You saw your father with a huge christmas present and you need to know what it is.

Take the CHRISTMAS POSTER from the wall and use the bedclothes on the middle shelf of the wardrobe to take a PILLOW CASE out. Walk to the south twice to reach the hallway. Walk all the way to the right into the kitchen and take the BUTTERKNIFE from the worktop on the left. Use the cupboard on the left to find a LIGHTER.

Use the plant next to the door three times to get a little KEY out. Use either the pillowcase or the christmas poster with the door to slide it under and use the butterknife with the door to get a KEYSET. Use the keyset on the door to go through to the basement.

Look at the top of the boxes on the far left. There’s a questionmark behind it. Look at the question mark and then use the boxes in front of it to move them aside. Look at the padlock. You need a combination of five numbers. And you don’t have it. But at the bottom of the lock there’s also a small keyhole. Use the key you found in the plant on the padlock to unlock it.


You can now see the huge present your father stored here. It has your name on it. Use the present to see the surprise.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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