatically return to the selection screen. Finally choose the red world. Walk north to reach a portal. Use the steps made from blocks and at the top you’ll see another portal. But the gravity is pulling you down. Use the red orb on the portal to talk to someone on the other side.

After a short conversation, you’ll get a KEYCARD and are alowed to enter the portal.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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