[Note: this game is available as three separate parts or a single extended version. The solution is the same. ]

You must save the earth… and your mother.

Part 1:

Use the bed in front of you so you see a painting. Use the pillow on the right to find a KEY under it. Leave the bed and use the chair on the right. Under the chair is a KNIFE. Take it. Leave the chair and look at the desk on the left. Under the desk you can find MONEY. Leave the desk and look at the window above the desk. In the sill you can find a pair of GLASSES. Leave the window.

Go to the left and look at the couch. Under the left cushion you’ll find a TORCH, under the right one you can take your PHONE. Leave the couch and look at the cupboard. Inside is a CAMERA and a WRENCH. Leave the cupboard and go to the left.

Use the knife on the spider and it’ll drop a KEY. Pick it up and use it on the door to leave the house. You’ll see a door with number 2 on it. Use the key you found under the pillow on the door and enter the room. Look at the vase and turn to the right to find a ROPE in the corner. Pick it up and leave the table and the room. When standing in front of door two, turn left and see the stairs are missing. Use the rope on the stairs and use the stairs again to climb down the rope.

Walk out the building into a very dark room. Use the torch on the dark room to make some light. Standing in front of the statue of General Madison II turn to the right and you’re in front of her house. Use the door to enter and select the seats under the table. In the back of the seat across the table you can see a scratch. Use the scratch to find a KEY.

Leave the table and turn right to see four doors. Use the key on the door on the right and enter the bathroom. Use the pipe under the sink to find another KEY. Leave the room and use the key on the door on the left.  In the kitchen go towards the cabinet above the cooker on the left and open the cabinet. On the single plate on the right you can find a golden KEY. Leave the cabinet and the kitchen.

Use the key on the second door from the right and look in the bookcase. On the shelf in the middle is a strange device and if you use it you’ll reach another room. Use the black door on the left behind the pyramid. With a strnage object in front of you, you see two boxes stacked on the right. Use your knife on the boxes to find a DEVICE in it. Leave the boxes and use the square shape with circle cut out. Looking closer you can see a red button. Use the button to go to another room.

You can see your bed and a table. Turn to the right and you’re face to face with a robot. Talk to the robot. You’re asked to give the code first but you refuse. Use the wrench on the head of the robot to eliminate it. You can look up from the robot to see calculations it made. Look down again and turn right to face a tablr with a book on it. Use the glasses on the table to see more calculations and go further to the right to see a grey page. Use the page to see a snake puzzle.

Click every square on the outside of the triangle to create a V pattern with snakes (the inner 3 squares remain blanc). Once the correct snakes are visible use eye button to proceed. You’ll see a table and a podium in the background.Use the podium and one of the circles on it to return to the table.  Go to the right and see three large holes in the wall. Use one of them to meet a robot who will speak to you. Then you’ll stand in front of the Earth Safety Office.

Look at the blue security device on the wall and use your own device on it to bypass the security. But then you’re locked inside the security room. In front of you is a desk with a monitor. Turn left and take the ID CARD from the table. Turn to the right and look at the monitor. Use the monitor to switch it on and it’ll ask for your ID card. Use the ID card on the slot under the monitor and it’ll tell you the face isn’t correct.

When the monitor asks for the ID again, use your camera on the wall above the monitor to make a PICTURE of yourself. Use the ID card on the picture and enter the ID card again on the slot below the monitor. You have a choice of twoi sequences to copy. Select the second one: Earth’s Defense. Use the slot below the monitor to get your ID CARD back and you’re at your mothers house again.

Use the strange device on the shelf again and an alien will ask for intructions. Give the ID card to the alien and the earth is safe. Now you need to rescue your mum.

Part 2:

Standing in front of the alien, turn right and walk past the single alien. When you’re in front of the green building, try to enter and another alien will block your way. Use the alien and he’ll show you a TROWEL. Take it from him and walk to the right past him. You’ll see four green balls. These are buildings. Use the one in the front on the right to see a close up and then use the door to look inside. You need to note the pattern of O’s a X’s.

Leave the building and walk twice through the middle of the four houses towards the grey structure in the back. When you stand under it, climb up twice and you’ll see a door in the distance. Move towards the door once and then select the metal lightpole left of it. On the side of the lightpole you can see a pattern of a king of checkerboard with some red squares.  Note these as well. Leave the lightpole and use the door. You’ll see an image and a WRENCH below it. Take it and turn back.

Walk towards the door in front of you and use the door. You’ll see squares and a fimiliar symbol. Click on the squares where you saw X’s earlier. So top row left and middle, bottom row left and right. Then click the brown square and the light will turn on. Turn back, forward once and then left.

