You must stop Dr. Thanksgiving.

Leave the office on the north. Walk to the right and look at the poster on the pole. You can get a free drink! Walk back to the left and enter Yummy! Read the Ooh and Yay signs to learn the prices of a Yummy Happy Meal ($9.98) and the number of pieces of chicken in a meal (3). Talk to the lady behind the counter and ask for your free drink. Answer the two questions and you’ll get a free DRINK.

Give the drink to the man on the left and receive a COIN. Leave the restaurant and walk to the right again. Use the coin on the newspaper box to get a NEWSPAPER and walk to the left twice. Talk to the guy and learn he’s looking for another job. Give him the newspaper and you’ll get his KNIFE.

Pick up the METAL BAR from the ground and walk to the right. Enter Yummy! again and use the metal bar on the drinks machine on the left. The bar will come out completely bent. Leave Yummy! and walk to the right. Use the knife on the rope to cut a piece of ROPE off and walk to the right to visit Dr. Thanksgiving’s place.


Walk to the right to see the pile of rocks. Use the knife on the rocks to break a piece of ROCK and you’ll also break the knife. Walk to the left twice and use the rock on the window to smash it. Combine the twisted metal and the rope into a makeshift grappling hook. Use the hook on the window and just as you’re about to climb the window Alina shows up. You can just enter through the front door.

Inside you’ll meet Dr. Thanksgiving and Alina will do something to distract the doctor. Once he’s away, pick up the ROCK and use the rock on the beakers on the left. This will result in broken glass and a sharp SHARD. Use the rock on the machine on the right to open it and expose the wires. Use the shard on the wires to cut them and stop the creation process.  Officer Police will show up and make an end to the story.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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