Reach for the BEACH BALL.

The ball will take you to a pyramid maze in the hope you can return the ball to it’s mother. But it’s not allowed to touch the pyramids. Stay on the left side for the easiest passage, then to the middle to the mother ball. Once it’s reunited, it’ll take you to another part of the planet.

Take the ENVELOPE from the grass and look at it in your inventory. A mini-computer inside will translate the letter. Walk north twice and pick up the STONE next to the tree. Go south again and to the right. Next to the tree is a stick in the water that when you take is out appears to be a GOLF CLUB. Behind the tree left of the water you can find a BOMB. Take it and return to the left.

Left of the tree is a thick glass patch with fluid underneath. Use the golf club to smash the glass and get a SHARD of glass and another STONE. Walk to the right, the north and use one of the stones on the small plants in the water to take a burning LEAF.  Walk south, left and north and in your inventory use the burning leaf with the bomb to light the fuse. Then drop the bomb on the tree left of the stones and remove the large rock, revealing a lake.

Jumping in it doesn’t appear to be a lake but a portal. Again you need to navigate the beach ball, this time you can’t touch the columns. Walk carefully north and a bit to the right at the end to reach mother ball. Then go round the orb on the right side and between the next two to the portal on the left.

Talk to the beach ball and ask it to take you to the master.  Having reached the other side of the water, turn to the right and look at the space ship. In front of it is a BATTERY in the water. Pick it up and walk to the left. In the water on the left is a ‘thing’ and when you push the golf club against it, it’ll throw a REMOTE CONTROL at you. Go back to the right and in your inventory put the battery in the remote. Then use the remote on the space ship.

When the ship asks you where to go to, tell it to send you to the master. On the other side of the planet, go north and to the right to see the servant of the master. Talk to him and he’ll tell you where you are. Walk to the right and see a map of the hotel. Visit the travel agency and talk to the person in charge. Use the shard on him to cut a hole in his pocket and find some travel guides. You’ll take one book with you, with LEMONADE inside.

Go south and visit the entrance hall again. Give the lemonade to the servant and he’ll tell you about the lost screw. Walk to the right to the map and visit the toilets. Look at the toilet on the left to find the missing SCREW. Leave the toilets on the south twice and return to the entrance hall. Give the screw to the servant and then he’ll tell you how to get to the master.

But to get there you need a BLUE BALL and you’ll get the one of the servant. Walk to the right to reach the map and visit the store room on the right. Use the blue ball on the stairs and you can go up. You’ll end up in water again and you can’t swim so use the beach ball in the water to let it take you to the master.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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