Again you’re trapped.

Talk to Zepp and try to find out where you are. He seems to know more. But first you need to get out of the ropes. Use the ropes tied around you to wiggle yourself free and keep a piece of the ROPE. Take the TAPE RECORDER from Zep’s chest. On the floor is a small piece of PAPER. Pick it up and look at it. It’s a message about a fake tub.

Pick up the NEWSPAPER and find a tape underneath. Take the CASSETTE 1 and in your inventory put the tape in the tape recorder. It’s from Jigsaw. Look at the newspaper in your inventory to see some familiar images. Talk to Zepp and he’ll tell you a bit more about Jigsaw and Alan. Ask him about the clue and he’ll tell you about the key.

Look at the box above the chair. It has a 4 on it. Look at the hole in the wall to see a VCR TAPE 1. Use the hole to take it out. Look at Zepp to take a closer look and take the red object from his pocket. It’s KEY 1. You can try the key on anything but it won’t fit. Walk to the lower right corner to go through the door into the kitchen.


In the corner of the kitchen is a small shovel. Pick up the SHOVEL and look at the drawer in the middle of the left cabinet. There are a lot of knives. Pick up the drawer to take a KNIFE. In the left part of the bottom broken furniture is a small black box. Pick it up to see in your inventory it’s a box with one MATCH. Pick up the NOTE from the refrigerator and look at it in your inventory to see another hint. Well, follow it. So use the stove door to open it and use the hollow from the oven to reach the cellar.

Against the wall on the left is a large box with tools in it. Take the SAW from the toolbox. Look at the box attached to the back wall to find that this is number 1.  Use the key #1 from your inventory on the lock of the box and it will open. Inside you’ll find TRANGLE 1 and another  KEY 1.

Put the VCR tape 1 in the video and watch the message on TV.  So that’s how to get out. Zepp will call but you can let him. Look at the substance on the wall to find out it’s gasoline.  Use the rope on the substance as fuse and then use the match you have with the rope to light the gasoline on the wall. A marked brick will become more clear. Use the marked brick to pull it out of the wall and you’ll find CASSETTE 2 and an OLD KEY.

Put the tape 2 in the recorder in your inventory and you’ll hear another clue. There was a hint on the TV. Put the VCR tape back in the VCR player and look again. When asked for the hint, answer 1=0.  Look at Allen. He’s holding an envelope. Pick up the ENVELOPE and when you look at it in your inventory, you’ll find a TAPE ALLEN in it. Put also this tape in the recorder for more information on how Allen died.

On the floor is also a HYPODERMIC NEEDLE. Take it with you and return to the kitchen on the lower left. In the bottom center is a door. Walk to it and see that it’s a security door. Look at the top part, the background of the door to see that there’s paper. There are also some rips in it. Use your knife on the background to reveal a numeric sequence.

There was the clue: add the worthless and on the TV it said 1=0. That means you need to add all the numbers but leave the 1’s out. So add  up all the numbers and you’ll get the number 56. So enter that as answer. Leave the door and in the kitchen look at the box next to the sink. You need to put a number in. The first is fixed, then followed by 3 digits. Enter 056 and the right arrow will light up. Walk back to the door at the bottom and use the small metal door on the box to remove it and find a lock behind it.

Use the old key on the lock and it will fit. Now push the arrow to the right and the door will open. You can enter the control room. Look around the room. Look at the model of the bathroom on the right to find a MOBILE PHONE. Look at the phone and use the button between the green and red icon to see another hint. Look at the briefcase on the left to find it filled with money. Look at the money to realize it’s false. Look at the DOCUMENTS to put them in your inventory.

Take the PAPER from the top of the briefcase as well as the TAPE 2 inside. In your inventory look at the documents. There are four pages. The first three are transcripts of the video’s, the fourth is a floor plan of the building. There’s an X drawn as well, in the room behind the oven.

Walk south to return to the kitchen. Look at the wall tile above the sink. It must have something to do with the clue. Use the tiles to take them off and reveal a number. Look at the mobile phone in your inventory and push the numbers 4, 6 and 8, followed by the green button. The box on the wall on the left is now open. Look at the box and take TRIANGLE 2 and KEY 2 out.

Use the hollow from the stove again to climb through. In the cellar is an area in the lower right corner that resembles the X on the map. Use the shovel on it to dig a hole and inside you’ll find another key. Take KEY 3 from the hole. Put tape 2 in the VCR player and look at the message.

So there’s someone else in the building as well. You need a hypodermic with an A on it. Return to the kitchen on the lower left of the room and walk to the door on the left in the kitchen to go back to Zepp. On the back wall is a box. Look at the box. Now there’s a 3. Use key 3 you dug up on the lock of the box and you can take TRIANGLE 3 and KEY 3 out.

Walk to the door at the lower right and go back into the kitchen. Walk to the door at the south and enter the security room again. On the shelf, to the right of the clock is a box with a triangular shape on it. Look at the box to take a closer look and use the triangles from your inventory (you should have all four now) on the box. They will be automatically put at the right location. se the mechanism of the box to reveal another hypodermic NEEDLE marked with ‘A’ and a KEY 4.

You have the fouth key so leave the box and walk south to go to the kitchen and use the door on the left to return to Zepp. Use all four keys on the chains: key 1 on the right foot shackle, key 2 on the left foot shackle, key 3 on the left hand chain and key 4 on the right hand chain. Now that Zepp is loose, he’ll use his hand on the panel and open the door to Jigsaw’s next torture chamber.

You need to free James while Zepp is going to look for an escape. James is locked in a cage but the door of the cage is shut with a chain. Use the saw to cut the chain and then use the door to go inside. There’s not much you can do with Jason other than use his blood. But then it all becomes clear… there’s no way out.

Game source: A copy of the game was found here on the internet.

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