You’re in the toilets but have no idea what you’re doing there.

Playing as Allan:

Talk to Carl about his name, the place you’re in and what you’re doing there. Eventually you both discover a tape and you have a key.On the right, under the big red pipe is a piece of PAPER. Pick it up and look at it. You need to rescue the tape player from prison.

Look at the bathtub and take the CORK from the tap. Use the bath wall below the tap to find another piece of paper. Take it to discover a wooden box behind it. Use the box to take the AXE from it. Leave the bathroom and look in the sewer. There you can see a tape player. Use the cork with rope on the cord of the TAPE PLAYER to get it out of the sewer.


In your inventory, use tape 1 with the tape player to hear the rules  of the game. Talk to Carl and ask for his tape. He’ll give you TAPE 2. Use this tape 2 with the tape player to hear the next set of instructions. So it should be possible to get out alive.

Look at the WC left of the numbers box to get a closer image. Use the top of the cistern to take the cover off and then pick up the COVER. Look at the toilet again and this time at the open cistern. There’s a GARBAGE BAG that you can take out. Look at the garbage bag in your inventory to find the ROPE, a SAW, some STONES and a SHOTGUN. You’ll talk to Carl.

Use the stone on the mirror to smash it and find the camera behind it. You’re being watched. Pick up both pieces of GLASS from the mirror. Use the large piece of glass on yourself to view your neck and find a number 7 written there. Look at Carl and he’s got number 9. Go over to the numberbox on the wall and enter 63 as result. Tape 2 said to multiply your heads. Press the enter button afterwards, followed by the blank key and use the slot at the bottom to find an envelope. Take the ENVELOPE and look at the contents.

The envelope had  KEY 2, a TAPE 3 and a BULLET. Use tape 3 with the cassette player to hear another riddle. You need to find an X. Use the bullet with the gun. Now there are 2 possibilities:

1: Use the gun on Carl and shoot him. You’ll see a message on the mirror that Carl  has a tape. You’ll take the tape and play it. You’ll hear a message that says that you can escape if you get the key out of Carl. But then you need to have the guts to cut him open. You’ve won the game… sort of.


2: Give both keys 1 and 2 to Carl. Also give him the axe then switch characters.

Playing as Carl:

Use the axe on the chain in the corner that locks the door. You’ll break the chain but there’s another lock behind it. Look at the box next to it. It has a keyhole. Use key 2 on the hole to open the box. Look at the open box again and see five switches and a water key. Use the water key to close it and use  the middle switch to turn off the light. When you leave the box you’ll notice an X on the wall. Use the spot to open it and find a box. Take the BOX and a MESSAGE.

In your inventory use key 1 on the box to open it and find a SAW BLADE, a MOBILE PHONE, a NOTE, a TORCH and a torn piece of PAPER. Use the phone on yourself to try to call the police. That won’t work but you’ll hear a message from your kidnapper. Now switch to Allan.

Playing as Allan:

Since the tap is open now, look at the sink below the mirror and use the cork with the sink at the lower part of the screen. Then use the tap on the right to get the water flowing out. The sink will flood, revealing a floor tile on the floor with a different color. Pick up the FLOOR TILE and look in the hole you’ve created.There are bricks. One of them can be removed so take the brick and find a torn piece of PAPER and a PAINTING. Give the broken piece of paper to Carl and switch players again.

Playing as Carl:

Combine the two pieces of broken paper and look at it. So that must be the combination of those switches.  Look at the open box in the corner next to the door and use the first, third and fourth switch so they resemble the image on the paper. Leave the box and look at the box again to realize what you did. The arrow next to the word ‘exit’ has turned and is now pointing upwards. Look at the arrow and look at the roof above it.

Look at the exit to realize you need to find a way to get up there. Leave the roof and the lights will be on again. Give the saw blade and the axe to Allan and switch players.

Playing as Allan:

Walk to the bath and look at it. Use the cistern cover on the drain at the bottom of the screen. The drain is now covered. Use the cold water tap to fill the bath tub. While it’s filling up, you’ll tell your plan to Carl. You need to find something to cover the sewer. Look at the bathtub again and use the cold water tap again. The bath will fill with…

Use the axe on the red tubes on the right. This will create more flooding. In your inventory use the saw blade with the saw and use the saw on the T-tube between the wash basin and the W.C. This will get you the T-TUBE. Look at the T-Tube to find KEY 3. Give the axe and the rope with hook to Carl and switch players again.

Playing as Carl:

Use the axe on the red vertical tube  to create more flooding. Switch back to Allan.

Playing as Allan:

Use the floor tile from your inventory on the sewer to block it. The room is now filling up with water but not taking you to the level you want to get to. Switch to Carl.

Playing as Carl:

Give the torch to Allan and switch back to Allan.

Playing as Allan:

Look at the tape player to get the BATTERIES. Use the batteries with the torch and use the torch with the dark exit above you. There’s a ladder up there. Switch to Carl.

Playing as Carl:

Use the rope with hook on the ladder and then use the rope to let Allan pull it. This will bring down the ladder and something else will fall into the water. Since Carl won’t dive, switch to Allan.

Playing as Allan:

Use the water to dive up a DIRTY BOX. Use key 3 on the box to find another KEY and a piece of PAPER. Read the note to learn that key 4 will open the bracelets. Use key 4 on yourself to remove the bracelet. Give key 4 to Carl and switch to Carl.

Playing as Carl:

Use key 4 on yourself to remove the bracelet. Then use the ladder to get out.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

2 Replies to “Saw – Walkthrough (Pedro Nunes Bote/2006)

  1. Thanks for the walkthrough. There were a couple of errors though.


    Instead of looking at the bath, you first have to look at the big valve in the corner. Then Allen tells Carl his plan.

    I also struggled with the switches. I think in the end I had to have the water running in the basin and I had the switches in 1 down 2 up 3 up 4 down five up position.

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