Walk towards the door and look at the lightpole left of it. There’s a pattern on the side. Note it and leave the light pole. Use the door to see three lights and a strange panel below it. Use the wrench on the lights to fix thewm and use the strange panel to turn on the light. Turn back and walk to the door in front of you. Use the door to see a kind of checkerboard. Only click the squares you saw red earlier. So on the top row click the left and right, middle row second from the left and the right one, bottom row second from the left. This light is also on.

Turn back, move one step forward and turn right. Walk towards the door and click on the image. You’re asked for a password. Enter the code you saw on one of the lightpoles: OIOOOI. It’s all letters and uppercase. This light will also turn on. Turn back and a ladder will show.

Climb the ladder twice and walk towards the house.  There are five balls in front of the house. You can select four of them and take the SYMBOLS from all four. Use the trowel in front of the ball in front and find a paper with the order of the symbols. Leave the paper and move towards the house to find a dish. Use the dish to find four white spots. Use the symbols on these spots in the order you saw on the paper. Leave the dish and you’ll see the front door of the house.

Use the door to go inside and turn left to see the fireplace. Walk towards it and use the fireplace to see a pattern. Note the pattern. Leave the pattern, leave the fireplace and turn right twice to see a bookcase. Behind the books on the left bottom shelf you can find a KEY. Turn left and climb the ladder twice to find a keyhole.

Use the key with the keyhole to enter another room. Use the table in front of you to see two pictures. Click on the left one and enter that world and go forward twice to see a yellow house. To the right there’s a green door leading to a jail. Click on the blue button to move the face from left to right. Then leave the jail and click the yellow ball on the left to enter. There are three spheres: red, blue and yellow. Click on the red and blue and turn to the left to see more yellow houses. Turn right again and push the yellow sphere to return to the room with the fireplace.

Climb the ladder twice again and use the key on the keyhole again. Move forward towards the table and select the book on the right with the jail door. Click on the blue security device below the bars to zoom in and then click only those squares on the device that were indicated with a + at the fireplace, so: top row middle one, middle row left and middle and bottom row the middle one. Then click on the grating left of it. There’s your mom!

Go through the tunnel and walk towards the spaceship. Climb the ladder and use the grey device in front of you.

Part 3:

Your mum will disppear and an alien wil show. Then you’ll see a rainy landscape. Walk forward untill you reach a building and see file balls and a red line in a pattern. Remember this pattern. Click on it and move forward again. You see the balls again and need to repeat the pattern: right, bottom, center, left. You can now enter the black hole.

Click the brown box on the right to see a close up and click the box again to open it. Take the MUSIC CODE out. Move left and click on the mushroom shaped object five times to return to the room. But note the order of the colours. Walk forwards towards the yellow door and turn right. Click on the right yellow ball and click on the black screen and an audio sample will be played. It’s played fast backwards. You can use the question mark on the right to save the audio and process it. It says:  Remember plus, plus, plus, plus, never minus.

Click on the left yellow ball to hear another message. This time very slow backwards. Again you can use the question mark to save it. The message reads: Black and blue are bad for you. Leave the black screen and leave the yellow door. Click the mushroom shape in front of you and see five crosses in different colours. Click on them in the order you saw earlier, but skip black and blue: red, green and yellow.Then the button in the center.

Leave this object and walk towards the yellow door. The door will open now. Take the DEVICE and use the yellow door again. There’s a kind of pool behind it. Use the device on the pool and a cylinder will pop up. Use the door in the cylinder to open and enter the cylinder. You’ll see symbols you’ve seen before.

Click on all the plusses (remember the message?) and the image in the center. Something’s wrong. Click in the center again and you’ll be on some kind of walkway. Follow the walkway into the mountain. When you reach the sky, turn right. There’s an object with a Z next to it. Go forward and the Z disappears. Go back and turn left twice. There’s another object with an O on top. Move forward and there will be a + sign on top. Turn right once, then go forward.

You’ll see four boulders. Move forward again to see one close up. Turn left twice to see characters on a boulder. Click on the Z, the O and the +, then the grey button. The boulder will move away and reveal a ladder. Use the ladder to climb down and in a room with three tables. Move towards the yellow balls and then you have to choose your destination.

Clicking the left ball, reveals a piece of the painting in your house. The middle one shows the image from the television in your house. The right one shows your mothers living room. Choosing left or middle makes you start all over again. Choosing the right one takes you to your mother. Select the correct yellow ball and then click the screen to go there.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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